Keep on Posting on Twitter for Awareness Regarding the Coup in Myanmar

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 30, 2021 / — Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms in Myanmar pre-coup and its influence to the general public is irrefutable. Truth be told, tech and marketing industries conceive Twitter as a modern daily newspaper as the majority of internet users open Twitter first thing in the morning they wake up.

With all these insights about Twitter, it is safe to say that it holds a great power whenever a significant issue arises, for example, the coup in Myanmar.

When the news about Myanmar broke the globe, Twitter users, especially those accounts that are held by popular public figures, instantly expressed their thoughts and opinions about the situation.

And while the world is posting stuff on Twitter, people in Myanmar cannot, as the military government banned Twitter in the whole country. Because of this, people there have been silenced so that people around the world would be clueless about the qualms of citizens regarding the abuse of power of the said military government.

Aside from Twitter, the government also banned some popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Also, four independent media outlets’ franchises were revoked, so, there are limited, if none, sources of information for the people living there.

But by the power of technology, there is an effective way to communicate and update the world about what’s happening in Myanmar- and that is via VPN.

VPN Makes Ways

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a software tool that one can use for the sake of his cybersecurity. By connecting to a VPN, the internet user’s online data and activities are untraceable as his IP address is concealed. With this, the user can access geo-blocked contents like Twitter.

Protests are essential in these times; and if one has less courage to go outside, he can join the resistance through online protests.

With Myanmar citizens getting more aware of the VPN technology, it is also vital that internet users use the perfect and most suitable VPN service based on their needs.

A VPN service like GoingVPN can help, not just to access blocked sites, but also by its unlimited data bandwidth. GoingVPN’s unlimited data feature helps users to post on Twitter for updates whenever. The user has more control. And with the situation’s unpredictability, it is better to have something that will be there whenever one needs it.
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Royal Care Details the Importance of Offering Caregivers the COVID-19 Vaccine

Royal Care

Industry Leader Royal Care is the industry-first to provide vaccines to its home health aides at no cost.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, US, March 30, 2021 / — Royal Care is a leading home care company based in New York City. The prominent home care corporation has taken it upon itself to offer and administer the COVID-19 Vaccine to all of its caregivers. This is a fundamental move in ensuring both: a) that some of the most altruistic and noble members of our society are safeguarded in their fight against the unprecedented virus, and b) that the prolific amount of high-risk elderly patients in the care homes are not needlessly exposed to the COVID-19 virus. The prominent home care corporation has taken it upon itself to launch an innovative initiative which encapsulates the need to keep both the patients, and the home health aides safe.

Royal Care is proud to announce that they are the first home care company in all of NYC to officially offer exclusive access to a COVID-19 vaccine to their employees – without the need to wait in line, or pay a monetary fee. These vaccines are- of course, safe-proofed beforehand and have been critically examined and consequently approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Undoubtedly, the standards of the home healthcare Industry- in relation to both its caregivers and its clients, is changing for the better. Royal Care is an adamant advocate for change and has consequently implemented a plethora of progressive and innovative changes tailored to safeguarding its valued employees”- Royal Care CEO, Josh Klein

The agency’s home health aides are all specialized in what is commonly referred to as ‘value based treatment’. This method adopts a holistically sensitive approach and ensures all clients are always treated in a comfortable, safe and respectable manner with an extraordinarily high degree of quality. This way, the agency consistently takes all prerequisite steps in ensuring their clients stay ‘out of the hospital.’

This aforementioned approach of Royal Healthcare in relation to COVID-19 is likely an indication of the prolific value that they attach to their staff, and consequently may shed light in regards to the company’s esteemed corporate ethos and altruistic identity.

A byproduct of decades worth of commitment, diligence and altruism, the U@:tm: ROYAL Perks Program (a membership based rewards scheme), undeniably enables a variety of home health aides to always be their best self at work. In turn, this ultimately allows the clinic to provide an unrivaled degree of support and motivation to the prolific amount of people under their care. The aforementioned program unequivocally serves as an overt recognition of the value of the millions of essential home health aides in our economy, and may pave the way towards a more socially inclusive and consistent work-culture in the relative industries.

Such policies have been documented to provide a plethora of benefits. For one, they allow care providers to be protected against the so-called ‘frequently hospitalized’ clients and decrease the degree of controversy associated with any potential restrictive visitor policies that may have to be imposed as a result. Furthermore, such policies are beneficial as they adopt a holistically immersive approach and take into account the fact that caregivers are (quite commonly) the primary source of contact for high-risk patients during adverse and medically complex times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, home health aides played an essential role in safeguarding the patients at their home. Given the novel nature of the vaccine in relation to the vaccination of those with extremely exacerbated immune systems or severe allergies, prioritizing and safeguarding caregivers first will indirectly actively shield such high-risk individuals without potentially jeopardizing their health.

About Royal Care: Royal Care is a leading colossal in the healthcare industry with experience spanning several decades. Their decision to provide free, accessible and universal vaccinations to their employees may pave the way towards a much needed legal extension in relation to the safety and health of our economy’s home health aides.

Diana Deleanu
Royal Care
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Shelter Partnership, Inc. Mourns the Passing of Co-Founder & Executive Director, Ruth Schwartz

Shelter Partnership, Inc.

Shelter Partnership, Inc.'s Champion and Advocate for the Homeless, Ruth Schwartz Dies.

Co-Founder & Executive Director
On March 26, Ruth Schwartz, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Shelter Partnership, Inc., passed away unexpectedly while vacationing in Santa Barbara. She was 71 years old. Schwartz helped launch Shelter Partnership, Inc. in 1985 to combat Los Angeles County homelessness and has been the organization’s sole Executive Director.

“On behalf of our Board of Directors, Associate Board of Young Professionals, and Shelter Partnership staff, we extend our deepest sympathies to Ruth’s family during this incredibly difficult time,” said Lance Simon, Shelter Partnership, Inc.’s Board of Directors Chairperson. “A visionary leader, tireless advocate, and champion for the most vulnerable residents of Los Angeles, Ruth Schwartz cannot be replaced. I invite and encourage everyone, independently and collectively, to contemplate and honor the limitlessly energetic force, brilliance, and beauty of Ruth. We will miss her tremendous presence in our lives.”

Originally from Chicago, Schwartz’s family relocated to Los Angeles at a young age. She graduated from California State University, Northridge and received an MA in Urban Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles.

In 1985, Schwartz co-founded Shelter Partnership, Inc. to help develop housing and resources for the growing number of homeless people who have become more visible in our communities. In 1989, Shelter Partnership, Inc. launched the S. Mark Taper Foundation Shelter Resource Bank, a warehouse project that secures large-scale donations of new and unused nonperishable goods that are distributed at no-cost to agencies across Los Angeles County directly serving people living in poverty. In the warehouse project’s history, over a quarter of a billion dollars’ worth of daily necessities like clothes, shoes and socks, and hygiene products have reached an unknown number of people who needed them most. During the pandemic, Schwartz oversaw the distribution of hundreds of thousands of facemasks and truckloads of hand sanitizer to unique emergency housing sites launched across the County at parks and recreation centers and hotel/motel rooms.

Ms. Schwartz served on a number of boards and advisory committees, including the Senate Bipartisan Task Force on the Homeless, the California Housing Loan and Grant Advisory Committee, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing Developers and the Los Angeles Emergency Food and Shelter Local Board. She received numerous awards for her work, and in March 2002 was honored by the National Alliance to End Homelessness at a ceremony held at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

During her tenure, Schwartz’s exceptional spirit and strong values drove the organization’s growth to its current status as a vital leader in greater Los Angeles’ response to homelessness. Her passion, dedication, and leadership will have an everlasting impact on Shelter Partnership, Inc.’s mission and employees, our partners in the fight against homelessness, and Los Angeles itself.

With the full confidence of Shelter Partnership, Inc.’s Board of Directors, Associate Board of Young Professionals, and staff, Shelter Partnership, Inc. will carry on Ruth Schwartz’s legacy of dedication, collaboration, and commitment to the equity of all Los Angeles residents.

Ms. Schwartz’s family requests that any gifts or donations in Ruth’s memory be made directly to Shelter Partnership, Inc. A memorial will be held at a later date.

ABOUT SHELTER PARTNERSHIP, INC. – Shelter Partnership, Inc., based in Los Angeles, provides technical, developmental, material, and public policy support for Los Angeles' housing system for the homeless community as a means to end homelessness in the region. Over the past 36 years, Shelter Partnership, Inc. has assisted in the creation of both transitional and permanent, affordable housing with social support services for homeless individuals and families. Shelter Partnership, Inc. has also been instrumental in securing permanent housing for thousands of homeless individuals and families at rents that they can afford. Shelter Partnership, Inc. also performs critical studies on homelessness and the housing delivery system. These include the needs of domestic violence victims, single women, emancipated foster youth, persons with a dual-diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse and a major study on housing needs of homeless and low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS. Since 1989, Shelter Partnership, Inc. has also operated the S. Mark Taper Foundation Shelter Resource Bank, a warehouse project that solicits large-scale donations of merchandise and ensuring that these items are delivered to the people and agencies who need them most complete free of charge.

For more information about the work of Shelter Partnership, Inc., please visit our web site at
Press contact: Anthony Parker, Shelter Partnership, Inc., at or (626) 818-6051. Dist, by GPR.

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Gibson Public Relations
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Plant-Based Climate Summit Brings Together Experts to Discuss Fighting Climate Crisis With Diet

The Plant-Based Climate Summit will take place on April 1.

The free Plant-Based Climate Summit will stream live at 11:30 a.m. ET on April 1, 2021.

On April 1, scientists and nutrition experts will team up to discuss the impact of diet on the environment at the free Plant-Based Climate Summit.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — On April 1 at 11:30 a.m. ET, climate change scientists and nutrition experts will team up to discuss the impacts of diet on the environment at the free virtual Plant-Based Climate Summit, hosted by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Expert speakers will address the effects of animal agriculture on greenhouse gas emissions, water and air pollution, land use, infectious diseases, community health, and more, while providing practical tips and resources that will help participants get started on a planet-friendly diet.

“From catastrophic fires in Australia and the Amazon to severe snowstorms in Texas, recent events have shown us that it’s more important than ever to take steps to put an end to the ongoing climate crisis,” says Susan Levin, MS, RD, CSSD, director of nutrition education at the Physicians Committee. “Studies show that shifting to a plant-based diet is not only good for good for our health, but good for the planet, too.”

Speakers and topics covered will include:
• Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Introduction and Welcome
• Michael Greger, MD, NutritionFacts.Org: From Where Do Emerging Diseases Emerge?
• Jenné Claiborne, Sweet Potato Soul: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Diet More Sustainable
• Leslie A. Duram, PhD, Southern Illinois University: Diet and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
• Naeema Muhammad, North Carolina Environmental Justice Network: The Impact of Hog Farms on North Carolina Communities
• Chef Lois Ellen Frank, PhD, Red Mesa Cuisine, LLC: Sustainability Through Traditional Native Food and Practices
• Joanne Kong, DMA, University of Richmond: How a Greener Diet Can Transform You and the Planet
• Emma Finn, Friends of the Earth: Greening School Food
• Ocean Robbins, The Food Revolution Network: Heal Your Body & Your World—With Food!
• Maggie Neola, RD, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Climate-Friendly Recipe Demonstration
• Martin Heller, PhD, University of Michigan: The Environmental Impacts of Dietary Choices

Free registration includes expert presentations on plant-based diets and climate change, live Q&A with speakers, practical tips and cooking demonstrations that will help attendees get started on a climate-friendly plant-based diet, and bonus recipes and resources!

To learn more and register for this free event, please visit

Laura Anderson
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
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The International Conference on Helping Courts Understand the Phenomenon of Alienation is now less than two months away

This will be the first international conference ever held that focuses mainly on the forensic and legal aspects of parental alienation and related concepts.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — Family Access: Fighting for Children’s Rights, a non-profit family support organization with members in 40 countries, and the Steel Partners Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization, are pleased to provide this update and reminder regarding an upcoming educational conference on parental alienation. The Conference will be a three-day virtual conference—that is, it will be a remote video conference—on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 14, 15, and 16, 2021.

This will be the first international conference ever held that focuses mainly on the forensic and legal aspects of parental alienation and related concepts such as realistic estrangement and pathological enmeshment. Nonetheless, the conference will also address the clinical and psychosocial aspects of these important problems. Co-Directed by Steven Miller, M.D., a forensic medical expert, and Ashish Joshi, LL.M., a family law attorney, key topics will include how to present the relevant clinical and legal issues in court; how to establish that the clinical science is not only valid and reliable but relevant and admissible in court; how to distinguish between sound science and pseudoscience—both in the clinical and legal arenas—and other critical topics.

Featuring some of the most knowledgeable specialists globally, the syllabus has been carefully designed to meet the needs of both families and professionals, including both mental health and legal professionals. Specific topics will include how to distinguish alienation from other similar conditions, how to distinguish between effective and ineffective interventions, how to distinguish between accurate and inaccurate information (unfortunately, misinformation runs rampant), and how to avoid common clinical and legal errors.

“Although we would have liked to see everyone in person, the virtual format actually has some advantages,” said Dr. Miller. “For one thing, that will make it possible for people to attend from the comfort of their homes without having to travel. For another thing, it will bring the total cost way down. And for a third thing, we are hoping it will attract high-profile professionals such as judges, magistrates, and commissioners who, for a number of good reasons (such as finding themselves sitting next to a current litigant), might be reluctant to participate in a traditional in-person conference. So, from an educational perspective, I think this is a great opportunity for almost anyone to up his or her game in a single three-day weekend.”

About Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights

Our primary concern is the children and grandchildren and then the complete family. Sadly, the children and grandchildren who are alienated from family are being treated as pawns and property. They are neither. They are human beings, and they should not be regarded as such by their parents or any other family member. We contend that it should be illegal to use children as pawns or instruments of spiteful behavior to prevent them from interacting with ALL other family members. Our purpose and goal are to ensure the preservation of extended, traditional family relationships. In the process of this hell on earth called alienation, we need all the knowledge, support, and resources we can get to help our children and grandchildren and then ourselves. Professionals who deal with alienation in helping families will glean much from this website as well. To contact us, please email

About Steel Partners Foundation

Steel Partners Foundation was formed in 2001 by Warren Lichtenstein, founder and executive chairman of Steel Partners Holdings L.P. (NYSE: SPLP). Mr. Lichtenstein created Steel Partners Foundation to support philanthropic causes that are close to his heart. As a proud father of two children, he wanted to make a significant impact within the communities where he and his family lives and works, emphasizing causes related to children, education, and sports.

Family Access Elaine J Cobb
Family Access-Fighting for Children's Rights

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A vintage and color-enhanced photo of women soldiers in formation at Fort McClellan, Alabama

A medical patient group of military veterans have discovered they were unwillingly exposed to outdoors chemical warfare weapons.

ALBANY, NEW YORK, USA, March 31, 2021 / — Military service veterans who were previously stationed at an Army base in Alabama, believe they have made recent inroads in establishing their healthcare access rights to VA disability and hospital benefits through the discovery of new evidence papers. Fort McClellan, Alabama was a national military school campus for both women and men soldiers from 1950 to 1998, when it was eventually closed by the (BRAC) agency. It was only after the year 2003 that the former soldiers discovered that the base properties, including an unrelated civilian factory location not far from the base, were designated as environmental contamination zones.

In their search for source papers to investigate the matter, they believe they have discovered a second environmental story of equal importance. Their conclusion is that Fort McClellan was more likely than not, a remote test location for military chemical weapons experiments and secret (CBRNE) outdoors field tests. The secret experiments and tests were part of a rogue chemical weapons experiments project that was controlled by a military command in Edgewood, Maryland. Up until now, the news media has been referring to the tests as “Cold War Era experiments” without ever mentioning them by their site name. While the GAO Office has published other reports on the subject over the years, the veterans of Fort McClellan have concluded that their base was actually part of a specific battery of tests by Edgewood known as PROJECT 112.

According to the McClellan Vets group, PROJECT 112 involved a network of military and civilian experiment sites that were all land-based and ran from 1960 to 1975. Some of the sites conducted tests that were indoors, some were conducted outdoors, and some had both. Edgewood, Maryland itself had both indoors and outdoors variations of the tests. At Fort McClellan, most of the tests were conducted outdoors until a new indoors facility was constructed and became operational in 1987. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs has been recognizing other PROJECT 112 men veterans from other military bases who were a part of the tests, but only as direct volunteers. They have been receiving specialized health tracking by the Dept. of Defense as well as their VA recognition for disability claims and hospital care. The McClellan Vets are pursuing the same access at the VA as toxic exposure service veterans, but not as direct volunteers. They contend that the tests were conducted outdoors and secret, and that most of the other military units were not informed about the air-releases of chemical weapons at nearby training lots. The base had a large population of women soldiers who were stationed there until the Women’s Army Corps national center was decommissioned from the Army in 1978.

In 1970, the base hospital at McClellan established a Cancer Tumor Health Registry that was not included in the base environmental reports during that decade. The veterans are trying to find out of the Tumor Registry was either for lung cancers or respiratory disease caused by the toxic exposures, or alternatively, for breast cancer in the women soldiers.

In 2018, the veterans group located a critical evidence record found at the National Archives that officially established Fort McClellan as a former secret experiment site controlled by Edgewood until 1973. The tests involved the shooting of small munitions such as mortars and grenades that were loaded with various chemical warfare gases. Other field maneuvers involved the activation of large bomb-sized shells that were filled with warfare gas, and then were tooled in such a way to begin leaking the gas into open air. The other training solders surrounding the shell would work to contain the leak. Afterwards, burn pits were used to burn off the residues from the site. The veterans claim that between the multiple site locations of weapons releases that were going off at the same time, and the use of burn pits operating in the tropical climate region of Alabama, that the combined toxic events were sufficient enough to cause many of their long-term health conditions that have dogged them throughout their lifelong medical histories. Many of the veterans are directly matched to the health sciences that are posted as known outcomes for exposures to the toxic sources that were used by Edgewood at McClellan.

The group is formed up as a legislative stakeholders group, and has been working towards obtaining an authorization letter since 2019 for a new GAO Office report on the environmental spill sites from the Senate Veterans Committee on Capitol Hill. The veterans say that Senator Jon Tester and Senator Jerry Moran of that committee have been fighting them for this small request for virtually no rational reason at all. The veterans are starting to suspect that gender-discrimination is their main motive for refusing to fairly and equally assist their issues. Other toxic exposure groups who are made up of mostly of men veterans, are assisted for years on end while the McClellan Veterans have been ignored, delayed, and not replied to during the same time period. The group points to the PROJECT SHAD veterans, who had similar chemical weapons tests but were situated on military ships. According to the McClellan Vets, the Senate Veterans Committee stood on their heads to go public with that other story and to mobilize the VA into a correction for benefits on their behalf.

The veterans also say that the mainstream news media has refused to carry their news story including the Washington Post, the Military Times, The Guardian magazine, Connecting Vets Radio, CNN, and the Stars and Stripes magazine. The veterans also contend that the VA has been posting disinformation web pages that should be fully ignored by other interested Fort McClellan service veterans. The group says that the whole point of getting the GAO Office report on Fort McClellan is to force the Dept. of Veterans Affairs into a long, overdue correction.

The veterans have formed a reporting page on Facebook and are calling themselves Toxic Exposure Army Veterans of Fort McClellan.

Sue Frasier, National Activist
Toxic Exposure Army Veterans of Fort McClellan
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A South Korea-based International NGO Advocates a Forum for Peace Dialogue by Stakeholders in Myanmar

February 7, 2021: Myanmar protesters Living in Thailand Rally in front of the United Nations in Bangkok To combat the coup in Myanmar And want to release Aung San Suu Kyi soon

NAYPYITAW, MYANMAR, March 29, 2021 / — Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), the international non- governmental organization headquartered in South Korea and affiliated with the UN Economic and Social Council, issued an official statement expressing deep concern about the human rights crisis arising from the recent military coup and mass protests in Myanmar.

HWPL’s statement calls for the international community to join in efforts to support a peaceful approach to resolve the current conflict in Myanmar.
In the “HWPL Statement on Human Rights Crisis in Myanmar” statement, the organization encouraged global actors in the military and civil society to display their unified support for conflict resolution through open dialogue.

In the statement, HWPL said hundreds of deaths and injuries were caused by “the recent efforts of the Myanmar military to suppress nonviolent protests” and that “no conflict of interest can justify violence against civilians, and no interest of any group can prevail over human life.”

HWPL’s statement called for all parties in Myanmar to “settle the crisis through consensus, based on mutual respect and understanding” and to “engage in dialogue to seek a peaceful resolution.” The organization further asked global actors “to issue statements urging authorities and civilians in Myanmar to pursue dialogue and seek a peaceful solution in order to restore peace to the country.”

“The number of deaths from protests exceeds 200, and the military has arrested more than 2,000 people. We, the people of Myanmar, are very glad Korean people, and HWPL, as a peace advocate, supports our democracy and peace movement. Currently, we are demanding international pressure against the military regime to stop their brutality against peaceful demonstrators,” said Kasauh Mon, CEO of Mon News Agency in Myanmar.

For the past five years, this international civil society advocacy for peacebuilding led by HWPL has shown support and initiatives at the national and international levels. Notably, the organization has collected over 730,000 letters written by citizens in 176 countries. These letters call for peace development in each country, which has led government and social leaders to express their support and engagement.

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Forester Haynie Adds Plaintiffs to Racketeering (RICO) Lawsuit Against Diocese of Tucson and Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Clients Diana Alamader-Douglas and "Jane Doe" at their first communion outside of St. Bernard Catholic Church in Pirtleville, AZ.

Clients Diana Alamader-Douglas and “Jane Doe” at their first communion outside of St. Bernard Catholic Church in Pirtleville, AZ.

You can’t just put all your bad priests in one basket and bankrupt that one basket and say, ‘Sorry, there is no relief for anyone.’”

— Ashley Pileika

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, March 29, 2021 / — In anticipation of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (“SAAM”) in April, Forester Haynie is partnering with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (“SNAP”) to hold a press conference on Monday, March 29, 2021 in front of St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson to expose an ongoing effort by the Diocese of Tucson, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and St. John’s Seminary to coverup the sexual abuse of minors. Despite credible allegations made by two of our clients against Fr. Charles Knapp. To date, Fr. Knapp has not been investigated by law enforcement and remains in active ministry.

In July 2019, Diana Almader-Douglas stepped forward to report she was molested by Fr. Knapp from St. Bernard Parish in her Pirtleville home when she was five years old. Diana directly reported the abuse to Bishop Weisenburger and the Diocese of Tucson. After a flimsy “investigation” by the Diocese of Tucson’s “Human Resources Consultant,” Richard Serrano—later identified by Bishop Weisenburger as the Diocese of Tucson’s “independent investigator”—Diana received a letter in August 2019 from Bishop Weisenburger informing her the Diocese’s “Review Board” was “not recommend[ing] to [Bishop Weisenburger] any restriction of Fr. Knapp’s ministry.” Despite the fact Diana was never contacted by law enforcement, Diana was further told by Bishop Weisenburger “The Police” had declined to investigate any allegations against Fr. Knapp.

After receiving this letter, Diana met with Bishop Weisenburger in October 2019 to relay concerns for children to which Fr. Knapp might have access. Bishop Weisenburger said that the abusive priest “was much needed” in ministry and was not a risk to children. Fr. Knapp was permitted by Bishop Weisenburger to continue serving in active ministry, working with vulnerable populations on Davis–Monthan Air Force Base and within the criminal justice system. Diana was sent away with an apology, a prayer, and an offer of 10 counseling sessions with the diocesan counselor. Bishop Weisenburger has previously been accused of thwarting criminal investigations into credible accusations against abusive priests.

Forester Haynie has filed a racketeering (“RICO”) lawsuit against the Diocese of Tucson, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and St. John’s Seminary, because they have produced and funneled a disproportionate number of sexual predators to Tucson, a known “dumping ground for abusive priests.” According to a Los Angeles Times investigation, a third of priests that graduated from St. John’s 1966 and 1972 seminary classes were later accused of molestation.

In an amended complaint, Forester Haynie has added Diana as a third plaintiff to the lawsuit. “Jane Doe,” Diana’s childhood neighbor and best friend, who was also sexually molested by Fr. Knapp, and any other survivors that step forward with similar allegations, will be added in a second amended complaint.

In response to this lawsuit, the Diocese of Tucson has not refuted Diana's allegations of child sexual abuse against Fr. Charles Knapp—who remains in active ministry and has not been named to the Diocese's credibly accused list. Instead, the Diocese claims the lawsuit is barred by its 2004 bankruptcy filing and the statute of limitations. In a July 2020 letter to Diana's attorneys, the Diocese of Tucson claimed, “any tort claims arising out of actions that occurred prior to the date the Diocese declared bankruptcy have been discharged.”

Forester Haynie is a national law firm that focuses on making sure every person across America has equal access to justice. The firm currently represents hundreds of child sexual abuse survivors. They have successfully recovered millions of dollars for their clients. If you are also a child sexual assault survivor, Forester Haynie can help you get the justice you deserve by calling 1-800-214-1010.

Emy Cook
Forester Haynie PLLC
+1 214-531-7166
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92-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Pleads for Tolerance and Compassion to Combat Hate

“I believe sharing my story of going from a Nazi nightmare to an American dream can help others.”

A Podcast The Tells the Stories of Underdogs That have Found Success

Long Shot Leaders Podcast with Michael Stein Interviewing Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser

Ben Lesser Speaks on The Long Shot Leaders Podcast for 2 /12 hours about the horrific accounts of torture, near-death experiences from the Nazi death camps.

I believe sharing my story of going from a Nazi nightmare to an American dream can help others.”

— Ben Lesser

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 29, 2021 / — In the midst of social injustice, political turmoil, and mass shootings. Ben Lesser, Holocaust survivor, and author urges people to find tolerance and compassion to combat hate.

Lesser says that his life’s mission is to make people aware of the atrocities of the holocaust through his firsthand experiences but at the same time get people to concentrate on peace and kindness.

“Long Shot Leaders” Podcast featuring successful people that overcame large obstacles to find success in one-way shape or form interview Lesser for 2 ½ hours about his entire experience of the holocaust, Nazi death camps, several near-death experiences, and his triumph of survival.

During a recent interview, Lesser, Author of the book, “Living a Life That Matters”, and founder of the Zachor Foundation says, “I believe sharing my story of going from a Nazi nightmare to an American dream can help others.”

Lesser goes on to say, “We can learn about resilience from survivors of all kinds.” Ben’s story and interview are on the Long Shot Leaders Podcast website.”

His story spans Jewish life in pre-Nazi Germany, the Nazi occupation of the Jews in Nazi Germany during World War 2 to his liberation at the end of the war.

“Long Shot Leaders,” tells the stories and secrets of leaders, Innovators, entrepreneurs, and various high achievers. They explore their struggles, shortcomings, challenges, and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. Hosted by Michael Stein. Stein is an Entrepreneur, actor, filmmaker and stand-up comedian.

Here are some of the initial guests:

• Sean Spector: Co-Founder of Gamefly

• Carl Gottlieb: The Writer of JAWS, The Jerk, and Caveman.

• Bruce Vilanch: Comedy Writer, Songwriter, and Actor.

• Jeff Arch: Writer “Sleepless in Seattle”.

• Erica Anenberg: Jewelry Designer Pioneer, Entrepreneur.

• Daven Michaels: NY Times Best Selling Author, Outsourcing Leader.

• Stipe Miocic: 6x Reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Stein urges all Podcast Listeners to visit the Long Shot Leaders website and sign-up for the email newsletter of upcoming weekly episodes. He looks forward to sharing many stories of “Long Shots” who have overcome large obstacles and found success.

For complete information, visit:

Stein Stein
Michael Stein Media
+1 310-420-7302
email us here
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Holocaust Survivor & author Ben Lesser

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Shinning light on Midwest Filmmakers

“Our aim is to become the festival where national and international talent is discovered,” said McKay.”

— Antoine McKay, Wayne International Independent TV & Film Festival

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — The Wayne International Independent TV & Film Festival (WITFF) is the only independent film festival in Wayne, Michigan which will be held September 9 – 12, 2021 to submit your entry and garner more information go to the film festival website

The WIITFF begins as a collaboration between two film/television industry professionals who are both avid movie fans and lifelong patrons of the arts. Together they share the vision that with the steadfast support of the Wayne community and businesses the WIITFF will soon become the premier Midwest Film Festival in the heartland of America. As a trusted doorway for connecting indie filmmakers, artists, and producers to industry executives as they take the next steps in their career. Submissions are being taken this week with the regular deadline March 31st and May 31st is the late deadline.

The Festival will showcase their talent and creativity based solely on the merit of their work and professionalism. By bringing together brilliant filmmakers and content creators from all across the state of Michigan, the continental U.S. and Internationally abroad we are directly connecting filmmakers with appreciative audiences here in Wayne, MI that will welcome all visitors with a special brand of hospitality. The plan is to organically grow the festival to a weeklong event.

A major objective of the festival is to bring together filmmakers and industry professionals to share skills and knowledge irrespective of background, race, gender, or religion and celebrate Cinema and the Arts. Therefore, Wayne is an ideal location for a film festival. Wayne features a vibrant and supportive community, a landmark screening venue, local industry professionals and an ideal logistical layout of supporting businesses that would all combine to create a memorable festival experience. Altogether, with the support of our generous sponsors and ambassadors, Wayne is allowing us to develop a film festival that will be here to stay.

For over 20 years, Antoine McKay, Founder / President / Executive Director, has been among the leading actors and directors to hail from the Midwest. He developed his passion for acting at a young age and honed his skills at Eastern Michigan University's prestigious theatre arts program and by studying under world famous acting coach, Uta Hagen. His credits include starring roles in countless commercials and television appearances on programs including Detroit 187 (ABC), ER (NBC), Prison Break (FOX), Sports Action Team (NBC), Patriot (Amazon), Empire (FOX), and South Side (Comedy Central).

“Our aim is to become the festival where national and international talent is discovered,” said McKay. “We have the support, and we have the passion.” WIITFF hopes to create a trusted doorway for indie artists to take the next steps in their career.

Michelle Guernsey-McKay, Founder, Vice President, Director of Arts & Community Relations has recently renewed her love for acting, guest starring in the film Fatal, and in The G on Prime video. All the directors and content creators of selected films will be invited and expected to attend and talk about their work in post-screening discussions. Michelle knows it is these discussions hosted by filmmakers, journalists and experts that open the door to even more film making and directing for indie film. “The key is to connect filmmakers with their audiences at a festival,” says Michelle Guernsey-McKay.

The Wayne International Independent TV & Film Festival mission is to engage, embrace, and encourage the local and international cinematic vision of creative storytellers by providing a multifaceted event that highlights and nourishes the local culture of a small blue-collar city rich with an automotive history of grit and fortitude by providing educational opportunities and creative activities along with collaborative development of film projects.
We strive to create an atmosphere of inspiration through well-attended screenings, high-quality programming, stimulating panel discussions, and opportunities for authentic engagement. This festival thrives on fostering lasting connections and partnerships among attendees, filmmakers, and industry professionals. For More Information:

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Source: EIN Presswire