Out for Undergrad Announces 2021 Senior Leadership

Dr. Shannon Moran, new Chair of Out for Undergrad (O4U) Board

Anne Schwartz from Peloton appointed O4U 2021 Tech Director

Maggie Moss appointed O4U 2021 Marketing Director

We envision a time when we can share the success stories of our conference graduates from the college classroom to the corporate boardroom.”

— Dr. Cindi Love

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Out for Undergrad (O4U), the nation's leading not-for-profit organization supporting high-achieving LGBTQ+ and otherwise diverse undergraduates in reaching their full potential, has named Shannon Moran, Ph.D. as O4U's new Chair of its Board of Directors. Moran is a data scientist focused on machine learning and privacy issues at Facebook and has been involved with O4U since 2013 as a sponsor and team volunteer, joining the O4U Board in 2019. Previously, Moran was a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in Chicago focused on leveraging analytics for clients in the Chemicals space, and a data scientist focused on trust and safety issues at Airbnb. Moran received the B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, completed her joint Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Scientific Computing from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor as a Point Foundation Scholar, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and Association for Computing Machinery Computational Science Fellow.

O4U has also appointed Anne Schwartz at Peloton as Director of the 2021 O4U Tech Conference and Maggie Moss, graduate student at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service as Director of the 2021 O4U Marketing Conference. They join Teri Tan, Director of the Business Conference and Angie Gonzalez, Director of the Engineering Conference.

Dr. Cindi Love, O4U Executive Director said, “We are so excited to have these three gifted individuals join our leadership. Dr. Moran succeeds our esteemed colleague, Michael "Rudy" Ruderman from Facebook. Rudy is a long-tenured volunteer leader who has tirelessly and brilliantly supported our extraordinary growth as an organization. We simply would not be who we are today without Rudy's passion and dedication. We thank him and commit to honoring his good work. Dr. Moran brings deep knowledge of the business operations of O4U, dedication to the achievement of our students and highly regarded expertise and understanding of the critical role of data science. Dr. Moran's leadership will improve our business efficiency, services, business decisions, and marketing effectiveness. In addition, we have an untapped repository of data about the college and career trajectory of thousands of LGBTQ+ people who have attended our Conferences over the past 17 years, perhaps one of the largest databases of its kind in the United States, if not the world. We want to put that data into action to further advance the well-being and achievement of LGBTQ+ people. There is no shortage of research to bolster the anecdotal stories of discrimination and outsized hardships LGBTQ+ people still experience in the workplace, but there is very limited research of LGBTQ+ success. We envision a time when we can share the success stories of our conference from the college classroom to the corporate boardroom. We believe Dr. Moran will help our volunteers and staff discern best the data points on time, location, trend, significance and proportion that support that data story."

Anne Schwartz is an Infrastructure Engineer at Peloton, co-lead of Peloton Pride and Allies, graduate of Wellesley College in Computer Science with an emphasis on research in the Peace and Justice Department focused on funerary rituals of Palestinian refugees. In 2020, Schwartz was Director of Programming for O4U Tech, the largest and most diverse Tech conference in O4U history.

Maggie Moss is a graduate student at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service in Urban Planning specializing in urban analytics and advocacy for socioeconomic equity in urban space. At NYU, she is on the executive board of the Wagner Consulting Group. After graduating from George Washington University with her B.S. in Geological Sciences, Moss worked at a criminal defense law firm in Manhattan for two years. Moss's experience in law, paired with her public service education, allowed work at the nexus of legal and professional advocacy, the marriage of which has given Moss a unique perspective on promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives across multiple industries. Moss served on the O4U Marketing Team Directorate in 2020.

Between 2018 and 2020, O4U engaged more sponsoring employers than anytime in its history, 172 of the leading global corporations in Business and Finance, Engineering, Tech and Marketing. O4U's rigorous outreach programs identified and admitted its largest and most diverse student cohorts. including record breaking results at the O4U Engineering Conference with a student cohort that was 68% non-CIS male identified, POC 72% with underrepresented minorities 32% of the total class and first generation 27%. Love said, "The work of O4U is intentional, believable inclusion and real belonging for every stakeholder. We remain resolute in the achievement of representational diversity not to "tick" boxes. Diversity matters because students need to see themselves in leadership roles in our organization and in our sponsoring employers. We will continue to press all of our stakeholders–volunteer organizer teams, our own Board, our sponsors and mentors to identify and appoint diverse individuals with an emphasis on Black and Indigenous People of Color who are also non-binary. Until these most underrepresented individuals are recruited and retained in our largest corporations in numbers greater than single digits, we cannot really claim success in eradicating the socially constructed barriers to achieving full potential. As exemplar, our Board Anti-Racism Subcommittee, led by Heath Clayton, Head of External Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Alexion Pharmaceuticals is hard at work to raise our O4U Black mentoring cohort above 7% (2020 results) to double digits. Before this Committee started its work with our teams, this cohort remained flat at 2%.

O4U will host four 2021 hybrid conferences to ensure maximum accessibility by students and sponsors worldwide. O4U Business will be convened in two sections by Goldman Sachs April 16-18 and September 17-18. Teri Tan, Principal Investments at Galaxy Digital is the Director of O4U Business. O4U Tech led by Anne Schwartz, O4U Engineering led by Angie Gonzalez and O4U Marketing led by Maggie Moss will convene in September and October 2021. O4U launched a new early networking/mentoring opportunity and a job board in 2020. These are being expanded in 2021 to include participation by a larger cohort of students and sponsors as well as O4U Alumni.

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