Marie Diamond, Top Transformational Leader, Speaking at the Habitude Warrior Global Virtual Summit 2020

Marie Diamond, Top Transformational Leader, Speaking at the Habitude Warrior Global Virtual Summit 2020

Habitude Warrior Conference

Her participation will be in an ‘interview style’ time slot with the Founder of Habitude Warrior Conference, Erik Swanson, and his team.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2020 / — Marie Diamond, global transformational teacher, has been making sure to be there for people during this time of crisis and is still offering her teachings. Due to quarantine, Marie has been a part of virtual online sessions to make sure she can still reach as many people as she can. She has the goal of helping people during this difficult time by showing ways in which people can still thrive in various aspects of life. In April, Marie held a series of free online classes called the Diamond Healing Circle, a series focused on healing power to support yourself and others. Marie then was a participate in the World Prosper Summit, a summit focusing on how your office can help you manifest prosperity. Now, Marie is starting May on the right foot by being a highly recognized participant at the Habitude Warrior Virtual Summit 2020, a free online event.

Marie will be speaking at the Habitude Warrior Global Virtual Summit 2020 on May 1st, 2020. Her participation will be in an ‘interview style’ time slot with Speaker Erik Swanson and his team. Marie will be sharing great tangible strategies and techniques to create more abundance using Feng Shui. The Habitude Warrior Conference is usually an in-person live event held in various cities across the U.S and Canada. But due to the special circumstances we live in at the moment, this time the incredible event is virtual and has been organized with a wonderful speaker line up of world famous and powerful leaders. The Habitude Warrior Conference is a unique event conceived by 5 Time #1 Best Selling Author & International Speaker, Erik Swanson, which blends personal development and professional growth to enhance both the skillset and mindset of attendees, preparing them to excel in their chosen fields.

“We invite the Top Speaker Legends of the World to share their amazing knowledge for your ultimate success,” states the Habitude Warrior Conference. “Our goals are met by providing World Class speakers, authors, and thought leaders who bring inspiration, motivation, and cutting edge ideas, along with opportunities to network with other success-minded professionals.”

Other participants of the Habitude Warrior Global Virtual Summit 2020 are: Greg Reid, Shanda Sumpter, Nick Santanastasso, Dr. Denis Waitley, Doug Grady, Scott Duffy, Paul Blanchard, Eric Lofholm, Dana Liesegang, Loral Langemeier, Jeff Hoffman, and Nick Lowery.

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Marie Diamond is one of the world’s top transformational leaders, speakers, and internationally bestselling authors. A renowned voice on Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, and Dowsing, Marie Diamond is the creator of the Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, and Inner Diamond Meditation Programs. A ‘seer’ in a modern context, Marie was the only European star featured in the worldwide phenomenon The Secret. Latest movies she contributes to are “Beyond The Secret” and “Thoughts Become Things” in 2020.

Marie merges her profound intuitive knowledge of Energy and the Law of Attraction, with her extensive studies of Quantum Physics, Meditation, Feng Shui, and Dowsing to transform the success, financial situations, relationships, motivations, and inspirations of individuals, organizations, and corporations. Her clients include billionaires, A-list celebrities in film and music (Steven Spielberg, The Rolling Stones, Paula Abdul, etc.), top-selling writers, motivational speakers (Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Marianne Williamson, Vishen Lakhiani, etc.), world-class athletes, leading CEOs, Fortune 500 Companies (BP-Amoco, Exxon Mobil, etc.), MLM Companies (Lyoness, WorldVentures, Nikken, Herbalife,etc.). Globally, Marie has assisted government leaders, and governmental organizations in Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iceland, USA, Canada, and Mexico by providing comprehensive advice and solutions based on her expertise.

Marie is a Founding Member of the Global Transformational Leadership Council and is both Founder and President of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe. Marie has established a world-class reputation for transforming the success, health, relationships, and spiritual wisdom for millions of people. She is someone that thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations turn to for unique insights and guidance with branding, marketing, and business decisions. She is also knighted to Dame Commander for her contribution to Humanity.

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