Verve Announces 50% Discount for All Frontline US Workers on Verve CBD Wellness Products

American Frontline worker housekeeping

American Frontline worker housekeeping

American Frontline worker - farmer

American Frontline worker – farmer

American frontline worker - Nurse

American frontline worker – Nurse

Verve to provide significant discount to all workers who may suffer various ailments from their daily and ongoing work efforts.

America’s frontline workers need natural options for recovery and wellness as they push their bodies to the limit to serve us all”

— Tim "TK" Klund, CEO Verve Systems LLC

DALLAS, TEXAS, US, March 23, 2020 / — Verve Systems, LLC (Verve) today announced it will offer all Verve CBD and wellness products at a 50% discount for workers on the frontlines of America. Verve is a leading performance and wellness brand offering a myriad CBD and other wellness products in Athletic, Veteran and Neuro formulations, Co-founded by USAF Veteran Tim “TK” Klund and Gold Star Family Member Kiran “Raj” RajBhandary, CEO and President, respectively.

CBD can help with stress, anxiety, sleep, pain, inflammation and other challenges. Verve has disrupted the CBD community with impact, growing online, wholesale and marketing efforts nationally with celebrity, sports, veterans and social influencers at Verve CEO Tim “TK” Klund is regarded as one of the top industry leaders as a "Relationship Specialist" in the world of corporate and sports marketing, and previously was on the Advisory Board of The Lone Survivor Foundation. “America’s frontline workers need natural options for recovery and wellness as they push their bodies to the limit to serve us all”, stated Klund, “we also offer a zero THC formulation for workers who cannot typically use CBD products due to specific industry regulations”.

He continued, “We know our Nation is under extreme duress right now and we want to do everything we can to help American frontline workers – first responders such as Fire, EMT, LEO, and many others who are critical to our wellbeing – doctors, nurses, food service providers, truckers, building maintenance, warehouse workers… the list of people who make America work and function single day is endless! Verve Forever CBD can help with inflammation, pain, sleep, anxiety and other issues”. He added, “shining the spotlight on and acknowledging those who serve our Nation and make it work daily has given us greater insight as to how to better serve the entire American community”, stated Klund.

“To be able to offer help without asking for any credentials or paperwork is huge part of our business model” stated RajBhandary. “While all Verve CBD products meet federal guidelines for having less than .03 THC, we offer Verve CBD formulations in both full spectrum and 0% THC to help address personal needs. While online sales and retail partnerships are fueling our expansion, the opportunity to provide our products to those who serve make our communities work at 50% off every day through their daily heroic efforts is the right and just thing to do”, he added.

“Verve’s continued growth allows us to do more things for more people”, added Klund, “and that’s why we are here for American frontline workers, they simply visit our website and enter code Frontline50 to get 50% OFF everything, every day.”

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