Afro-Americans Sue The United States in The Inter-American Commission

Afro-Americans are dying at a rate of 3-7 times the rate as the average White American

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2020 / — Atlanta September 14, 2020. African Americans, who are recognized as an Afro-descendant Tribe by the Inter-American System, requested an emergency order of "Precautionary Measures" to manage the coronavirus of their Tribal members. The request was filed in the Inter-American Commission by Chief Justice Mustafa Ansari, an international lawyer and member of the International Bar, who is representing the Afro-descendant Nation Confederated US, a tribe of over 160,000 registered citizens and 44 Million unregistered citizens. Justice Ansari alleges that Afro-descendants are particularly vulnerable because of physiological and epigenetics markers resulting in high blood pressure, diabetes, and colon cancer. Chief Justice Ansari says this combination has proved to be extremely fatal when combined with poverty, race, crowded housing, homelessness, access to hospital care, and the return of prison releases. “We are dying at 3-7 times the rate of the general population and the United States and its States, has exhibited such a callous disregard for Afro-descendant lives that we must take matters into our own hands." “We have Doctors, Nurses, Registered Nurses, Nurses Aids, Immunologists, Epidemiologists, and Indigenous Practitioners who stand ready, willing, and able to help our people to survive.”

The emergency order seeks Tribal management of over 1200 majority Afro-descendant cities and areas. "We cannot survive the Federal and State orders to return our children to school in the middle of impending evictions and fragile medical care." These converging and imminent factors make the Afro-descendant's situation an urgent humanitarian international issue. Chief Justice Mustafa Ansari states, “We have a plan for our Tribe to survive and the government does not”

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Source: EIN Presswire