Florida Prosecutors Violate Constitutional Rights


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Constitutional Rights violation

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Color of the Law violators

Know Your Rights!

State & Assistant State Attorney Breach the Constitution!

This is going to be dealt with! Who do these Prosecutors think they are!”

— Deborah McGuire

N MYRTLE BEACH, SC, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fair Play Facts,(www.fairplayfacts.com) discovers a major “Color of the Law” violation within the Prosecutors office of Clearwater, Florida (Pinellas County) State Attorney McCabe & Assistant State Attorney Menendez Kotch violated Federal Constitution, Section 242 Title 18, which is a “Color of the Law” violation. They also took it upon themselves to violate Florida Article I,16.

Fair Play Facts discovered these violations while creating “Standard Protocol” on the website. The Prosecutors, following a DUI manslaughter case in 2016, never contacted next of kin regarding procedures, court dates, advocacy assistance or any information on the killing of their family member, nor have they to this date. When family members tracked down the duo in 2017, McCabe would not even get on the phone. Menendez Kotch stated “Florida does not have DUI LAWS”! Another important part of the puzzle is they gave a very drunk driver, who left the scene of a homicide the equivalent of a Traffic violation, never charging him properly & without the victim’s family’s knowledge. This is going to be dealt with, states “Deborah McGuire” creator of Fair Play Facts. Who do these Prosecutor’s think they are? Can you imagine having a loved one killed and NO Prosecutor's contact you regarding the Process or even act like the victim existed!! I’m sure there are many more cases out there!

The process of a Federal Criminal & State Civil “Constitutional Tort Liability” claim has begun on this serious issue. Fair Play Facts goal is to ensure knowledge, education & guidance to families experiencing homicides and the process. Questionable Prosecutors are part of that important path. If you feel your Constitutional Rights have been violated, please email us your story, fairplayff@gmail.com

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Florida Prosecutors Breach the Constitution!

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