California State Assembly Bill AB5 is Crushing Many Hanford Workers

HANFORD, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the Hanford, California City Council race enters its last month, Kalish Morrow, candidate for City Council District B, explained her position, "The California legislature’s 2019 ratification of AB5 was a direct assault on Californian’s fundamental freedom to work. The jobs of thousands of 'gig' workers across a range of industries are in jeopardy. Proposition 22 allows some of the affected people to keep working, providing services that other Hanford residents desperately need."

AB5 eliminated the choice of working as "independent contractors" for many workers in a variety of industries, from publishing to entertainment to delivery services. But most of its economic damage affects drivers for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Proposition 22 does not overturn AB5, but would establish a new set of regulations for drivers in two specific industries – ride share and food delivery – that would impose several requirements similar to ones traditionally associated with being an "employee", while allowing them to still be considered "independent contractors" for other purposes.

The possible shutdown of Uber and Lyft in Hanford is a threat not only to drivers, but also to riders who have come to depend on these services, including the elderly and people with disabilities. "Because they had freedom to develop a new business model, Uber and Lyft were able to dramatically expand transportation options for people in all walks of life. Unfortunately, reactionary legislation like AB5 threatens to stifle future innovation in this and other industries.", states Morrow.

Morrow continues, “I support Proposition 22 because if it doesn't pass, dozens of workers in Hanford and thousands of Californians will be out of work and thousands of others will be stuck having to use more expensive or less convenient transportation services. But Proposition 22 isn't a permanent solution and it isn't a solution at all for the other industries that were disrupted by AB5.”

More about Kalish Morrow’s campaign for Hanford, California City Council District B can be found at www.morrow4hanford.us or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kalishmorrowhanford/.

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Source: EIN Presswire