Lani Bernard Recognized for Outstanding Woman Leadership:

Aside from the Global Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award, Lani also received recognition and appreciation for her contributions to her local community.

HONOLULU, HAWAII, USA, July 28, 2021 / — Lani Bernard is a renowned performing artist, inspirational speaker, producer, and best selling author who utilizes her expertise to lead people towards positive transformation.

Her passion to help other have a life worth living has helped catapult her path towards success as she holds degrees in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Ornamental Horticulture & Gemology. She's trained in Organic Permaculture & Forest Farming. She obtained extensive training the with worlds finest institutes and holds a high level of certification in the performing arts.

Throughout her career, Lani lead many businesses to success, was voted America’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs when still in her twenties, and later in life went on to perform and or share the stage with internationally Grammy Award Winning Artist & New York Times Best Selling Authors and inspire large audiences with her words and music. With her talent, compassion, and capacity to inspire people to enjoy having much better and more inspired lives, she also initiated projects that helped strengthen communities, especially for women and children.

She is definitely a powerhouse and an effective woman leader in whatever endeavor she chooses to pursue. Because of this, she became a recipient of the prestigious “Global Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award.” The Women’s Information Network (The WIN) presents this award to women leaders who are able to use their influence and power to create programs and events that will help reinforce women and their families.

Aside from the Global Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award, Lani also received recognition and appreciation for her contributions to her local community. She was awarded by the Governor of Hawaii for being able to execute “The First Night Festival Series,” a life-enriching event that helped save lives and drew families together for a drug and alcohol-free New Year celebration. Amazingly over 7,000 people attended to the event each year in Maui.

As a philanthropist, she also helped support nonprofit organizations whose aim is to help children and young people that are underprivileged. In the past, she helped raise millions of dollars to helped organizations accomplish their mission to lead those in the most need to healthier & happier lifestyle choices.

At The Hamakua Ecology Center, a multimillion dollar nonprofit organization where she was the Executive Director, Lani also spearhead and launched all of their community outreach programs, produced inspirational concerts and festivals, retreat & workshops, and coordinated educational curriculum created programs with Cornell, Standford and Harvard Universities through and with the Kohala Center.
At that time she also helped to create the children’s and nature curriculum for the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii.

She also inspired & help spearhead a 501c3 multi million dollar nonprofit organization that leads people from all walks of life towards a more meaningful and inspired lives through the power of inspirational art, music and entertainment. The organization members included luminaries like New York Times best-selling authors the like the late great Wayne Dyer and Dr. Harold Bloomfield as well as Grammy Award-winning producer Michael Narada Walden & David Darling amongst others.

Up to this day, Lani continues to inspire people with upholding her passion to serve and help communities. She is indeed a strong inspirational woman leader who seeks to empower those who need to find their voice and bring greater meaning to life. With the major challenges that our world faces today, it’s women Lani who bring hope & help make this world a bright and much better place, bringing meaning to life and truly giving the gift of how to live life with being able to look forward to a brighter future.

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Source: EIN Presswire