S..O.P.S. (Survey Of Police Service): Survey Advises Officers, "Know the Communities You Serve…Walk in Their Shoes"

Survey of Police Service (S.O.P.S.) Aims to Teach Officers to Walk in the Shoes of the People They Serve

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — He was called by the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department to help write their "H.I.I.P." (Helping Improve Police Procedures) manual. Next, he was asked by Los Angeles County Supervisors to help draft a public law against Truancy. Next, in 2003, the Los Angeles Superior Court asked him to serve on its Panel of Experts, which he still does today, eighteen years later. Next, he was asked to teach "Administration of Justice: Juvenile Delinquency and Legal Procedures" at the El Camino Police Academy. Next, he was asked by the United States Court Public Defender Training Branch to join its faculty and teach lawyers everything there is to know about criminal street gangs. Next he spoke, as an invited keynote speaker, at the first annual commemoration ceremony honoring the memories of the slain victims of the Columbine High School (Jefferson, Colorado) shooting massacre. His appearances on "Good Morning, America"; "NBC Today Show"; CNN; MSNBC; and numerous radio shows informed America about "Jack and Jill, Why They Kill," the title of his media-heralded book. He is Dr. James Shaw, whose doctoral research work at the Claremont Graduate University took him inside girl and boy youth prisons, where he spent four (4) years interviewing those children serving time for having committed murder and homicide. "Jack and Jill, Why They Kill" is used in universities and police academies nationwide.

James Shaw is a black American who describes himself as "just one of numberless Americans, of every nationality and ethnicity, who remain alarmed and wondering when law enforcement agencies are going to stop the 'cop-at-war' madness and senseless slaughtering of black Americans, primarily males." Dr. Shaw says, "comprehensive training and re-training" are urgently vital. He adds: "But more important is WHAT comprises their so-called training." He explains: "Law enforcement officers need to instantly put themselves in the minds, in the hearts, and in the shoes of black Americans, to understand how they feel, what they feel, and why." So, Dr. Shaw designed a 100+ plus item survey questionnaire, called S.O.P.S. (Survey Of Police Service). "Law enforcement officers can take this survey and, because of the composition of the questions, place themselves in the minds of the denizens of the communities they serve."

Dr. Shaw says, "S.O.P.S. is more pointed, more contemporary, and more challenging than a City Hall questionnaire asking, "Do bicycles ridden on sidewalks bother you?" or "Do you feel safe walking your dog on city streets at night?" Another feature of S.O.P.S. is that it comprises some one hundred and twenty questions. Dr. Shaw explains: "It is vital that law enforcement officers understand that the American public, particularly black persons, are not the loudest or longest-heard voices crying out, 'De-fund the police!' The wanton, unexplainable, escalating slaughtering of black males is a fact with a shrieking decibel level that echoes endlessly, because the officers themselves are de-funding themselves. Fewer and fewer will be the casualty insurance companies, City Hall treasuries, police pensions, police unions, and government bonds that pony up and pay for the escalating double-digit lawsuits brought about by angry, hateful, poorly-trained officers." S.O.P.S. is available at Amazon.com.

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