What's The Big Deal With Self-esteem?

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Today, kids can use a journal like this one, to remove the onslaught of negativity, then refill with positivity.

Today, kids can use a journal like this one, to remove the onslaught of negativity, then refill with positivity.

Back Then Versus Today

In the beginning, you are their coach…But in the end, they must have the tools to coach themselves.”

— Simone Alicia, The Self Esteem Doctor

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — "I never had to deal with all this when I was a kid."

That's what many parents say about their experience with self-esteem while growing up. On the other hand, other parents have a totally different experience to share, like:

“My self-esteem was non-existent as a child. I wish I had more tools when I was younger.”

Whether this was ‘a thing’ for you or not back then, it's time to realize that it's a thing for almost every kid and teen these days.


Because today the negative influences don't turn off automatically. Back then the TV was more censored. It seemed as if the world
cared more about shielding the innocent eyes of children. Back then, music gave hints and circled a-r-o-u-n-d the risqué topics.

Today, they breakdown every expletive and, “act” in vulgar detail. Back then, bad days and bullying ended when you opened your front door and dropped your backpack on the floor. You had the late afternoon, the evening and well into the night (plus two full days on the weekend) to have it all turned off – or at least turned down in most cases.

But today, it doesn't turn off. The media shows it all, anytime, all the time. Sometimes it's blatant, sometimes subtle. Music says it all these days too, using graphic, uncensored words available at the click of a tiny young finger.

As for getting home after school, instead of a disconnect, today this is often an opportunity to have full access to Wi-Fi and all forms of media, including social media where the bad days can keep getting worse. From beauty, body image and wealth to bullying, exclusion and violent video games, everything seems to be a cut-throat competition all the time.

So again, I say, the pressure, the influences, the negativity doesn't automatically turn off, like it often did back then. That’s why we have to teach our kids how to turn it off for themselves now, and that's a big deal.

Lessons we never got back then, we now have to teach. We have to be "water" on the fire of negativity engulfing our kids. Better yet, we need to empower them to be their own “water" to soothe themselves throughout this journey called life.

Suddenly, meditation is not just for yogis, instead, it’s a must-have tool to help our kids to escape the fight or flight sensation that's taking over their minds and bodies. Today, they need to be armed with affirmations and self-talk that echo in their minds, louder, prouder and more positive than the negative voices and influences around them.

Today, it's essential to have our kids remove the onslaught of negativity from their thoughts more quickly and consistently like a dentist removing a cavity. Then, we need to teach them how to refill the empty emotional space that this process can leave behind.

Back then this amount of focus on “self-esteem” may have been absurd, like that same dentist drilling into a tooth that has no decay, but today this extra work is equal to mental and emotional survival for our kids. And that's a really big deal!

Fortunately, today's resources are increasing to match the demand for self-esteem support. Classes, courses, life coaching and more are readily available to kids, teens and families today. Places like The Self Esteem Doctor Academy provide all of the above. As a online, global platform with both FREE and paid resources, anyone and everyone can get the help they need.

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Journal to Release Stress and Refill Self-Esteem

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