After 11 Years Searching, Barber Finds Work-At-Home Job within Disability Organization and on the Pages of a Magazine

Dominic Barber interviews with Michael Sanders on NTI@Home

Dominic Barber interviews with Michael Sanders on NTI@Home

Dominic Barber, disability advocate discusses his job search and moving through the ranks at NTI@Home to help individuals with disabilities back to work.

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2019 / — After spending 11 years out of the workforce following an auto accident in 2003 that left him with a spinal cord injury, Floridian Dominic Barber was determined to get back to work. A web search for at-home jobs for people with disabilities led him to the nonprofit organization NTI, the source for work-at-home jobs for Americans and veterans with disabilities. Fast forward through five years of successful employment and promotions, and Barber is now a disability advocate and a model for NTI’s national campaign designed to help people like him find work. NTI’s Director of Marketing Mike Sanders spoke with Barber about his experience and the interview can be seen here:


NTI’s current “Take Your Shot” campaign is featured in the August issue of “New Mobility” magazine. NTI chose Barber for the campaign as an example of what is possible through their NTI@Home division. “We wanted to show what NTI does by offering a unique visual as opposed to the traditional person-in-a-wheelchair sitting at a desk with a phone and smiling,” said Sanders. “Dominic really got me thinking after he cornered me at the annual holiday party and shared with me his passion for health and fitness,” Sanders explained.

Eventually wheelchair basketball and coordinating with the Rollin’ Celtics team (of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, affiliated with the NBA) was picked as the perfect pairing for Boston-based NTI. Once that was established, choosing Barber to be a part was a no-brainer said Sanders. “I told him ‘You are the guy I’m picking,’ because I already knew he was a fitness expert and could portray in a photo the passion he had for life and work.”

To get the photos necessary, Barber had to fly from his home in Gainesville, Florida to Boston, MA. Traveling with a disability can be frustrating, and Barber had his fair share of frustrations at airport terminals, on flights, and in the city of Boston, but in the end he was glad to have been a part. “The trip was worth it just to meet everyone and for the experience. Everybody that helped with the photo shoot was fun and easy to work with,” Barber said. He hopes his story will help other Americans on SSI/SSDI return to the workforce and find at-home jobs through NTI.

In addition to his job as a call center supervisor at NTI, Barber coaches people interested in working again. He helps them decide if returning to work is the right choice for them and if they are a good fit for an on-site office job or an at-home job like the ones NTI@Home offers. “People are just so happy to get back to work,” Barber commented. “NTI is a great opportunity and provides not only jobs, but also preparation for those jobs.”

The appearance of Dominic can be in the August issue of New Mobility magazine.

Those who would like to “Take a Shot with NTI@Home,” visit to register for the work-at-home program.

NTI@Home ( is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps Americans with disabilities find employment opportunities with government agencies, Fortune 500, and large and small companies. Through NTI@Home, individuals on SSI, SSDI, or have a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor are eligible for free job training, mentoring, and job placement.

New Mobility Magazine ( is the official publication of the United States Spinal Association, helping the integration of active wheelchairs into mainstream society. The magazine’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries.

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Behind the Scenes: Dominic Barber in New Mobility Magazine

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