Indian Author Chirajit Paul's book around the perils of sexual harassment at workplace tops charts

Author of Fragrance of Rose Chirajit Paul

A still from the launch event held in Kolkata seen in picture are Author Chirajit Paul along with dignitaries present

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Renowned Indian author Chirajit Paul launched his second novel, ‘The Fragrance of Rose’, which is now creating ripples in the market

Harassment at workplace is a major concern for a developing country like India. women’s voice is usually suppressed.The novel highlights challenges faced by women who aspire to make it big in life. ”

— Chirajit Paul, Author of Fragrance of Rose

NEW DELHI, INDIA, April 28, 2017 / — • The novel is inspired by real life instances and deals with ordeals of women sexually harassed at workplace
• Novel ranks #30 in ‘Indian Writing’ category of leading online bookseller Amazon
• All profits from the book pledged towards support of NGO’s fighting the cause

April 28th, 2017: Renowned author Chirajit Paul launched his second novel, ‘The Fragrance of Rose’, which is now creating ripples across online marketplaces and offline stores. The book is published by India’s leading publishing house, Srishti Publishers. The book was released by eminent Bengali author Ranjan Bandyopadhyay and leading Bengali film actress Ridhima Ghosh in a formal event held in the author’s hometown of India

Chirajit’s novel ‘The Fragrance of Rose’ deals with the very critical issue of workplace sexual harassment and is inspired by a few real life incidents that the author has come across in his life. A key part of the launch event was the panel discussion on ‘Perils of Sexual Harassment at Workplace’ which saw the guests representing various industries that included film, corporate, education etc. give their perspective on the topic.

Chirajit Paul, who is a Chartered Accountant by training and an Enterprise Application Specialist by profession had actively researched on the topic before starting to write. Speaking on the occasion he said “Harassment at workplace is a major concern for a developing country like India. Our culture and society is heavily male dominated and the women’s voice is usually suppressed. While doing some basic research on the subject I found some startling figures” he said.

A study done on a sample size of 500 in India found that:
• 54% (272) had experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment.
• 27% of the 272 respondents experienced harassment by their colleague, while 17% were harassed by their superior.
• 12% had received threats of termination if they did not comply with the requests of the sexual harassers

“The novel is a sincere effort to highlight the challenges faced by women who aspire to make it big in life. Though the characters in the novel are fictitious, the story is based on real life incidents that I have experienced and heard of from family and friends. I chose the medium of creative writing so that the alarming message could be conveyed in a way that is interesting, subtle but yet impactful. The novel will get readers thinking hard on the topic and hopefully help in fighting the cause too. This is my contribution in fighting this evil” he added.

The author has also pledged all the profits from this book towards organizations fighting against sexual harassment at workplaces. “We always think what is that we can do to fight this plague. While I feel that writing this novel was my first step against fighting workplace harassment, I hope this serves as a platform for readers to do their bit for the cause too. With every book bought online or offline, the profits will directly go for fighting the cause. I urge readers to take full benefit of this opportunity and help in supporting the cause.” Chirajit added.

Mr. Arup Bose, Publisher at Srishti Publishers, said “At a time when we are hearing increasing voices being raised against Sexual Harassment in and outside the workplace, The Fragrance of Rose hits the right note. This is a topic which needs to be talked about more prominently and is the need of the hour. The strong female protagonist and how she breaks stereotypes to make a place for herself will make for an inspiring read”

“The Fragrance of Rose” is available for online ordering at the below link –

Readers can order their copy in either paperback or e-book on leading e-commerce portals. Readers can also grab their copy at all leading book stores in their cities.

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About the Book – The Fragrance of Rose – Beauty. Dignity. Ambition
Rinita Bose is an ordinary middle class girl with extraordinary beauty and unmatched aspirations. While chasing her dreams, she comes face to face with harsh realities. That's how she learns the valuable lesson – what most men really want. In a twist of fate, she picks up enmity with a powerful man and flees the city. She switches careers and hides her identity behind the garb of Rose to make a place in Bollywood. She earns money, fame, adulation and success. But love eludes her. She witnesses the darkness of life in a drunkard father, a lecherous boss, a scheming producer and a friend who wants to take advantage. But then there are those that she can rely on in the worst of situations, her friends from childhood who stand by her through thick and thin. Those who don't judge her; just love her unconditionally. Will Rinita be able to find the love she craves for? Or will she be mercilessly crushed for The Fragrance of Rose

About the Author – Chirajit Paul
Born in Kolkata in 1973, Chirajit graduated from Calcutta University before undertaking training in Chartered Accountancy. After having worked in various capacities across Finance and System domains he is currently associated with a global consulting firm as an Enterprise Application specialist. He is an ardent observer of political and social affairs, which often finds reflection in his writing. He prefers to write about socially relevant subjects in an entertaining format spreading across large canvases cutting through geographies, cultures and languages. Chirajit lives in Kolkata with his journalist wife and daughter.

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