Border $ecurity

A Funding Solution

Unauthorized Immigrants, Employers and U. S. Taxpayers all stand to gain from the ITIG Model”

— Mark Jason, Director, Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 3, 2019 / — President Trump has made it clear that he would like Mexico’s 129 million people to pay for a wall. And we believe to be fair, there are others—not just Mexicans—who should make these payments. Many are responsible for the burden on taxpayers that illegal immigration causes—8 million working unauthorized immigrants and their employers take advantage of our broken immigration system and benefit monetarily.

When Congress addressed tax reform in 2018, they neglected to adjust our broken immigrant tax system. Individuals who are not authorized to work in the United States received billions of dollars from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A study, conducted by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), found that claims for this credit by these individuals escalated sharply from $924 million in 2005 to $4.2 billion in 2010 and $6 billion in 2015.

An effective tax has not been developed for unauthorized workers—including 4 million in the cash economy—and those who hire them. An efficient tax would generate enough funds to mitigate many of the objections to the cost of immigration in this country.

There is a solution. Five + Five, a model developed by the Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group (ITIG), is an efficient way to collect fair contributions from those who benefit most from illegal immigration practices. Employees and employers would each contribute 5 cents for every immigrant dollar earned, which would provide the president with $5 billion for border security and $210 billion over 10 years for immigration issues on the state level, including money for infrastructure. And a bonus—it will generate 1.7 million new American jobs.

The incentives for participating in the program are powerful–legality for employees and employers, access to health care and education, and the right to travel to their home of origin and return safely.

This plan will allow immigrants to assimilate more easily into our society with respect, equality, accountability and legality, and it can stand alone or be coupled with other plans, such as the Gang of Eight bill.

We need reform—now. This proposal has been well-researched and is practical, fair and flexible—ready to evolve with the changes as they come. It’s a go!

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Source: EIN Presswire