Clara Wajngurt of Bullying Prevention Consulting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

FRESH MEADOWS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2019 / — According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, over 65 million people in the United Sates are affected by workplace bullying and today it remains a harrowing epidemic. Defined as “the recurrent exploitation of an employee by one or more employees including abusive conduct that is either verbal, threatening, humiliating, or intimidating,” workplace bullying can have devastating effects on one’s physical and mental health. So if you’re continually being harassed at your office how can you effectively stop it from happening in the first place?

Clara Wajngurt is a top notch Executive Coach, author, speaker, a Mathematics Professor at CUNY University, and the Founder and owner of Bullying Prevention Consulting LLC.

“I’m a devoted passionate expert in the self-development and empowering of as many individuals as I can possibly help,” says Clara. “I wholeheartedly care about others and my goal is to help them overcome any workplace concerns and issues they are confronted with. I have always encouraged and inspired my students and colleagues to take charge of their lives, set goals, and make constructive choices.”

Dr. Wajngurt first became acquainted with the issues of bullying as a young College Professor when she was alerted to people being bullied on campus. Deeply concerned, Clara began speaking out and adamantly researching and reaching out to schools about the importance of addressing everything from cyberbullying, Senior bullying and child bullying, and she truly began making a difference. To date, Dr. Wajngurt has written several peer-reviewed articles and two books on workplace bullying prevention.

“There are numerous colleges and universities that have incorporated anti bullying policies which is a monumental accomplishment,” says Clara. “However, the work place bullying issues have not been dealt with appropriately or tackled effectively so I am continuing to work diligently with corporations till we are able to make true progress in promoting a positive workplace culture.”

Through her supportive unparalleled one on one coaching and powerful workshops, Clara offers weary clients the support and encouragement needed to handle and cope with workplace issues weighing them down.

“I hand my clients operative tools and resources to help them cope with stressful job situations and how to take step by step measures,” says Clara.

Clara reminds us that if you are being bullied in your workplace it’s important to alert your boss, supervisor, or human resources manager and to seek out her coaching services so you can regain your self-confidence and learn the proper tools to manage how to cope effectively.

“My coaching sessions are genuinely Empowerment sessions where people recognize their ability to challenge their opponents and we discuss the client’s issues and how they wish to solve them,” says Clara.

Clara defines herself as an impassioned individual whose life long focus is to play an active role in solving issues pertaining to bullying and ultimately incorporating a zero tolerance policy. As a union advocate she negotiates for employment rights in the workplace and first-rate working conditions for faculty and staff. Clara has been vigorously involved in grievances, tenure and promotion decisions, job security actions, and discussions on benefits for employees at CUNY University.

“I will continue to persist in eradicating workplace bullying by helping to incorporate a pro- active approach which promotes anti-bullying policies in all companies,” says Clara. “By recognizing workplace bullying as a serious issues we can stomp it out completely and enjoy a non-hostile, peaceful, productive work environment.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Clara Wajngurt in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Wednesday November 6th at 3 p.m. EST

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