The Levine Law Firm Releases Top 6 Tips For Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the right legal counsel after an accident is critical and can make the difference between a good experience and a disaster

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2020 / — The Levine Law Firm, one of Austin’s most trusted personal injury law firms, today shared a list of their top six tips for choosing the right legal counsel after being injured in an accident or having to deal with the wrongful death of a loved one. The right lawyer should be a combination of experience and capability, but while there are many obvious aspects to look for, there are an equal number of red flags to avoid.

The latest list from Jeremy Levine, the lead attorney at The Levine Law Firm, continues the firm’s educational content to help individuals make the right choice specific to their unique needs. The below lists out the top six aspects to research and the best questions to ask before you sign a contract for legal services.

#1: Experience

The most important aspect about choosing the best attorney for your personal injury or wrongful death case is their experience level and track record of success. First, this means determining which lawyer will actually work on your case. It is very common, especially among large firms, to have a lead attorney meet with you, then hand a case over to a junior lawyer once a contract is signed. This is the most important decision factor on the list.

HOT TIP – get in writing which attorney will work on your case. If they won’t provide details on who will represent you, choose a different lawyer.

#2: Communication

Lawyers are very busy by nature and constantly in court or depositions, so it can often be difficult to get an attorney on the phone for updates. Moreover, large firms (often with late-night TV commercials) will work to fill their caseload at extreme levels to offset advertising costs and expensive downtown office space – this leads to further trouble in communicating updates to clients. The best approach is to confirm communication style and regularity with your attorney beforehand – if they don’t have communication as a top priority, you will most likely become frustrated quickly.

HOT TIP – ask if your lawyer will give you their personal mobile number.

#3: Staff

While it may seem like a small thing, it’s actually very important to interview the support staff as well as the attorney that will be covering your case. You’ll be working directly with the staff a lot over the months that you case takes to get a conclusion, so it’s important to work with a staff that respects you and acts with compassion.

HOT TIP – when you first call a firm, be sure to see how the team interacts with you. Do they ask you questions nicely, or do they treat you like a number and keep you on hold for a long time?

#4: Familiar with Austin

As with any industry, it’s a lot about who you know not what you know. Obviously, an attorney should be very experienced, but it’s important to also choose an attorney that has been in Austin for a long time and has great relationships with everyone through the court system. A good relationship cannot win a case for you, but it can make the process easier and more fluid.
HOT TIP – ask an attorney who they know that might have influence on your case.

#5: Case Importance

In the personal injury field, the larger the case the more money will be at stake from an insurance company. This means that some cases will typically take priority and can leave you feeling left out. Choose an attorney that views your case as important as you do. At the end of the day, it should always be about helping the client, not the money involved.

HOT TIP – ask how many cases the team is currently working on and how much time will be allocated to your case.

#6: Personality

A lot of what happens in personal injury law comes down to personality and likeability, it’s basic human nature. Be sure to ask yourself if a judge or jury would like the person representing you. Often a personal injury lawyers can have a powerful personality and come across as egotistical or be perceived negatively – this can end up being a disadvantage to your case overall.

HOT TIP – bring a friend with you to the first in-person or Zoom meeting and ask them for their opinion.

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At The Levine Law Firm, our attorney has more than 20 years of experience working with injured individuals in Austin and the surrounding communities of central Texas. Jeremy Levine has been an active member of the Texas State Bar since 1994. Before founding The Levine Law Firm in 2007, he was a partner in the Austin offices of Cantey Hanger LLP and Walker, Bright & Lewis, P.C.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Austin, Texas

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