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Normal is important

The Neuro Supremacists" Handbook is a series of Podcasts that will be released in 2019

Imagine if being able to sit still and quietly copy everyone around you was no longer the key to success.”

— Ben Mitchell

PUTNEY, VT, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2019 / — If you are reading this, then I assume you are perfectly normal—in every way. Normal is important. Civilized society is based on complex systems, that require people to do things properly in order to make them work. Normal people understand how to do things the right way. The mutants are always looking for an easier way, trying to take the short path. This is why we must not yield one inch. Normal is important.

Yes, neuro-supremacy is a system of educational and cultural assumptions we use to target the mutants, keeping them in a state of disorganization. In schools we call this “special education”—but it must persist through all strata of society. You might ask, “Who are these mutants?” After years of research we can identify three primary subgroups of mutation, currently increasing their numbers through hereditary proliferation. Historically, two of these subgroups have been relatively easy to suppress through the standard educational practices. However, a relatively new and growing mutation threatens all of the structures that hold us together.

Learning Disabilities

We have labeled the first mutation as “learning disabled.” Notice the term “disabled” is employed to establish our dominance apriori. This label refers to a set of long recognized mutations, usually in the left side of the brain, that allow individuals to more quickly recognize connections and patterns and to make very complex inferences separate from the language processing centers. Often characterized by the derogatory terms Dyslexia or Reading Disability or Specific Learning Disability, this mutation has been gaining ground for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, we've successfully kept enough of them out of power by exploiting the challenges they face in acquiring written language. As long as we can force them to struggle with basic written communication, it has proven relatively simple to prevent them from gaining any power.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The second genetic mutations, falls under the generally accepted term of autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This mutation consists of a series of anomalies in the right brain and has held a variety of derogatory labels—Nonverbal Learning Disability, Math Disability, Asperger's Syndrome. This mutation is often characterized by its increased sensitivity to sensory stimulus. People in this group are easily suppressed through stimuli like neon lighting, uncomfortable clothing, or really any sensory stimulus that distracts individuals from recognizing their actual abilities. Luckily, their heightened sensitivity to vibration includes the banalities of social interaction, making them easy to intimidate. Because they're so sensitive to vibration interactions on a variety of levels, they do not easily understand our carefully crafted social conventions. They can be easily dismissed and humiliated regardless of any interesting insights they might assert.

Executive Function Disorders

Finally, and most troubling of the mutant subgroups, is described under the umbrella of “executive function disorders” or ADHD if you will. These mutants require a higher level of stimulus for their frontal lobe to engage. This mutation can inhibit one's self-regulation and focus because they are so easily bored. Just like the first subgroup, this mutation can make connections and inferences at a much higher rate than the neurotypical community. However, this mutation will often learn the existing structures like reading and writing much more quickly than normal. More troubling, they often demonstrate increased social awareness, unlike their autistic cousins. This makes them particularly threatening. The normal community has learned to isolate and humiliate this mutant subgroup by slowing the pace of learning to a point where they get bored and miss important details, often falling behind and becoming vulnerable to existing pathological labels — learning disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorder. Furthermore, neurotypical educators have partnered with the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that most mutants from this subgroup are irreparably addicted to amphetamines.

Effective Mutant Suppression is Crucial

We must, at all costs, prevent any of these mutant subgroups from gaining any sense of shared identity within our society. We must isolate them as individuals with disabilities and then make them understand that they are not normal. In order to detect and isolate them before they can gain a sense of themselves, we've arranged our educational system to specifically target and pathologize mutant families.

The first step was to codify a series of arbitrary complexities into the educational system that privilege the neuro-typical processing style of rote memorization and obedient mimicry. Then we created an army of neuro-typical individuals who work in the schools to isolate and identify the mutants and classify them with a pathological label. In service of this, we've created a Diagnostic Service Manual that pathologize a multitude of individual behaviors into so many individualized subgroups. The more we can pick them apart and isolate them, the less chance they have of joining together to advocate for the mutant community as a whole.

As of this writing as many as 70% of the mutant population has been manipulated into ancillary co-occurring pathologies, like substance abuse, depression, and eating disorders. This convinces each individual that he or she is permanently damaged and alone, creating a sense of hopelessness they can never escape. Simply drive them into isolation so that we may continue to heap more and more pathological labels on them dismantling the threat they pose. Remember, we're talking about a third of the population. We must whittle away at their sense of self until they voluntarily abandon any effort to question the structures that maintain our authority.

Imagine a world in which the preference for neuro-typical processing was eliminated. Imagine if we lost the ability to define the standardized measures used to define normal. Given a truly level playing field, these neurological mutants might recreate society into one where our neuro-typical processing would no longer provide the structural advantage on which we all depend. Imagine if being able to sit still and quietly copy everyone around you was no longer the key to success.

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