Women Elected as Speaker and Deputy Speaker by the TGTE Parliament. Rudrakumaran Re-elected as the Prime Minister!

TGTE's Elections Commission conducted Internationally Supervised Elections around the world to elect new Members of Parliament to its 3rd Parliament.

TGTE is the only transnational and elected Tamil political formation, to continue the Tamil National Struggle through democratic and diplomatic means and in a transparent manner.”

— Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)


Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) inaugurated its Third Parliament by convening its first Sitting on 17.19 May 2019, at the historic National Constitution Centre situated on Independence Mall in the city of Philadelphia. Members also joined the Sitting via technology mediated conferencing from venues in London, Dortmund and Sydney.

Following a solemn opening ceremony on the morning of the 17th dedicated to the memory of those who perished in Mullivaaikkaal 10 years ago at the hands of the Sri Lankan military, the Parliament completed the business of Members taking the Oath of Allegiance and the election of key officials. Secret ballots were conducted for electing the new Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the Prime Minister.

Dr (Mrs) Sarveswarythevi Thevarajah (USA) was elected as the Speaker and Mrs Rajanithevi Sinnathamby (Switzerland) was elected as the Deputy Speaker. Mr Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran was re-elected to lead the TGTE as it’s Prime Minister.

It is notable that the TGTE completed its Second term at the end of 2018 and its Elections Commission conducted the process of internationally supervised elections in different countries around the world to choose the Members for the new Parliament.

It is also noteworthy that the TGTE returned to the same venue in Philadelphia where it was inaugurated on the same day in 2010, as the first and only transnational and elected Tamil political formation, to continue the Tamil National Struggle through democratic and diplomatic means and in a transparent manner.

The 5th Annual Mullivaaikaal Memorial Lecture was delivered on the evening of 18th May coinciding with the Tamil Eelam National Day of Mourning to remember Genocide of May 2009. This year’s Lecturer was Ambassador Ladu Jada Gubek, former Chairperson of Sudan People's Liberation Movement’s USA Secretariat, former Chairperson of Southern Sudan Referendum Task Force USA, and currently the National Salvation Front (NAS) Diplomatic Representative to the USA and UN.

Amb Ladu gave an impassioned speech on the virtues of universal human values and the merits of the Tamil Nation to continue the struggle in its search for freedom with justice, drawing on his lifetime experience of being a freedom fighter, civil rights activist and an ambassador.

A number of scholars as well as activists addressed the Assembly and working sessions as well as a Town Hall event took place at the venue. Some of the themes taken up for discussion at the Sitting included The Easter Sunday bombings and Consequences to the Tamil Eelam National Struggle, creating new arenas for justice, Nation Building in the Diaspora and the Homeland, ‘Yes to Referendum’ People’s Movement and secession in international law. An evaluation of the pathways undertaken by TGTE to date in the search for Justice and Sovereignty was also discussed as background for the work ahead for the Third Parliament.

The TGTE Parliament unanimously passed a Resolution urging the UN Secretary General to request Sri Lankan Government not to use the current security situation after the Easter Sunday Church bombings as a pretext to commit human rights abuses against the Tamil people. A further Resolution calling on the Indian government to remove the ban on LTTE

The Prime Minister extended a special welcome to all women and youth who have come forward to join the movement and work for Tamil freedom and justice. As the TGTE moved into the third term, it’s democratic credentials as well as it’s performance in the many astute, transparent and timely projects in the political arena are here for all to see, he added, while impelling all to invest their energies and expertise towards the Tamil National cause.

The place of the city of Philadelphia in the spirit of American freedom and the reconvening of TGTE at the National Constitution Centre which serves as a national town hall for constitutional dialogue and civic learning, inspired TGTE to announce the setting up of a series of Tamil Genocide Memorials, on this 10th year of Mullivaaikaal. These would serve not just as memorials but as active spaces for learning for all Tamils, transnationally and trans-generationally.

That way, we would give further meaning to the words ‘We, the People….’ from the American Constitution, imprinted on the wall of the National Constitution Centre in Philadelphia, and rich in relevance to the Tamil People in their struggle for freedom.

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Source: EIN Presswire