Ceo Of Operation Build Up Justin Cogswell Prepares Organization For National Expansion

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Operation Build Up located in Lima, NY is preparing for a large scale expansion after move into aircraft hanger for headquarters.

We sacrifice our today, for their tomorrow.”

— Operation Build Up

LIMA, NY, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2017 / — After much consideration Operation Build Up has announced that they are currently implementing a chain of command structure that will allow them expand the companies efforts nationally. When interviewed about the expansion Justin Cogswell the Ceo and founder of Operation Build Up stated that "We are going to utilize the same type of structure that we currently have in place within NYS on a national scale. While keeping our efforts completely volunteer we will have two different type of leadership levels for local community leaders to fit into, One is the position of a SCOUT. The SCOUT will be tasked with finding distressed high risk veterans within their communities. Once they find a struggling local veteran they will do some background digging on them, to ensure that they are in fact a veteran and in immediate need of a vehicle. At that point in time they will report their findings to the local Operations Manager (Team Lead). The team lead will review the information, fact check it, and then locate a local venue or idea to surprise the veteran with a vehicle at. The headquarters located in Lima, NY will then ship a fully repaired vehicle to the location of the Team Lead and fly into town for the event. It sounds more complicated in text than it really is" said Cogswell.

Operation Build Up has been operating all across the State of New York currently and is on pace to deliver 30 vehicles to high risk veterans this year. They started this approach after the Ceo a veteran himself realized how severe the veteran suicides were across America, many years averaging around 22 per day. Over 120,00 since 2001. When asked how this will impact the suicide numbers nationally Cogswell stated "I see many awareness type non profits bringing the number of suicides into the lime light. I just don't see any offering a solution to fix it. After loosing many military friends to suicide I realized that it was almost always the same sequence of events. Either a divorce which leaves them depressed in an empty house, or they trip and fall in their civilian lives which leads to vehicle repossessions or unfix-able breakdowns. Once our veterans have got to this point in their lives, they enter a dark place. For an everyday civilian they would be tough to deal with, for a combat veteran it is much tougher."

They feel as if they are changing lives in a real and long term way. That a small show of caring, and the tools to get the job done can make all of the difference in a veterans life. Currently Cogswell puts roughly half of his six figure income into the project to help veterans.

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Source: EIN Presswire