New 12-book “Why Are They Like That?” Series by Y Forum founder recaps 20 years of taboo cross-cultural questions

Phillip Milano has released a new 12-book series based on his groundbreaking cross cultural web project

Dare To Aks is a pioneering 20-year effort to promote provocative cross-cultural dialogue

The “Why Are They Like That?” book series aims to breathe new life
into diversity courses with edgy discussions from a pioneering global project.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2020 / — A newly released 12-book series based on the 20-year ground-breaking “Y” cross-cultural Q&A project is designed to breathe new life into diversity training and courses.

The “Why Are They Like That?” series finally brings together the most profound, heart-warming and hilarious conversations from the past two decades of author Phillip J. Milano’s take-no-prisoners project, with real people, celebrities and experts addressing unfiltered questions related to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability and more. It’s meant to uplift all audiences, and be assigned reading in college diversity courses to enhance students’ readiness for the polarized world that awaits them.

The timing is designed to address a new era in which bigotry and its evil twin political correctness are rising to new heights in the U.S., Milano said.
”We are seeing racism and hatred reach an almost cataclysmic level in our society,” said Milano, founder of (now and author of the 12-book Why Are They Like That? series. “Yet the unflinching give-and-take we so desperately need to explode fears and ignorance is being suffocated by censorship and hypersensitivity. We need fewer trigger warnings and more myth-busting.”
Taboo questions are unflinchingly addressed such as: Do white girls want sex more often? Do gay guys get off looking at their own bodies? Are Muslims OK with killing infidels? Do amputees get asked out on dates? Why do black comics joke about childhood beatings?

Milano is a 30-year journalist and media professional who breached the boundaries of a sheltered white suburban upbringing to create Y?, which has generated 10 million visits and more than 50,000 postings worldwide since its creation in 1998.
He has been a breakout on BET, CBS, CNN, the BBC and FOX News with his bold dialogue project, and featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic Monthly, Washington Post and many more outlets. He is the author of the Perigee book I Can't Believe You Asked That! and writer of the pioneering newspaper column/blog "Dare to Ask."

At a critical juncture when falsehoods and lies are trumping facts and ideas, Milano said his stirring call to action is simple: Love and respect others by courageously learning everything about them.

Milano’s project is at He can be reached for interviews at, and on Twitter at @PhillipMilano. The Why Are They Like That? series is available on Books can be purchased individually or as part of a collection by visiting Amazon.

Praise for Phillip Milano, his cross-cultural sharing project and books:
“Quietly revolutionizing cross-cultural communication…” — Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts

“Tells more about who we are than you're likely to learn from a dozen sociology texts…” — Washington Post News Service

“Mr. Milano has dared to open the field of debate to the maximum…” — Le Monde, Paris

“Even the most potentially insulting questions can be peacefully discussed…” – College Press Network

“(A) remarkable contribution to cross-cultural understanding…” — The (London) Guardian

“Both hilarious and serious…” — FOX News

“A very bizarre book …” – Comedian/Podcaster Marc Maron

“Whoa! Now for some gut-level dialogue on race…” — The Philadelphia Inquirer

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