Gov. Cuomo’s Collusion Scheme Exposed by Federal Lawsuit

Jonathan Carey “Champion for the Disabled” Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Federal lawsuit will reveal that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo refused to protect disabled citizen’s

People with disabilities are unsafe and are in grave danger in known dangerous facilities and Governor Cuomo continues to ignore their safety and equal rights.”

— Michael Carey

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2017 / — Famous whistle-blower case moving forward towards a federal trial . Jeff Monsour, who has has worked for New York State for many years providing amazing care and services for people with disabilities has brought numerous life threatening systemic problems to the attention of his superiors, Attorney General Cuomo and Governor Cuomo and they looked the other way. The blatant resistance to heading Mr. Monsour’s requests for vital changes and the obstinacy to common sense warnings has without question cost many innocent children and adults with disabilities their lives.
Mr. Monsour’s job is to take care of people with disabilities, not look the other direction and do or say nothing when he knows people are being harmed or dying prematurely due to gross negligence. Instead of being rewarded and promoted as Gov. Cuomo directed former Deputy Secretary of Health James Introne to do, Mr. Monsour has been purposefully left in a hostile work environment to be ongoingly harassed, falsely accused and retaliated against for years. Thankfully Mr. Monsour will have his day in court and his first amendment right to speak out is protected.
It is important to name a couple of the top life threatening matters that Mr. Monsour brought to light. First, the recycling of known dangerous staff with histories of abuse and neglect whom instead of being arrested and prosecuted were relocated to other group homes Attorney General Andrew Cuomo would not intervene to protect New Yorkers with disabilities in harm’s way, but instead chose to protect rapists and those involved in criminally negligent homicides. Then Cuomo became the governor in 2011 just before the award winning New York Times “Abused & Used” investigative reporting series which was a runner up for a Pulitzer Prize broke. Instead of taking decisive actions to stop the rampant physical and sexual abuse and staggering numbers of deaths Governor Cuomo following this series he chose to protect the perpetrators and the negligent providers.
New York State has documents called Notices of Discipline in which Mr. Monsour obtained dozens upon dozens of these damning documents through Freedom of Information Law that reveal a distinct pattern of recycling of known abusers. Many hundreds, if not thousands, of New York State employees with histories of two or more documented and signed Notices of Discipline remain employed to date because of Governor Cuomo’s collusion and protection scheme. People with disabilities are unsafe and are in grave danger in known dangerous facilities and Governor Cuomo continues to ignore their safety and equal rights.
Mr. Monsour is a hero and Governor Cuomo is the villain. Instead, of protecting the disabled and Mr. Monsour, Governor Cuomo has chosen to hide and conceal most of the extreme damages and staggering numbers of loss of lives. Right now in New York State an average of 7,800 calls are reported to Cuomo’s wrongfully titled Justice Center abuse hotline for the disabled, yes you read this correctly- a massive 7,800. Although these are astronomical numbers, the real numbers are approximately 2-3 times this number because everyone knows most abuse and neglect will never be reported. The numbers of deaths of people with disabilities in New York State run or sub-contracted private facilities and group homes are quite frankly hard to fathom, they are between 11-13 every single day on average and Governor Cuomo takes no significant actions to stop these horrors? Who in such a position of power and authority would do such a thing and look the other way and protect criminals instead of our most vulnerable citizens with disabilities? Nothing makes sense, other than it is quite evident that New York State is blatantly discriminating against 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities. It is believed to be far worse discrimination than the discrimination that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against over 50 years ago. How does one compare in a life threatening way denying people with disabilities 9-1-1 immediate medical and police assistance and services when a person with a disability is in medical trouble or a victim of a crime to denying a black person unequal seating on a bus or in a restaurant? Hear me on this, both are horrible discrimination, but denying people with disabilities 9-1-1 services in many cases is deadly. This atrocious discrimination in civil rights is happening right now in New York State and Governor Cuomo is part of it, even making sure people with disabilities do not receive this basis equal right and privileges. Why would Governor Cuomo block a 9-1-1 Civil Rights Bill to protect and ensure the equal rights of the disabled? The answer is he is protecting the people involved in the gross negligence of care and services instead and is purposefully hiding most of the damages and loss of lives from local authorities and the Office of Medicaid Inspector General to defraud the feds. According to Mr. Monsour, his, “Federal lawsuit will expose the human trafficking for federal dollars of New York State disabled citizens.”

Also according to Mr. Monsour, “Radon gas, massive abuse of the disabled, notices of discipline to the New York Times reveals Attorney General Cuomo knew of abuse” dating back many years. Radon gas poisoning is the number two cause for lung cancer killing 21,000 nationally every year. Mr. Monsour brought the fact that mental health facilities and group homes were not being tested for radon in 2007. Although, the State acknowledged this and the dangers, they basically said the hell with the disabled and in this case with radon, they also said the hell with the safety of all those working for the disabled too. You would have thought Governor Cuomo would have taken immediate actions and assist to finally require all facilities to be radon tested and mitigated when unsafe, but no, instead he insured a critical radon bill that Michael Carey drafted to rectify these dangers was not brought to the floor for a vote. Mr. Monsour brought this radon gas health crisis to Disability Rights Advocate Michael Carey’s attention to rectify this disastrous and deadly problem. Governor Cuomo and his current Deputy Secretary of Health, Paul Francis looked the other way and did nothing to protect the safety, health and lives of our most vulnerable.
In a letter from Mr. Monsour’s Union directly to NYS Governor’s Office of Employees relations it is quoted, “Grievant has been inadvertently subjected to a hostile work environment through this chain of conspiracy with upper management.” It then goes on to conclude with this statement, “The conspiracy and misrepresentation against Grievant has been and continues to be an ongoing violation of numerous OPWDD policies that all employees in the Agency are required to abide by.” Thank God for heroes like Jeff Monsour, he has faced immense opposition and retaliation for simply doing what is right and just. Mr. Monsour has refused to be a “team player in the corruption” and look the other way as so many in the top positions of New York state government have as countless innocent people with disabilities are dying. It is time for a jury of his pears to award Mr. Monsour for his heroic actions and for all the horrific things he has had to endure for many years in an extremely corrupt and hostile work environment.

Michael Carey
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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

Source: EIN Presswire