Parental Alienation Conference Announces Dr. Steven G. Miller as Co-Director

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Dr. Steven G. Miller will be Co-Director for the 2021 virtual parental alienation conference “Helping Courts Understand the Phenomenon of Alienation.”

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2021 / — Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights and the Steel Partners Foundation today announced that Dr. Steven G. Miller will be Co-Director for their 2021 virtual parental alienation conference “Helping Courts Understand the Phenomenon of Alienation.” The conference will take place on May 14-16, 2021.

Steven Miller, M.D. is a physician who, among other things, specializes in forensic medicine and behavioral medicine. His sub-specialty interests include certain family dynamics and other clinical phenomena that are relevant to parental alienation, realistic estrangement, pathological enmeshment, and other types of child alignment, including pathological alignment. He has served as a consultant in over 200 cases of moderate and severe child alignment, sometimes as a medical and scientific advisor, sometimes as a testifying expert. More generally, he has directed hundreds of courses for physicians and other professionals on a wide range of topics related to clinical reasoning, clinical problem-solving, and clinical decision-making, typically with an emphasis on how cognitive errors lead to clinical and professional errors. Dr. Miller’s background in reasoning and decision-making is particularly relevant given the proclivity of alienation critics to violate fundamental rules of logic, probability, and clinical practice. Indeed, another theme of the Conference is that most of their core arguments are based on well-known logical fallacies such as straw man arguments, circular arguments, non-sequiturs, and red herrings. Likewise, much of the “literature” cited by critics appears to have been specifically constructed to mislead the courts.

As Course Co-Director with Attorney Ashish Joshi, the Course is thus co-directed by a forensic medical physician and a family law attorney. Although the title of the Conference is straightforward—the primary objective is to help courts understand parental alienation—other aspects of the course are equally important. Those include: to distinguish between science and pseudoscience in the courtroom; to expose and discredit the various pseudoscientific arguments that are frequently offered by critics, both in and out of court; to expose common myths and misconceptions, and to present the mountain of scientific evidence and applicable law that now forms the basis for our current scientific understanding of parental alienation and other types of child alignment. In brief, this will be an evidence-based conference based on sound science.

In addition to serving as a medical resource, Dr. Miller’s roles at the Conference will include participation on a panel discussion and a presentation entitled: “What if the Alienating Parent has a Personality Disorder? Tips for Mitigating and Litigating.”

This virtual conference will focus on presenting effective strategies for family courts to identify parental and grandparental alienation and then deal with the issue. The problem of alienation has challenged family courts for understandable reasons, and the conference will present a toolbox for litigants who must turn to the courts for assistance.

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