The Launch of Alliance To End Human Trafficking On Capitol Hill

A dedicated group of concerned citizens in the United States and Mexico working to end human trafficking, raise awareness and provide solutions.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, November 5, 2019 / — Rep. Pete Olson (TX-22) will helm the media event on Capitol Hill comprised of members of Congress, dignitaries, groups and non-profits working to end human trafficking, survivors, law enforcement and the public coming together in the commitment to raise awareness, educate and provide resources to fight all forms of human trafficking.

"Human trafficking is an evil that impacts every dark corner of our society," Congressman Olson said. "It touches all demographics with its wickedness, enlisting society's most vulnerable into a life of modern-day slavery. As Co-Chair of the Victims' Rights Caucus in Congress with a history of advocating for those hurt by this scourge, it is an honor to continue this fight at the launch of the Alliance to End Human Trafficking. Greater awareness of this blight on our communities can only lead to improved outcomes for survivors and a demand for justice from the predators who destroy innocent lives."

*Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019
*Time: 2-5PM ET
*Location: The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center/Room HVC-215
* Speakers and Alliance Members To Date: Rep. Pete Olson (TX-22); Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21); Senator Sue Serino (NY-41st District); Alliance Co-Chairs Blanquita Cullum, radio host and Lynn Shaw, media relations; Andi Buerger, survivor/CEO of Beulah’s Place; Rosi Orozco, Mexican rights activist; Alma Tucker, Founder of safe houses along the California/Mexico border; Erin Andrews, Exec. Director/FAIR Girls, intervention and holistic care for survivors; Kathy Hatem, Director of Communications for Donna Rice Hughes, CEO/Enough Is Enough, Internet safety advocate; Bob Lowery, VP/National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; Dept. of Homeland Security; U.S. Capitol Police; Craig Sawyer, Founder/Veterans For Child Rescue; National Children’s Alliance; Dr. Katherine Deye/Children’s National Medical Center; Salvation Army; Timothy Head, Executive Director/sFaith and Freedom Coalition; Deborah Sigmund, Founder/Innocents At Risk; Nancy Rivard, Founder/Airline Ambassadors International; Sylvia Stanard, National Affairs/Church of Scientology; Kenya Davis, Attorney/Dept. of Justice; Sheila Switzer, Program Chair/AAFSW; Truckers Against Trafficking; Bikers Against Trafficking; Greyhound Bus Company; Jacqui Miller-Charlton, construction industry; Jaco Booyens, filmmaker and director/8 Days; Nicole Bowers Wallace, filmmaker/Ring of Silence; Yehudis Gottesfeld, Chair of Diversity/Columbia University; Jeanne Zaino, Global Management Senior Advisor/Applied Techonomics; Emily Campbell, Esq., Legal Strategist/Advocate; Jeffry M. Queen, security consultant; Rita Ballenger, Founder/Abolition Bakery; Mira Sorvino, actress.

More speakers to be announced.

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Source: EIN Presswire