Tamecka Dixon – 2 Time WNBA Champ Takes Next

Women Football League Association

as The WFLA Continues Rapid Growth

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Women’s Football League Association continues to score big as they set the tone for Women’s Professional Football. The league continues to attract celebrity owners, including NFL & WNBA Athletes. Tamecka Dixon, WNBA’s hidden gem was selected in 1997 as the 14th overall pick in the inaugural draft by the Los Angeles Sparks. She was one of the 4 remaining players from the first season of the WNBA before retiring. She won two championship rings, each coming from wins with the Sparks (2001 and 2002, respectively) and is now the proud owner of the New Jersey Gems-WFLA Football Franchise.

With her winning prowess and first-hand experience in the fight for Women Empowerment and Equal Pay for women in sports, Tamecka Dixon will be a beacon as the owner of the New Jersey Gems and continue to use both her platform and the WFLA platform to fight for women in professional sports.

If you haven’t already noticed, the Legacy the WFLA is building is far from amateur; they set the tone for Women’s Professional Football. The WFLA is strategically approving owners who make sense to the underlining goal. Make no mistake, there’s a bit of poetic justice that drives the passion with the “Executive Team behind the Dream.”

Women Athletes that the WFLA has placed on their 32 Team Rosters are some of the most talented Female Athletes from around the world; from Santia Deck who was recently featured on the NFL’s Zoom Draft with Roger Goodell to Gabriella Evangelista, who was recently featured on Brazil’s ESPN Network as the next WFLA’s All Star Player to come to the states and play for the San Diego Tridents.

“The WFLA is poised to fight for its position to be the first Women’s Professional Football League promoting Women’s Equality with comparable salaries from the league”, says CEO Lupe Rose. She continues to explain: “As we explore our fight for women athletes, we will approach every scenario with the same mindset from the networks to the fields, if we are not provided with equal opportunities which include professional dollars from the major sponsors and networks, we will expose their lack of participation in women’s equality and equal opportunities.”

“As women who control 7 trillion dollars of the Economy’s buying power, the world will experience a terrible day if we come together and shut the economy down for 7 days to make a statement,” Rose continued.

With “All Star” owners, come “All Star Athletes” who will enforce the standard of Women’s Equality. #CatchMeOnTheField is the recent Social Media Hashtag the League and Athletes have adopted to continue the story of The WFLA.

The Women’s Football League Association (WFLA) is the first Women's Professional Football sports organization to execute and develop professional women’s football with equal pay for equal play. The WFLA scores while introducing its first Women’s Football League Association with both Western and Eastern Conferences. The WFLA is designed to create the largest and most competitive Women’s Professional Full-Tackle Football League in the world. The league introduces the first-ever Professional Football League for Women, fighting for Womens Equality, and gains recognition in its fight with introducing the only Women's Pro Football League.

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Source: EIN Presswire