Abudo to Address Social Issues like Bullying and Promote Wellness Education through Online Courses

Abudo to address social issues like bullying and promote wellness education through online courses

Abudo is a health success platform aiming to dive into new ocean of social issues like bullying and bring education about tabooed topics like Divorce

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In “November 2017”, Abudo launched its online healthcare platform providing easy and structured disease education to patients, friends and family members. Abudo is an engaging, easy to digest video course provider, offering patients and their families a guideline to take control of their well-being by learning about illnesses, caregiving as well as health and security standards at workplace. Abudo has successfully debuted online courses on HIV and AIDS, Diabetes, Cancers and Mental Disorders with the end goal to create awareness and improve quality of life. It aims to bring over 30 more courses for general wellness and disease education to your doorstep this year. These courses on Abudo, primarily a patient education website will include modules addressing various social issues like sexual harassment, divorce, bullying and addiction as well as lifestyle challenges like eating disorders, quitting smoking and obesity.

“We at Abudo, strive to touch lives and make them better”, claims Abudo’s CEO Tariq Khursheed. “This is an authentic and well-researched content provider, engaged in promoting 100% unbiased health education just to make consumers aware of how they may improve their quality of life”

Abudo has more than 70k online health success education disseminators. It’s vision reflects gaining a competitive edge by providing 100% unbiased and impartial health education. It talks about taboo subjects and emphasizes on debunking common misconceptions, myths and stigmas associated with diseases and social issues. It addresses important topics like obesity and eating disorders which are on the rise today. The courses offered are designed for the sole purpose of helping consumers improve their quality for life. All of Abudo’s upcoming courses will be online and are available 24/7. Interested individuals can simply sign up for a course and access it from their desktop or mobile any anywhere, at anytime with absolutely no age, gender or accessibility restriction. All of this for just $15 is definitely what makes this platform worth subscribing.

About Abudo:
Abudo is an online health success platform providing easy, structured disease education to patients, friends & family members. It believes in passion for creating a better life, by offering a variety of courses including both, communicable as well as non-communicable diseases along with a course completion certification at the end of each course. Abudo offers value adding guidelines and checklists to improve quality of life all while endeavoring to help patients and caregivers manage stress, improve lifestyle and lead a healthy life.

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