Ric Conn Amplifies Women Empowerment Through Expressionism

Tomorrow by Expressionist Ric Conn

I Am Not Alone

Expressionist Ric Conn painting Tomorrow

Award-winning expressionist artist Ric Conn bringing issues on women's oppression, inequality, and other social struggles into a global audience.

I believe in equality and I want my work to reflect that. The stories in my paintings are situations that can happen to anyone.”

— Ric Conn

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Award-winning expressionist artist Ric Conn is known in the international art scene for bringing issues on women's oppression, inequality, and other social struggles into a global audience. His innovative use of imagery challenges viewers and activists to think beyond what they can see on the canvas and what the painting means on a deeper level.

Ric Conn maximizes the power of art to break down language and cultural barriers, knowing that inequality issues are evident anywhere in the world. Today, he is among the leading voices in amplifying women's hurdles through his creative use of mixed media, including acrylics, inks, oil, gouaches, and charcoal. His portraits of the female persona show worthy narratives ranging from everyday issues to society's most well-buried battles.

Following legendary expressionist artists' footsteps, Ric Conn aims to portray "the invisible with the visible, the intangible with the tangible." His paintings explore the realms beyond reality and expose narratives through profound perception. The artist is heavily inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, Edvard Munch, Picasso, and Matisse, and aspires to leave as great of an impression as possible.

Ric Conn has been recognized for his thought-provoking paintings and received numerous awards such as Best in Show, Face of Queen Anne's County Medal, and Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. Consequently, the artist has been featured in publications and television platforms. This year 2020, he was recognized by ArtTour International Magazine and Toscana Cultura in Italy to magnify women empowerment.

On a mission to enlighten as many people as possible, Ric Conn has showcased his artworks in private and public collections, including the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. Seen as a contemporary master, he has continually encouraged viewers and activists to open constructive conversations and challenge the status quo to establish a new norm. As an artist, Ric has made it his mission to create a world where women are honored and respected, not only as crucial vessels for life but also as vital contributors to society's advancement.

On top of galleries and collections, Ric Conn has shown his work in exhibits in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Frederick, Stevensville, and Centreville, Maryland. His paintings have also reached audiences in Washington, DC, Manhattan, and Chelsea, New York City.

As a male artist, Ric Conn is representing the voices of women from his unique perspective. "I believe in equality and I want my work to reflect that," said the artist. "Since I am a man and the subjects of my paintings are women, I attempt to show equality because the stories can, and sometimes have, happened to me as well," he added. Ric makes it clear that inequality and mistreatment can happen to anyone. Through his paintings, the artist leads people to a new generation with mutual respect for all human beings from various walks of life.

Expressionism is a bold form of art that maximizes bold textures, colors, and imagery in conveying a message. By detaching the audience from the literal, expressionist artists have the freedom to go above and beyond reality. Ric Conn has always been fascinated at how metaphorical representations can urge a viewer to dig deeper than what meets the eye. Beyond the colors, shadows, light, and depth in his paintings, the artist highlight a message to shatter stereotypes and bring forth a "healthy society where women are empowered, loved, and respected."

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