CashMD Aims to Eliminate Surprise Billing with its Innovative Online Healthcare Platform - Healthcare is about to get better.

Healthcare just got better.

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2019 / — Far too often, patients receive healthcare services, hope their costs are covered, and are surprised by the bill that ends up in their hands. CashMD is launching its first-of-its-kind online healthcare platform (, with the conviction that it will eliminate surprise billing, and allow patients to better understand their financial responsibility, ahead of receiving services.

It is estimated that, in the United States, the average deductible is around $1500 for an individual and $2800 for a family. Additionally, 23% of families have deductibles $5000 or greater. Patients that may never reach these high deductibles can greatly benefit from a cash-pay model whereby they can pay a reduced fee for services – often at a discount of 30-80%. The platform, which fosters healthcare cost control through consumer empowerment, will be available to patients at no charge. Patients may go to now, to request early access, and will have full access to their platform in the Fall of 2019.

Additionally, CashMD will launch its iOS and Android Apps in Fall of 2019.

In addition to empowering patients, alleviates many of the frustrations experienced by healthcare providers. Healthcare providers long for autonomy in their treatment decision-making and expedience in reimbursement. The business model, facilitated by CashMD, enables healthcare providers to attract new patients, provide treatment according to their own discernment, and realize revenues in a more efficient manner. CashMD is offering providers, who register between now and October 31, 2019, one year’s free membership to

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CashMD, a startup founded in 2017, brings patients and healthcare providers together more effectively and efficiently, by eliminating
unnecessary healthcare costs and restrictions.

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