Secret Government List, 7,000+ Banned Publications Revealed

GLENDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2019 / — Secret Government List, 7,000 Banned Publications: Revealed by George Kayer

Which one of the statements below is true?

1. In the southern sates during the 1950’s and 60’s the government banned 7,000 + publications from segregated black schools.
2. Until 1998 over 7,000 publications covering the LGBTQ genra were banned from America’s schools and public libraries.
3. In 2010, Native American Indians discover collusion among government censors who banned 7,000+ publications from reservations.
4. A few weeks ago it was discovered that censors at Arizona State Prisons had banned over 7,000 more music CD’s, books, magazines and catalogs.

Before I reveal which one is factually correct, the point of my questions is to remind us that humans, Americans have a long history of discriminating against people who differ from ourselves. Also, to highlight why it is illegal for government agencies to censor citizens and the press.

It concerns me when I read that censors in the European Union are banning fee speech for Americans. Some of those laws are already in effect in California. When I read about Judges in Arizona instructing parents in child custody issues not to speak out against the process to the media, I’m like what law school in China did this guy attend?

The answer to the question above is number four, but before you say “who cares about censorship in prisons,” I suggest sincerely, you should. Because what is happening in American prisons is spreading out to the rest of America. Look at these eye-popping examples of banned titles: 101 Family Card Games, 100 No Equipment Workouts, 3D printing, Game of Thrones, most Bibles that are not Christian, Prisoners Health Care Handbook, African American in Art, American Indian Design, Abnormal Psychology, and all other health/medical books and journals. Taken from me by the censors, just to name a few, Business Week, Inc and Entrepreneur Magazines and performance analytics from my publisher. Yet these same censors, Sgt Ramos, Diane Miller and Loresa Purden have never banned a copy of the Wall Street Journal (full of business analytics) nor the Arizona Republic Newspaper, who printed the same stories on the “emerging legal pot industry” that they banned the a fore mentioned business magazines for. The entire list has been posted,, click on facebook button. This article was supposed t be posted with it, but prison censors blocked its delivery to my Publisher.

For too many decades, attorneys for prisons have fooled judges by spouting junk science and unfounded claims about how a picture of Barbie doll or a copy of Prisoners Health Care Handbook, will “jeopardize the safe and secure operations of our prisons.” And why not, prosecutors conned judges for decades with now debunked junk sciences including: bite marks, hair comparisons, ballistics and partial fingerprints.

At least one inmate supported organization, The Human Rights Defense Center (HDRC) publisher of Prison Legal News, has sued Arizona Dept. of Corrections (ADC) for illegal censorship practices. See case #CV-15-02245-PHX-ROS. In summary judgement for HDRC, on page 20, the judge ordered ADC’s current policy on censorship unconstitutional on its face. The judge stated, “Not with common sense nor good judgement does ADC staff use in censorship practices.” The judge’s statement was made to rebuke the carefully crafted message used by ADC and their media guy, Andrew Wilder. The statement reads: “ADC personnel are trained to exercise common sense and good judgement in their review, and to critically analyze their exclusion decisions.”

Upon reading some of the above banned titles by Ramos, Purden and Miller, you can see Mr. Wilder’s official response is patently out of touch with actual practices. As I went through the list it is easy to spot obvious patterns of racism, religious discrimination and female body issues from the censors.

George Kayer is an author and Editor of Prison Living Magazine. He has been writing prison rform content for ten years and can be emailed at or through (if the prison censors stop retaliating and unblock his email).

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