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Tammy-Lynn McNabb cooking and creating new recipes with her favourite ingredients.

Creating new recipes in the kitchen is my favourite thing to do……

Though the opportunity is far and few, Tammy-Lynn enjoys downtime in her favourite room catching up on industry reading. Her bedroom is set up as a place to recharge and relax.

Though the opportunity is far and few, Tammy-Lynn enjoys downtime in her favourite room catching up on industry reading

Headshot of Tammy-Lynn as she turns 50.

Turning 50 has been a journey of courage, learning and growing.

How 6 years of broadcasting has lead Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV Host & Producer, Tammy-Lynn McNabb into a career of satisfaction beyond her wildest dreams.

I want every woman, from every socio-economic and ethnic background to be able to have the opportunity to be fulfilled in their professional life – to see their dreams become a reality.”

— Tammy-Lynn McNabb

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 1, 2019 / — No one ever said it would be easy and TV Producer Tammy-Lynn McNabb has always been up for a good, hard challenge, but even for this entrepreneur with many years under her belt, she never imagined how challenging the broadcasting industry would be. "When I told my family that I was pursuing my dream of having my own TV Show, it was probably the first time everyone looked at me like I was truly crazy", says McNabb, a serial entrepreneur of over 22 years. "It was a secret passion I've always had and never shared with anyone so my family was rightfully surprised. I've always told women I've mentored and spoken to at various speaking engagements to 'follow their dreams, no matter how wild or big they may seem' but this was one of the biggest ones for me personally, and I was unsure of whether or not it was doable", she adds with distant gaze.

You can see the amount of passion she has for her show, Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV, now in its 6th broadcasting season. It has been a journey of discovery as she didn't have extensive training in television production and broadcasting and leaned heavily on her skills in marketing, management, business development and public speaking. "The traditional route began like everyone else in the industry. I wrote a treatment for my show idea and began pitching it to the networks. With interest from several stations and production companies, I began to feel incredibly discouraged at the amount of direction I had to give up in order to get to air", she takes a moment to reflect and then adds, "I really felt strongly about being in creative control and also wanted to create a platform that allowed smaller brands to have access to telling their story. I didn't want to censor my topics because of politics. Most importantly, I wanted to be able to do what I wanted when I wanted to do it, and this could only be achieved by owning my brand".

Tammy-Lynn is the producer and director of her TV show and purchases her airtime on networks across Canada and around the world. This allows her to own her airtime from beginning to end. It also gives her the freedom to do things the way she wants to. "I often say to female entrepreneurs newer in business than myself that, in order to be truly fulfilled and content in your business life, you have to be a majority shareholder in your endeavours. If you don't, you'll be reporting to others. Sharing your success with other investors is much different than reporting to a group of investors as a minority shareholder." says McNabb. "For some that my work, but for me, it doesn't only because I find that I'm spending more time in preparing investor reports instead of using that time for creative advancements for my company or projects. Been there, done that and I'm happier leading the charge solo", she adds with a smile. She goes on to add that it doesn't mean she doesn't encourage looking for investors, quite the opposite. She explains that some projects require outside investment injections that are necessary to launch and sustain a venture. Others can be done independently with no external sourcing. Tammy-Lynn has been on both sides of the fence and prefers to run her TV venture and other small projects as a sole proprietor. 'Regardless of how your business is structured, just doing it is a fantastic feat. I love when women become self-sufficient and start their own companies. It's such a brave step and one that many find hard to take. You don't have to be 100% ready for the big leap; you just have to do it. There have been many times that I've launched an endeavour when I wasn't completely ready to do so. My TV show is a prime example. I would have been way past my physical prime for TV had I waited until I had all my ducks in a row. Time wasn't on my side being in my mid-40s and starting into TV. I had lots of confidence (and nerves) and knew it was now or never. I wanted now.", she finishes with an even bigger smile.

And who wouldn't smile? Tammy-Lynn McNabb's TV show is mid-way through its 6th season airing on two national networks across Canada. She's also sold her show to Russia and Vietnam's largest broadcasting networks after attending the Cannes, France TV Festival. And the future looks bright for her team as they prepare to wrap up another prosperous season of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV. Her words of advice for other female entrepreneurs, both young and mature? "Life is short. Shorter for some, unfortunately. What a sad feeling it would be to look back on your life and have a list of goals that not only weren't met but that you didn't even try to meet. I want every woman, from every socio-economic and ethnic background to be able to have the opportunity to be fulfilled in their professional life – to see their dreams become a reality. Sometimes that means being your one and only cheerleader."

About Tammy-Lynn McNabb – Tammy-Lynn has been a maven in the health and wellness industry for more than 15 years. She started her career as a successful international business manufacturer producing a line of Low Carbohydrate products that sold in stores across Canada & the US. She also founded a chain of Canadian Low Carb Wellness Centres which sold to a US company in 2006. Aside from her TV Show, Tammy-Lynn can regularly be seen on stage hosting Wellness Shows across Canada and MC of Vancouver Fashion Week, VegExpo and BC Food Producers Association. Her passion is leading women and she is a frequent public speaker on stage at local and international events.

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