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Will talk with the man who made the very first cell phone call in 1974, Sustainability talks, China Flexpat and more.

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— John C. Morley

FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, USA, March 1, 2021 / — The JMOR Tech Talk Show announces more international guests and a talk with Martin Cooper (The Father of the Cell Phone) who is the first person to ever make a cell phone call. The show interviews thought leaders, business owners, innovators, inventors, authors in the US and internationally. Not only do we talk about technology in what you need to know to be safe and the truth but also what is going on in our world with regard to privacy and more.

On March 5, 2021 Kurt Roskopf a host from his own show The Disability Channel will be on The JMOR Tech Talk Show. Kurt is an ambassador of The Disability Channel, Volunteer and fan of Milwaukee Bonecrushers, Electric Engineer, Board Member of Adaptive Community Approach Program (ACAP) in Waukesha in Milwaukee Area. Kurt has an interesting story which will hear on the show on how he made it possible for those that had disability to water ski. Kurt has a daily passion to help those in our world understand about ADA (American Disability Act) and how to support those with disabilities to insure they live a fulling life of joy and purpose each day.

Friday March 12, 2021 we will speak to Dr Farshid Pahlevani who has a wealth of knowledge to share with us about sustainability of our products. Will learn how to move toward creating waste that has a higher level of recycle-ability instead of contributing to an expensive disposal process. This waste is costing our world not only money but is also depleting our precious early resources. Thus, what Dr. Farshid does is help company's turn waste into profit. Dr Farshid is also an Industry and Impact Manager and as part of this role he works directly with different industry partners, government organization and research groups to ensure information is targeted to the correct audience, developing clear impact pathways and coordinating the creation of Hub implementation and impact strategy. Also, he engages with different partners in the hub to enable the successful transition of science from lab to actual implementation to create an impact.

Tune in on March 19, 2021 to learn how Francis Kremer is shaping many great people's lives in China after retiring as a salesperson and then returning to his dream job as a manager. Francis first came to China at 21 years old, to teach English and after attending a university he started to work in international Sales. At age 32, he had reached all his career targets and just wanted to get back to to China, to start over again. Five years later, he started working in China for a Chinese family entrepreneur, building Sales operations to serve international customers in the EV car industry. As a Flexpat, a flexible expat. He speaks fluent Chinese. He wants to teach what he took so many years to learn, how to work in China. The first step is the China Flexpat podcast, the book is coming this year.

March 26, 2021: We get to talk with the "Father of the Cell Phone" Martin Cooper the man who made the very first call on a cell phone..
Cooper graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (1950). He joined the U.S. Navy and served during the Korean War. After the war, he joined the Teletype Corporation, and in 1954 where he began working at Motorola. He earned a master’s in electrical engineering from IIT (1957). At Motorola, Cooper worked on many projects involving wireless communications, such as the first radio-controlled traffic-light system, which he patented in 1960, and the first handheld police radios, which were introduced in 1967. He later served as a vice president and director of research and development (1978–83) for the company.

Mobile telephones had been introduced by the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1946. However, in a given area only 11 or 12 channels were available, so users often had to wait to use the system. Another weakness of the first mobile phones was that the large amount of power needed to run them could be supplied only by car batteries. Thus, there were no truly portable phones but only car phones.

The JMOR Tech Talk show is a weekly Tech Show gives our viewers informative information to help them understand technology and be able to make smarter choices to have a more productive and safer life. If you would like to apply to be a guest on the show please reach out below to include your contact information, bio, and topic area you wish to be interviewed about on the show and we will get back to you.

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Cara Chicago and CD One Price Cleaners Team Up for Clothing Drive

All 34 Chicagoland locations will accept donations for Chicago-based workforce development organization

This is our biggest clothing drive and guarantees we can keep our clothing room stocked to provide interview-ready attire to job seekers and ensure they feel confident walking into a job interview.”

— Maria Kim

CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 1, 2021 / — Cara Chicago and CD One Price Cleaners are honored to once again partner for their eighth consecutive professional clothing drive. From March 1 through March 31, all 34 Chicagoland CD One Price Cleaners’ locations will serve as donation sites for gently used professional attire and will generously dry clean and press all donated clothing for Cara. Items being collected include suits, dresses, pants, shirts, blouses, and overcoats (in all sizes).

“Our franchise owners are excited to partner with Cara once again in order to give back to our community, said Jonathon Reckles, Director of Marketing for CD One Price Cleaners. “Cara helps those affected by poverty get and keep quality jobs and we are happy to do our part to empower these job seekers to look good and feel confident during their interview process.”

Weigel Broadcasting Co.’s MeTV FM and CW26 will once again proudly serve as media partners for the campaign, building community awareness through radio and television ads and featured stories in The Jam, seen weeknights at 6P on The U.

“We are excited to join CD One Price Cleaners in helping Cara execute its mission,” said Molly Kelly, Corporate Director of Media Strategy, Weigel Broadcasting Co. “We can use the power of our media to broaden the reach of this message all across Chicago and its suburbs growing the number of donations and making a positive difference in the community.”

Cara specializes in creating hope, jobs, and opportunity for people who are ready to lift themselves out of poverty and homelessness. They accomplish this through a combination of personal and professional skills training, access to a diverse network of employment partners, and by providing one-year on-the-job retention coaching for their participants. Since 1991, they’ve placed more than 11,500 jobs with a 70% one-year, same-company retention rate for permanent and long-term job placements.

“We are thrilled to once again work with CD One Price Cleaners for our eighth year,” said Maria Kim, President & CEO of Cara. “Each year, this is our biggest clothing drive and guarantees we are able to keep our clothing room stocked and stylish. Thanks to these donations, we provide interview-ready attire to our job seekers and ensure they look and feel confident walking into a job interview. We are so grateful to everyone who contributes.”

Last year, CD One Price Cleaners collected more than 7,000 items of clothing and they are challenging existing customers and community members to sift through their wardrobes and make this the most successful drive yet.

About Cara
Cara’s mission is to unlock the power and purpose within our communities and ourselves to create real and lasting success. Through its personal and professional development and access to employment opportunities, Cara serves as a leader in poverty alleviation in Chicago and beyond. Since 1991, more than 7,300 people have been placed into more than 11,500 jobs and started on their path to self-sufficiency. To learn more at

Jonathon Reckles
CD One Price Cleaners
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Former cannabis prisoner Michael Thompson to appear on Jazz Cabbage Café March 2

Michael Thompson speaks to press outside his prison after serving 25 years on cannabis-related charges.

Jazz Cabbage Café cannabis podcast logo

Cannabis POW to talk prison reform, receiving $270,000 in donations from the public for his new house, moving forward with his plan to change the system

I believe Michael Thompson's release is just the start of a new wave of criminal justice reform in Michigan. He is determined to help change the system, and he has broad support.”

— Ryan Basore, CEO, Redemption Cannabis Company

FLINT , MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — Famous ex-cannabis prisoner Michael Thompson of Flint will appear on the nationally-recognized Jazz Cabbage Café podcast on March 2, per show co-hosts Jamie Lowell and Rick Thompson.

Michigan citizens have followed Michael Thompson's story for a year, including celebrity calls for his release, an impassioned letter from Attorney General Dana Nessel and a granting of clemency from Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Michael was released in January and has since spoken out about deplorable conditions within Michigan's prison system. Thompson is expected to address those concerns during the interview.

Also expected is an update on Michael Thompson's recent home purchase, made possible by a Go Fund Me account which garnered more than $270,000 from a staggering 8,400 individual donors. Cannabis companies from across Michigan have contributed directly to the fund, to Mr. Thompson himself or to The Redemption Foundation. The Foundation is the creation of Ryan Basore, a Lansing-area native who served more than two years in federal prison on cannabis charges. The Foundation assists those cannabis prisoners still incarcerated and any recently released parolees.

"I believe Michael Thompson's release is just the start of a new wave of criminal justice reform in Michigan," Basore said. "He is determined to help change the system, and he has broad support. There are more than 1200 cannabis prisoners in Michigan alone." Basore will join the Jazz Cabbage broadcast, as will Mike McCurdy (Chair of the Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party), the regular Jazz Cabbage crew and a few select guests.

The Redemption Foundation, Cannabis Caucus, the Last Prisoner Project and other state and national organizations helped bring about Mr. Thompson's clemency. The story has been continuously reported on by Jazz Cabbage. Podcast hosts Jamie Lowell (The Botanical Company, Cannabis Caucus, Michigan ASA, Redemption Foundation Advisor) and Rick Thompson (NORML of Michigan, Cannabis Caucus, Redemption Foundation Advisor, Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group), as well as Basore and McCurdy, were at the prison when Michael Thompson was released at 4am.

"It was a profound moment to watch, as Mr. Thompson walked out of prison into the arms of his daughter," Lowell reflected. "It was equally intense when he addressed the media before leaving about the urgent need to help others who remain in compromised conditions within the prison." Thompson served 25 years "unjustly and inappropriately incarcerated," Lowell added.

The show broadcasts at 4:00pm EST on Tuesday, March 2. Mr. Thompson's segment is scheduled to begin at approx. 4:30pm. Media can submit questions in advance or participate in the dialog by emailing before 3pm on March 2 or joining in the chat during the live broadcast. Other inquiries, please call 586 350-8943 prior to the show.

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Michael Thompson’s 4am post-release speech to media

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