Chirag Pancholi and Gwen Jimmere Discuss Gender Wage Gap and Feeling Your Best with Candice Georgiadis

Chirag Pancholi , co-founder of JennyLife

Chirag Pancholi , co-founder of JennyLife

Gwen Jimmere, founder and CEO of Naturalicious

Gwen Jimmere, founder and CEO of Naturalicious

Candice Georgiadis

Candice Georgiadis

Chirag Pancholi, co-founder of JennyLife. Gwen Jimmere, founder and CEO of Naturalicious

A saying that always sticks with me, “treat everyone as if they were your janitor or surgeon,” it’s a great example of how we are all tied together, no matter their title.”

— Chirag Pancholi , co-founder of JennyLife

GREENWICH, CT, USA, June 30, 2020 / — Candice Georgiadis, owner of the blog by her namesake, interviews individuals on the cutting edge of hotel, travel, lifestyle and other similar topics. She expands the marketing footprint of individuals and companies with a combination of branding and imaging across social media and conventional websites.

Candice Georgiadis breaks the mold when it comes to social media and traditional website branding and imaging. She is helping bring the latest beauty technology information to the masses, Gwen Jimmere, founder and CEO of Naturalicious, as well as furthering solutions for the gender wage gap, Chirag Pancholi , co-founder of JennyLife. She can help your business build market trust with a solid brand/image across social media, conventional websites and more. Reach out to her at the below contact options to get your product/company on the right track to success.

Chirag Pancholi , co-founder of JennyLife
women still earn about 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. Can you explain three of the main factors that are causing the wage gap?

This is the heartbreaking truth about pay inequality and it’s unacceptable. We salute companies like Salesforce and Glassdoor for their work not only raising awareness around this crucial area but also taking steps to fix the problem. At Jenny Life, we believe there are three main factors that perpetuate the wage gap:

Lack of Salary Transparency — While not a cure-all for pay inequity, it is an important first step. When wages are transparent, it’s harder to hide the discrepancies.

Equitable Offers — Making equitable offers to certain groups of employees, such as women and older workers, are less likely to negotiate — accommodate for that by offering salaries that more closely reflect what the positions are worth, eliminating a reliance on negotiation to achieve a fair salary.

Paid Parental Leave: Paid family leave promotes gender equality, as it takes into account the importance of both parents’ time with children during those paramount early months after birth.

Can you share with our readers what your work is doing to help close the gender wage gap?

At Jenny Life, we are committed to ending the gender wage gap. To that end, our pay scale and offer letters for compensation are gender agnostic. We have instituted a continuation salary review model that eliminates the gender biases in compensation reviews.

Can you recommend 5 things that need to be done on a broader societal level to close the gender wage gap. Please share a story or example for each.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I believe it is more important than ever to implement changes on companies board of directors, to get new and encouraging voices to the table. Additionally, it’s pivotal for business owners, and leaders to start creating transparency within their companies messaging and allow for voices to be heard — even when disagreements arise. As more companies become driving forces for change, women and overlooked communities will have a better chance of success, and closing the gender wage gap. Lastly, I think it’s important to educate women on different leadership opportunities at companies, no one knows what they’re capable of if they never heard it was reachable. Read the rest of the interview here.

Gwen Jimmere, founder and CEO of Naturalicious
Can you share 3 things that most excite you about the “beauty-tech” industry?

Augmented reality excites me. The possibility of customers being able to see how they’ll look before they buy makes for better business for everyone. That means less confusion, less returns, more customer satisfaction, increased happiness all around.

Smart mirrors and customized products for face and hair are exciting as well. We are rapidly moving toward a hyper-personalized society and everyone wants something made just for them

Speaking of personalized products, we are seeing makeup companies begin to develop at-home tools that custom blend makeup colors and foundations for consumers, on demand. And exciting innovation will be the same thing created for hair care.

Can you share 3 things that most concern you about the industry? If you had the ability to implement 3 ways to reform or improve the industry, what would you suggest?

One is “fake inclusivity”. Many brands are including “natural hair” but it’s still the “socially acceptable” version of natural hair. The loose curly textures that are closer to the universally accepted standard of beauty is what we usually see when they’re talking about being inclusive. Rarely do we see images of coarse, kinky, highly textured hair in all its gorgeous glory. If you’re going to be inclusive, be completely inclusive. Don’t just check a box to say you did it.

The other thing that grinds my gears is the plethora of half truths, incomplete information and just straight up falsified details when it comes to beauty overall. There are so many people giving “expert” information and they’re not experts at all. They make very definitive statements, which consumers believe. This then leads people to be utterly confused my so much conflicting info all over the web.

The last thing that concerns me is that so many companies are selling snake oil to customers with promises of “miracles in a bottle.” This makes the customer jaded and frightened to try other products. Who wants to keep spending money and time on something when so many others like it have fooled them over and over again? By the time they get to a legitimate company, like Naturalicious, we have to undo so much of the damage the customer has suffered that it makes serving them even harder because they’re scared to even try something new to them. The full interview is available here.

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