So, What's Become of Race, Diversity, Tolerance, Terrorism, Sexuality, and Faith in These Tense, Trumpian Times?


Bernard Dillard, Author, Two ‘Til Midnight

Author Tackles Sensitive Material in Controversial Debut Novel

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 7, 2019 / — As professor and author Bernard L. Dillard silently sat during a heated committee discussion on diversity, he realized how much ground still needed to be covered to get people from varying perspectives to understand and respect viewpoints other than their own. His initial doodles from the meeting have culminated a few years later into his debut novel, Two ’Til Midnight, in which he holds up a literary mirror and invites readers to locate, stare at, and evaluate themselves between the pages.

Although the protagonist, Dr. Garnet Gibbs, is a relatively strong-minded woman, her faith undergoes several tests as she interacts with those in her inner circle and beyond. Whether helping to rear her grandson in a hip-hop culture she knows nothing about, or standing firm in her fundamental beliefs while not offending her gay co-workers, or enduring others’ gazes because of her physical condition, or witnessing the sharp pangs of racism that impact those she loves, the history professor resolves to stay level headed and not let her core be shaken. The twist is that invisible, friendly forces are assisting her on her journey, while opposing ones are withstanding her. It makes for a unique cosmic battle royale, in which wins and losses play out on both sides.

“In Two ’Til Midnight, author Bernard L. Dillard does an amazing job of storytelling while integrating several of today’s hard-to-discuss topics,” says Kristi Elizabeth of the San Francisco Book Review. “This book is not for the faint of heart. There are very serious topics that are spoken about throughout the book. The storyline is realistic with events that could happen any day of the week.”

Available at Amazon and other major online retailers for preorders through May 31, the novel assumes a readership that is over 18 years of age because of the gravity of topics examined. Although there are moments of needed comic relief, the novel offers moments of murder, violence, strong language, and erotic sex. At 406 pages, the book takes its time to explore a myriad of interactions, spanning across various social, cultural, ideological, and religious boundaries.

“Dillard skillfully weaves each character’s part into the plot. . . . The author has done an exceptional job creating a novel that will be enjoyed by adult readers. . . . He also includes a discussion guide which would help lead to some interesting discourse by reading groups. . . . This is highly recommended reading,” comments Paige Lovitt of Reader Views.

There is “superb tension that resonates like a live wire throughout the book,” says Don Sloan of Publishers Daily Reviews. “Suffice to say that you’ll want to pay very close attention as the world changes irrevocably for some key characters, particularly Garnet, who delivers a stunning conclusion that will leave you pondering its significance long after you’ve turned the last page.”

Bernard L. Dillard is an associate professor at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He graduated from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in English. The author of two text books, he is more known for his book, Lemonade: Inspired by Actual Events, which won first place in Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Award (2013) in the memoir category. He has enjoyed a few acting stints (“The Wire” and “West Wing”) and several modeling assignments (Sean John).

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