EX-Death Row Inmate named Editor at Prison Living

GLENDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — For Deanna Higley, Executive Editor of Prison Living Magazine, it was the logical decision to enlist George Kayer for Editor.

“Like the old saying: to build a car company you need a car guy, to build a magazine for people in prison you better have a prison guy.” Every for profit periodical for people in prison, without a prison guy as editor, has failed, Prison World failed twice.

Prison Living Magazine was created in 2018 to publish a series of high value content, special edition magazines for people in prison. In the last year there have been five new start up periodicals, nine in the last two years. Prior to this fad of prison reform being the latest celebrity trend, there were only wo national periodicals serving 2.3 million inmates. Prison Legal News and Kayer’s Inmate Shopper.

Another new “prison guy” Editor is Lawrence Bartley, recently paroled after 27 years in the system. Bartley was chosen by the Marshall Project for their new magazine, News Inside.

Prison Living Magazine’s next two issues will be 2020 Free Stuff for Inmates and Off-Line Shopper: Resources for Artists and Entrepreneurs.

You can email George Kayer at george@prisonlivingmagazine.com

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Source: EIN Presswire