Artist and Male Feminist Kimberly Berg to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CADYVILLE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2019 / — Did you know that there once was a great time in history called the Neolithic Age, also known as the Stone Age, when men and women honored a Goddess that recognized males AND females as equal? Not only can today’s men certainly learn a lesson from those ancient times but all women should be aware that this era did exist. It confirms that it’s entirely feasible to believe that we can achieve gender equality once again. In one soon to be released documentary entitled The Making of a Male Feminist Advocate and Activist one exceptional man is bringing to light the significance of our past. The documentary is designed to help women to once again achieve gender equality and reclaim indiscriminative roles in society.

Kimberly Berg is a male feminist advocate and award-winning artist. He observes, “This telling documentary reflects profoundly on my life but more importantly it is intended to inspire women and men to live their lives in such a way that will make it possible for them to work collaboratively with each other.” This means no over-arching male control and an acceptance of gender equality.

The film is a combination of Kimberly’s dedicated mission to make women aware of (1) their ancestral history, (2) his many figurative paintings depicting women’s innate grace, poise, and spirituality (3) his fierce advocacy for women’s inherent birthrights.

With a powerful euphonious drumming that enhances the background of the documentary, Kimberly reminds us that women were actually the first drummers and first inventors of the frame drum. Drumming became a tradition that celebrated the power of the Great Mother Goddess.

Kimberly exhibits a keen sensibility as an intelligent advocate for women’s rights. He is also active in promoting women’s unique style of artistic expression. “I also aspire to draw attention to what feminist’s artists are contributing,” says Kimberly. “There are many magnificent feminist artists whose work is totally original and still mostly unknown. People need to become more aware of the cultural importance of feminist art.”

According to Kimberly, such awareness is necessary if we are to understand a whole new genre of art that is being created by feminist artists today. For example, water is given a special symbolic significance because it was women who were the water-bearers in ancient times and even today in some African countries. The same themes that were important to women artist in ancient times are still relevant to feminist artists today. They include all things found in nature: animals, tigers, lions, fish, dolphins, birds and all forms of flight. Neolithic artists also glorified the pregnant nude, coming-of- age rituals, and Goddess imagery. Many of these subjects are still a source of inspiration for women artist today.

“In addition to the changes taking place in the art world there is also enormous positive social changes taking place in women’s lives and it’s largely attributable to social media,” says Kimberly. “Women work best when they collaborate and share ideas. When women are unified and form a MeToo movement, they can spark social changes that could extend to future leadership roles. Today that could even mean winning the presidency or at least establishing a larger voice in politics. This form of sharing and mutual interaction is definitely a transformative power that is advancing women’s presence in government, the workplace and academia.”

Kimberly emphasizes how all this goes to prove that women today can accomplish their goals by learning from the historical precedents left behind by their ancestral sisters. There is no reason why equality can’t be absolutely obtainable in contemporary times.

The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) which will guarantee women’s equality under the United States Constitution needs only one more state’s acceptance before becoming the law of the land. There are many women working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen.

“The great lesson we can learn from our ancestral sisters is that women are still imminently capable of creating a society that is peaceful, inventive, and delightfully vibrant,” says Kimberly. “Like societies in ancient times that honored the sacred . . . the voices still echo, the drums still beat, all we have to do is listen and act.”

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