Ethiopian Oromo Activists Support Letter from U.S. Senate to Secretary Pompeo calling for U.S Action in Ethiopia

U.S. Senate: Senate Chamber

U.S. Senators join members of the House of Representatives' call to end ethnic and religious violence in Ethiopia.

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — The Oromo Legacy Leadership and Advocacy Association (OLLAA) welcomes the news of a joint letter from members of the U.S. Senate to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding Ethiopia's growing political and human rights crisis. The Senate letter is signed by Senators including Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (MD.), Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA), and Senator Christopher Coons (DL). The U.S. Senate letter follows the powerful August 21st, 2020, letter by members of the U.S. House of Representatives to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the same issues of concern; the growing political and human rights crisis in Ethiopia. As with the House letter, the Senators in their joint letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo express their deep concerns about violence, repression, and the Ethiopian government’s departure from democratic norms. The Senate letter echoes the House letter, which asks Secretary Pompeo to push the Ethiopian government to:

• Return to valued democratic norms,
• Respect human rights,
• Ensure a fair and fully transparent judicial process for all those arrested during the recent unrest, and
• Ensure transparent and independent investigations into the reported extrajudicial killings of peaceful Ethiopian protesters and activists.

The letter from the U.S. House of Representatives, and now the U.S. Senate, shines a powerful light on the issues facing Ethiopia and will, without a doubt, have far-reaching implications for the protection of human rights, safeguarding the rule of law, and putting the country back on a path to democracy. OLLAA urges Secretary Pompeo to follow the House and Senate actions by condemning the widespread human rights violations in Ethiopia. These include the mistreatment of political prisoners, such as Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba, who have been denied necessary medical attention, the killings of dozens of peaceful protesters that took place after Haacaaluu Hundessa’s killing, and the use of schools and stadiums as unofficial, undeclared prisons.

OLLAA believes that the United States has a vital national interest in ending repression, inter-communal violence, and democratic backsliding in Ethiopia. Only decisive action by the United States and the exertion of American leadership can achieve these critical objectives.

Karl Von Batten
Von Batten-Montague-York

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Sounds of Justice: Superstar Seth Anthony's "Free Taylor" Debuts 7 November 2020

Seth Anthony makes movement music for those dealing with real-life issues

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — Thousands of people have been wrongly convicted across the country in a system defined by official indifference to innocence and error.

Taylor Conley was one of those who were wrongfully convicted, and he was incarcerated in 2006 at the age of twenty and is serving a life sentence.

Inspired by Conley's story, Seth Anthony, a rising musician who makes movement music for those dealing with real-life issues, devised the "Free Taylor" concept after Taylor and his wife Cecilia started a social enterprise called "Designed Conviction." The company is dedicated to giving a voice to those who have been incarcerated or formerly incarcerated.

The United States has the largest prison population and the fastest rate of incarceration in the world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, nearly 6.9 million people were in the criminal justice system (including jail, prison, probation, and parole) by the end of 2014, and 2.2 million people were in prison or local jails. Incarceration rates disproportionately impact people of color, especially in terms of drug-related offenses, despite the fact that drug use and sales are comparable across race and ethnicity.

"No matter the struggles or hardships a person may go through, you can always persevere if you don't give up." – Seth Anthony.

A fresh mix of rap and rock, the sonically sensational "Free Taylor" EP will be released on November 7, 2020, the date Anthony was finally released from prison.

Working with James Wood, owner and head engineer of Executive Studios, "Free Taylor" features Bubba Sparsxxx and Burden. To learn more about this special EP, go to

Born in Florida, Anthony made poor decisions at a young age and got involved in selling drugs, spending a total of eight years in prison. Since then, his music, unique style, and voice have set him apart. Now with over 22,456 monthly listeners, his most popular tracks include such hits as "Ballad of an Outlaw," Roughnecks Fall in Love," and "Rebel Road." Seth Anthony is on the way to becoming a nationally recognized artist.

Watch and listen to Seth Anthony on Youtube

Seth Anthony was born on February 14, 1986, in Fort Pierce, Florida. An Independent American Country singer and songwriter, Anthony started making music at the age of 17. Inspired by his mother, an aspiring singer/songwriter from Tennessee, his diverse set of musical influences have played a significant role in creating his unique, cross-genre brand of "roughneck country." With challenges that music helped to overcome, Anthony's trials and tribulations led to coping techniques through lyrics that told a story. Anthony writes poetic narratives that help him connect with listeners while working through past traumatic experiences. He excels in the novelization, crafting short stories through personal experience and his imagination. In 2017, Anthony relocated to Tampa Bay and began recording at Executive Studios in Clearwater, Florida. He immediately gained the attention of his peers and fellow musician for his unique style and sound.

Designed Conviction offers professional Creative Design, Web Design, and other creative services to give a voice to and promote the rehabilitation of incarcerated/formerly incarcerated individuals. Doing business for a cause Designed Conviction is a social enterprise with a mission to break the stigma around incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals and promote positive rehabilitation through art, media, and marketing design. Portfolio work by the Designed Conviction community of designers and creators can be found on many channels, including social media, podcasts, YouTube, and online/print magazines. Our goal is to give incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals a voice, remove stigmas and empower the members of society while also helping small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. Visit

Adam Nelson
+1 917-930-5802
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Kimlin Johnson, Acclaimed Civil Rights Activist, Speaks On A Step Towards a Solution to Systemic Racism

Acclaimed Author & Civil Rights Activist Kimlin Johnson

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 / — As a Black woman, Kimlin Johnson has endured systemic racism in every aspect of her life as detailed in her book Authenticity, Accountability &. Ambitions (AAA). She believes as minorities we attempt to both ignore and pretend away the blatant systemic racism because we have bills to pay, our kid’s academics are so good or we are trying to reach our goals. Therefore, we come up with all these sayings like, 'the devil you know is better than the one you don’t, don’t leave the fire and go to the pit and many more'. All of these are just coping mechanisms because of all the responsibilities and lifestyles we have."

Johnson believes that "We as Black People have work to do in our communities. It is not just a Black or White problem, the problem is economic (#gree- What does this hashtag mean?)." Kimlin’s step towards a solution to systemic racism is financial education, wealth building & proper protection. Please join Kimlin as she hosts her first economic event on Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 12 PM PST on zoom (Zoom Meeting ID: 951-212-4075 Password: 457767). Tracie Weathers, Kimlin’s mentor and business coach, will be sharing part two of How Money Works? Tracie states, “ The new civil rights movement is all about economics." Kimlin believes, systemic racism is a major symptom of the lack of intergenerational wealth opportunities for Black people. This November 7th event is just the beginning to financially educate and elevate the mindset of all attendees.

Kimlin worked as an Engineer for over 20 years at the Los Angeles County Sanitation District and she states, “Engineers are trained to solve problems.” Throughout Kimlin’s book, AAA, she documents various experiences related to the racism she has endured. Kimlin states, “Even though I endured racism I have never gotten stuck in it. I will achieve some major goals and I am called to help the Black Community, which will ultimately help the world.” August of 2020, Kimlin celebrated the two-year anniversary of her book, "Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions" (AAA).

AAA is expertly broken up into four key sections that teach readers about the “untaught history of America,” Johnson’s personal challenges and triumphs as a strong Black woman, mother, and wife, as well as a myriad of ways that Black Americans can empower each other and themselves. AAA uncovers a raw Kimlin as she unapologetically stands for being brave to address her challenges and concerns faced in her life. Any Human Being, regardless of age or race, will find significant value in the book’s integral message of civil unity, the target audience is geared toward college students, who are our nation’s future lawmakers and leaders. To book Kimlin for your next Zoom Event or Podcast please contact Michael Levine Media.

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
+1 951-870-0099

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TODAY: Protest in front of French Consulate, San Francisco, at 2 pm

We protest in front of the French Consulate in San Francisco to uphold the teachings of our Prophet and to support the minorities in their fight for Justice.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 30, 2020 / — The past week the world has witnessed heavy handed approach of the French government after the killing of a teacher. Just prior to the killing the French President was drumming up hatred against Islam and once again this teacher chose to publish the infamous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. Since then France has taken the opportunity to arrest a large number of Muslims, closing down of many mosques and dragging and entire Muslim minority in a so-called crackdown on Islamism. No organizations or no one has connection to this crime, yet all pay the price.

As Muslims we unquestionably condemn the killing of the teacher even though he openly and aggressively violated the sanctity of the person of Prophet Muhammad, in the name of free speech. No one who claims to be a Muslim should take it upon himself to carry out vigilante justice. This is inconsistent with the teachings of Islam. The perpetrator of this crime should be brought to justice and given the same due process as any French citizen.

If a few individuals with Muslim-sounding names tragically go mental or simply cannot process all this hatred thrown at them and decide to harm or kill some people, they need to be dealt with in accordance with the law and with due process. But what in more alarming is that after this incident the French government unleashed war against Islam. The French President called Islam a religion in "crisis" all over the world and explicitly condoned the caricatures designed to denigrate Prophet Muhammad.

France has close to six million Muslims (close to 10% of its population) – the largest in any Western country. Many of them were brought into France during the colonial era, thus there are fifth and sixth generation French Muslims today – who are fully integrated into the French society. But have been forced to live in ghettoes as the French have always segregated against the Muslims. With this new trend of far-right White Supremacy going upward, the world is witnessing hatred, racism, Islamophobic bigotry and heavy-handed aggression against a helpless minority in France. Conspiracy theories that Muslims will take over France have become mainstream. The bulk of the French population is now being fed the lie by both the power of the government and the power of the media.

The same France who claims champions of free speech have tortured and killed millions in North and Central Africa when they carried out their right of free speech and the freedom to choose their path forward. Countries like Algeria, Chad, Niger, Morocco, and Tunisia are some examples of their hostility and clamping down of free speech for many decades. The French and other colonial powers exploited Africa and other nations to build their own countries with the blood and sweat of innocent men, women and children taking away every human dignity from them. Now they want to preach to the world about freedom of speech. Such double standards in the name of justice is nothing short of hypocrisy. Over the past twenty years, France has implemented numerous laws designed to limit and punish the free exercise of religion, especially among Muslims.

What is in crisis is the political system with nefarious double standards used by countries such as France to rally cheap votes. The crisis is that the far-right is able to come to power, pass draconian laws to harass and intimidate minorities. People who aren't qualified to be elected win landslide victories because of their messages of hate and the positioning of themselves as Messiah-figures against the made-up threat of 'the other'. The crisis is that there are over one billion people are in extreme poverty and rich nations choose to turn a blind eye. The crisis is that war is constantly waged against helpless people after exploiting them of their natural resources and then turn and blame them for their "backwardness". The crisis is not Islam but the making it a scape-goat by Mr. Macron and attempting to distract French citizens from his government’s dismantling of public services, rising unemployment, poor economy, ineffective response to the COVID-19 pandemic and failed policies. The crisis is the abyss of man and how low he can go when he has lost his soul.

And so we protest today in front of the French Consulate in San Francisco.

Syed Husaini
ICNA Council for Social Justice
+1 972-696-9052
email us here

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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci

ZZozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe

Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe

Coca-Cola logo

The Coca-Cola Company

Cielo Gala Launched the 30th Anniversary and Raised Critical Funds for the Latino Commission on AIDS

We are thankful to all who uplift and help us to continue our work to meet the health care needs of our Latino communities.

— Guillermo Chacon, President & CEO of the Latino Commission on AIDS

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 30, 2020 / — Last night, the Latino Commission on AIDS successfully kicked-off the commemoration of its 30th anniversary at its annual Cielo Gala, distributed virtually for the first time ever and available for viewing at

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health received the Esperanza (Hope) Award for his professional dedication to HIV/AIDS research and to the discovery of a vaccine or functional cure for the disease. The Coca-Cola Company was honored with the Business Leadership Award for its support of public-private partnerships in Africa to help prevent and respond to the pandemic throughout the continent. There was also a special tribute to Dennis deLeon, human rights lawyer, AIDS activist and former president of the Latino Commission on AIDS who passed away due to HIV complications in late 2010.

Other highlights of the show were the presentation of the Commission’s newest Madrina, Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019, a sneak-peak of a new capsule collection inspired by the Commission’s 30th anniversary by Venezuelan fashion designer Nabys Vielman. A spoken word performance that reflected on the service and impact of the Latino Commission over the last three decades directed by Maria Torres O’Connor, and special musical selections by three-time Grammy-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra led by Oscar Hernandez. Maria Hinojosa, Emmy award-winning journalist, founder of the Futuro Media Group, and author of the new bestseller Once I Was You, served as Master of Ceremonies

"To have the support of our sponsors and individual donors now, as we live through the crisis of the current pandemic and kick-off our 30th anniversary, is especially meaningful and important to our organization,” said Guillermo Chacon, president and CEO of the Latino Commission on AIDS. “We are thankful to all who uplift and help us to continue our work to meet the health care needs of our Latino communities.”

The Cielo Gala is an important platform to recognize the work of those who support the Commission’s goals of ending HIV and AIDS and improving overall health outcomes and wellness for the Hispanic/Latinx community. The Commission now faces a new battle against the impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable, including those living with HIV and AIDS who may have compromised immune systems.

Visit to donate and receive more information.


About the Latino Commission on AIDS
The Latino Commission on AIDS (Commission) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1990 dedicated to meet the health challenges and address the impact of HIV and AIDS, viral Hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the Hispanic/Latinx community. The Commission is the leading organization coordinating National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day (May 15), National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (October 15), Latinos in the South, and other prevention, research, capacity building, and advocacy programs across the United States and its territories. The Commission is also the founder of the Hispanic Health Network, dedicated to addressing health disparities.

Yartish Bullock
Arcos Communications
+1 212-807-1337
Visit us on social media:

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Kimberly Berg Finds Purpose in Art and Poetry



Meditation by Master Artist, Kimberly Berg

In the strictest sense of things, Kimberly didn't find art. Art found him.

Because of my historical background, it was a shock to realize that our present patriarchal culture could not be presumed to be the natural order of human society.”

— Kimberly Berg

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 30, 2020 / — Often life tends to take us on a path different from what we originally intended. This predicament was undoubtedly the case for artist Kimberly Berg. He originally had other plans when he moved from Wisconsin's rolling pastoral hills to the city that never sleeps.
In the strictest sense of things, Kimberly didn't find art. Art found him.

When he moved to New York City after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Kimberly intended to become a writer. But moving toward getting a publisher didn't seem to be Kimberly's greater calling. He would become disenchanted by the publishing world and moved to the Adirondacks to build a cabin and live in simplicity.

Inspired by Thoreau and Zen philosophies, Kimberly Berg would resort to a self-sustainable way of living. He learned how to survive without electricity, use wood-fueled fires for heat, and grow his food. The shift of lifestyle would also expose Kimberly more and more to the craft of visual arts. He took the time to sketch, something he did in his childhood but never devoted himself to. Kimberly would hone his craft and master it, soon creating a unique style.
Today, Kimberly Berg wholeheartedly immerses himself in the world of art. To the premier artist, visual arts are more than just a means of creative expression. It's also a tool to communicate messages that matter. For artist Kimberly, his art is his voice raised against the abusive patriarchal culture that plagues the world. He uses his work to speak actively against abuse and discrimination toward women. Nowadays, women struggle to rise above society due to the prevailing mindsets that belittle women's work and effort. Generally, women receive lower salaries, lesser opportunities, and lesser chances of taking on influential community roles.

The inspiration for Kimberly's advocacy began ten years ago when he read Layne Redmond's When Drummers Were Women. "That book made me realize for the first time that a matrifocal culture has dominated the world since prehistoric times," shares Kimberly. "Because of my historical background, it was a shock to realize that our present patriarchal culture could not be presumed to be the natural order of human society. With this understanding, I had to acknowledge as a man enjoying the benefits of a privileged gender that it is indefensible to think of or treat women as inferior in any way."
Activist and artist Kimberly hopes that his work would inspire society to shift their ways and give women more chances to excel and thrive, whether at work or in life. He continually advocates for women's rights and equality all across the board.

Kimberly Berg has still put his writing background to fair use, often merging his visual art with poetry and creative writing. He seamlessly joins the impactful messaging of visual creations and the written word. Audiences readily interact with his work in an interdimensional way.
The gift to weave together the visual and written portions of his work makes Kimberly a unique artist. No other artist seamlessly blends both practices into one with perfection. Consequently, Kimberly Berg has received the highest praise and critical acclaim all across the art world. Today Kimberly Berg runs Isis Rising, a curation of his best works.

To learn more about Kimberly Berg, check out Isis Rising's official website:

Viviana Puello-Grimandi
ArtTour International Magazine
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Hillary Rodham Clinton calls for “Decade of Determination” at 8th Annual Freedom from Slavery Forum

Anti-trafficking experts commemorate 20th anniversary of landmark legislation and chart path forward for anti-slavery movement

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 / — Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton urged hundreds of anti-trafficking activists around the globe to redouble their efforts to eradicate modern slavery. Calling for a “Decade of Determination,” she recalled the formative days of the modern anti-slavery movement but said much work remains undone.

“We’ve come a long way since International Women’s Day in in 1998, when we challenged the world to adopt the 3P Paradigm of prevention, protection and prosecution” to combat trafficking, Clinton said. “The Decade of Development that followed saw the sharpening of our understanding of this issue, the adoption of domestic legislation, and the growth of best practices. As Secretary of State, I was proud to call for a shift into a Decade of Delivery, and what a productive decade it has been.”

“Today, I’m calling for a Decade of Determination. It is time to take stock of our efforts to determine what is working and what is not. And most importantly, we must stay determined,” Clinton said. “Let’s keep going.”

President Bill Clinton signed the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act on October 28, 2000. As First Lady, Clinton was deeply involved in shaping the legislation. The law created a blueprint for the federal government’s anti-slavery strategy. A U.N. treaty outlawing human trafficking, the Palermo Protocol, was signed shortly after the U.S. law was enacted. The U.N. estimates more than 40 million people are in modern forms of slavery today.

Clinton’s remarks commemorating the 20th anniversary of the U.S. and U.N. anti-trafficking initiatives were a highlight of the four-day Freedom from Slavery Forum. The session was organized in partnership with Yale University’s Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition.

The forum creates a collegial space for anti-slavery leaders to create partnerships, discuss promising practices, and develop a shared action agenda. The 2020 forum stressed innovation in anti-trafficking programs as organizations adapt to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Focus Areas:

Research to Fight Modern Slavery: How can drivers of modern slavery and the impact of interventions be measured in ways that shape policy, generate funding and inform the design of interventions?

Strengthening Advocacy, Grassroots to Global: How have the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act and U.N. Palermo Protocol shaped the movement? How can coordinated global action more effectively serve enslaved individuals and vulnerable populations?

Empowering & Learning from Survivors: How can stronger survivor engagement and leadership be achieved in advocacy, research, policymaking, awareness-raising and project implementation?

Fundraising & Resource Mobilization: What is the movement’s financial future in the face of challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, what must funders do to keep the movement resourced?

“We are honored that so many human rights leaders came together to work collectively on mapping paths forward for our movment,” said Free the Slaves Executive Director Bukeni Waruzi, whose organization serves as the forum’s secretariat.

2020 Forum Speakers:

• Kevin Bales | University of Nottingham Rights Lab
• Sarah Bessell: Human Trafficking Legal Center
• David Blight | Yale University
• Joha Braimah | Free the Slaves
• Luis C.deBaca | Yale University
• Dominique Chauvet-Staco | Pathy Family Foundation
• Michaëlle De Cock | International Labor Organization
• Geannina Dinarte Romero | Costa Rica Minister of Labor & Social Security
• Davina Durgana | Minderoo Foundation/Walk Free
• Alice Eckstein | U.N. University Center for Policy Research, Delta 8.7
• Tina Frundt | Courtney’s House
• Nick Grono | Freedom Fund
• Anousheh Karvar | Government of France, Alliance 8.7
• Shawn MacDonald | Verité
• Ima Matul | National Survivor Network
• Deepika Mittal | Global March Against Child Labor
• David Okech | Univ. of Georgia African Programming & Research Initiative to End Slavery
• Charlotte Oldham-Moore | U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee
• Sophie Otiende | Liberty Shared
• Deborah Pembrook | Monterey County California Rape Crisis Center
• Cheryl Perera | OneChild Canada
• John Cotton Richmond | U.S. State Dept. Office to Monitor/Combat Trafficking in Persons
• Vijay Simhan | Humanity United
• Zoe Trodd | University of Nottingham Rights Lab
• Bukeni Waruzi | Free the Slaves
• Kevin Willcutts | U.S. Labor Department International Labor Affairs Bureau

The forum is made possible by Elkes Foundation funding.

Terry FitzPatrick
Free the Slaves
+1 571-282-9913

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Iconic Reggae Pioneers, Musical Youth, Release New Album When Reggae Was King

When Reggae Was King

Thump Records Logo

Proclaiming “This Generation Rules the Nation”, five school kids from Birmingham made Pop Music history with their legendary Reggae hit, “Pass the Dutchie”.

This Generation Rules the Nation”

— Dennis Seaton

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 / — Starting with their simple proclamation in 1982, “This Generation Rules the Nation”, five school kids from Birmingham launched themselves into Pop Music history with their legendary Reggae hit, “Pass the Dutchie”. Then just boys, Dennis, Michael, Kelvin, Patrick and Junior launched themselves on an unsuspecting public as their song, and message, surged to number 1 in the UK within two weeks of release and went on to sell over 5 million copies around the world.

Their new album, entitled When Reggae Was King, from Thump Records, is a collection of pop-reggae songs, inspired by their generation and celebrates reggae music and its positive influence throughout the world. The new collection includes a new version of their biggest hit, “Pass The Dutchie 21”, as well as a stirring rendition of “I Shot The Sheriff”.

Listen to “Pass The Dutchie 21” now:

Going on to become the first reggae song in the United States to hit Top 10 on the Billboard Charts, Musical Youth staked their claim in Pop History. Following on their initial success, Musical Youth brought reggae out of the ghettos and into pop mainstream with singles like ‘The Youth of Today’, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘007’, ‘Tell Me Why’, and ‘Sixteen’, as well as two albums The Youth of Today and Different Style.

The group became a symbol of achievement, hope and pride for people of all ages, creeds, nationalities and color around the world. Their combined talent and hard work reaped it’s reward and won them respect, culminating in their Grammy Award as Best Newcomers in 1984..

They toured throughout the world, exchanging numbers with Michael Jackson and Motown legend Stevie Wonder, who wrote a song especially for them. The band went on to record “Unconditional Love” with disco diva Donna Summer and also collaborated with Irene Cara (Flashdance) and Jody Watley (Shalamar) on “Sixteen”, as well as a duet with Latoya Jackson. Headlining the famous Montreux Jazz Festival and the world renowned Reggae Sunsplash, the band’s radio success translated into touring, merchandising and more.

Musical Youth is now fronted by lead singer, Dennis Seaton, and backed by a 6 piece live band. They recently partnered with the US Navy in their We Stand Together program supporting troops during the pandemic.

Dennis is looking forward to sharing the new material with Musical Youth fans around the globe, and plans to celebrate the immortal words of “Pass The Dutchie” in person when touring resumes sometime soon.

For More on Musical Youth:

Visit Thump Records:

Tim Heslin
Fresh Tracks Marketing
+1 310-890-1392
email us here
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“Pass The Dutchie 21”

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PBC Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link Updates Residents with Vote-by-Mail Information

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Logo

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Logo

Palm Beach County Early Voting Sites & Vote-By-Mail Ballot Drop Off Locations

Palm Beach County Early Voting Sites & Vote-By-Mail Ballot Drop Off Locations

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2020 / — The 2020 General Election has yielded a record number of returned Vote-by-Mail ballots. Over 322,000 Vote-by-Mail ballots have been returned by Palm Beach County residents alone. Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, Wendy Sartory Link, is thoughtfully leading the community through this year’s voting period by continually providing residents with real-time updates and resources for more information.

How to Return Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot
Wendy Sartory Link and her office is doing everything they can to ensure resident’s Vote-by-Mail ballots are received and counted. Link is encouraging residents to mail in ballots at least 7-10 days before Election Day. She notes that ballots include prepaid postage but must arrive at the office by 7:00pm on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd.

Residents can drop off Vote-by-Mail ballots at any of the county’s 29 secure Vote-by-Mail ballot drop off locations through November 1st.

On Election Day, residents may drop off Vote-by-Mail ballots at any of the four secure drop boxes at three of their branch offices until 5:00pm or at the main office until 7:00pm.

Please visit to learn more about the several secure drop box locations in Palm Beach County.

How to Track Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot
Residents can track their Vote-by-Mail ballot from the time the ballot was requested to the time Link’s office receives the voted ballot. Voters can enter their voter information at to check the status of their Vote-by-Mail ballot.

Information from the Supervisor of Elections office states, “Once your ballot is received by our office, we process it to ensure there are no signature issues. If your ballot tracker indicates ‘Received’ in BLUE, you are all set and your vote will count on Election Day. If your tracker indicates ‘Received’ in RED, your ballot has issues. If this occurs, there will be an alert on the tracker indicating what steps need to be taken to address those issues. Our office will work to contact you.”

Palm Beach County’s Early Voting is from Monday, October 19th through Sunday, November 1st from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For more frequent updates, please connect with the PBC Supervisor of Elections office on Facebook.

For more information, please visit

Judy Lamey
Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections
+1 561-656-6200
email us here

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Meetan Kaur and Christine Simiriglia Discuss The Homelessness Crisis with Fotis Georgiadis

Meetan Kaur, Associate Director of United Nations affiliated UNITED SIKHS

Meetan Kaur, Associate Director of United Nations affiliated UNITED SIKHS

Christine Simiriglia, President and CEO of Pathways to Housing PA

Christine Simiriglia, President and CEO of Pathways to Housing PA

Meetan Kaur, Associate Director of United Nations affiliated UNITED SIKHS. Christine Simiriglia, President and CEO of Pathways to Housing PA.

Our work with homeless communities across the nation is focused at the moment on the most immediate needs of cooked meals, dry grocery supplies, hygiene products, water, clothes, and PPE.”

— Meetan Kaur, Associate Director of United Nations affiliated UNITED SIKHS

GREENWICH, CT, USA, October 30, 2020 / — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant specialist with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer. With a knack for pulling out a well-rounded interview, not only covering cutting edge technologies and corporate directions but also bringing out the personal side of the interviewee.

What a huge topic right now with the global pandemic affecting every single person, no matter their wealth, job or location. Fotis Georgiadis is helping get the word out on this crisis with the recent interviews with Meetan Kaur and Christine Simiriglia. Building their company brand and image, expanding on their global reach, is helping bring this crisis to light as well as their services to help the homeless. Reach out to Fotis Georgiadis and get your company brand and image going in the right direction. His contact information is available below.

Meetan Kaur, Associate Director of United Nations affiliated UNITED SIKHS
For the benefit of our readers, can you describe the typical progression of how one starts as a healthy young person with a place to live, a job, an education, a family support system, a social support system, a community support system, to an individual who is sleeping on the ground at night? How does that progression occur?

Even in the scenario you have described above there are varying implicit forces that create vulnerabilities towards homelessness. A young person who is LGBTQ or trans has increased risks, despite the stated factors being in place. An African American person with a heritage of slavery and segregation leading to lack of generational wealth faces added risks. A young woman has to face the potential of gender-based bias and violence pervasive in our culture, which adds to her risk. I share these to emphasize that not every young healthy person with a place to live, a job, an education, a family support system, a social support system, and a community support system is on equal standing.

For example, a young person with all of these things might be a first-generation immigrant with a hard-working family where both parents work low-paid jobs. The family lives on paycheck to paycheck. They have extended family in similar circumstances. They go to church and have a good community support system. A parent or a child falls sick and is diagnosed with a medical condition that requires extended care. Medical expenses over time push the family out of their rented home into a situation where the family is living out of their car. The young person takes a second job to pay for the medical bills. They park their vehicle every night at a local church. The church is gracious enough to let them use their facilities for a shower. The family is homeless and lives in this mode for months and years.

The complete interview is available here.

Christine Simiriglia, President and CEO of Pathways to Housing PA
A question that many people who are not familiar with the intricacies of this problem ask is, “Why don’t homeless people just move to a city that has cheaper housing?” How do you answer this question?

Places with less expensive housing also have lower wages and less job availability so the value is cancelled out. Also, it costs money to move and for someone wondering where their next meal is coming from, that is just not a viable option.

If someone passes a homeless person on the street, what is the best way to help them?

Make eye contact and acknowledge them. Maybe buy them a cup of coffee or lunch and strike up a conversation. Most great acts start with a little kindness. If there are specific needs, reach out to a local resource and try to connect them. Most communities have resource guides that list shelters, meal programs, and other services.

What is the best way to respond if a homeless person asks for money for rent or gas?

I’m not a proponent of giving people money on the streets, especially if they are panhandling. However, during the pandemic, I have given people money for food understanding that a lot of the food resources that were available in our city are now limited or closed. Whatever you are comfortable doing, understand that it is helping an immediate need (which is important) and is not going to end that person’s homelessness.

Can you describe to our readers how your work is making an impact battling this crisis?

Pathways to Housing PA has moved 550+ people out of homelessness and into market rate apartments throughout the city of Philadelphia. We provide holistic services including — case management, primary care, mental health care, treatment for substance use and help with activities of daily living. Our staff works with people to relearn how to interact in the community and to feel comfortable visiting places like church, recreation centers, restaurants and other activities that are part of everyday life.

Read the full interview here.

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