Award-winning journalist & author, Rula Jebreal, to be honored for her philanthropic work with conflict-zone refugees

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Award winning journalist and best-selling author, Rula Jebreal

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Rula Jebreal to be awarded a Presidential Medal by The American University of Rome for her life-changing impact on the wellbeing and futures of refugees.

I have been placed in a situation and given a set of tools whereby I can build a bridge for these young people, enabling them to have a brighter future.”

— Rula Jebreal

ROME, ITALY, October 19, 2021 / — The American University of Rome's Presidential Medal is awarded to individuals who have made an extraordinary impact on the lives of students of the university. Ms. Rula Jebreal is the first contemporary recipient of this award, and it is presented in honor, and with thanks, for the leadership and resolve she has shown in enabling students from conflict-riven countries to rebuild their lives.

Through her own background, and through her years as a journalist and foreign policy authority, Ms. Jebreal has witnessed conflict after conflict, atrocity upon atrocity, and having seen the terrible consequences wars have on civil society, Ms. Jebreal felt compelled to act, to do more than simply observe & report. Leveraging her intimate knowledge of the realities of conflict, Ms. Jebreal has worked tirelessly to help protect and improve the innocent lives of those caught in war-torn zones.

Established in 2015, the Rula Jebreal Scholarship Fund was explicitly designed to enable young refugees from conflict-torn countries worldwide to rebuild their lives, and, in turn, help rebuild their communities. Over the course of the last six years, the fund has saved and transformed the lives of refugee students from Syria, Lebanon, Swaziland, and Egypt, while providing positive life opportunities, the likes of which would otherwise be denied to these young people in their home countries.

Ms. Jebreal has called the decision to establish this fund “The most consequential decision of my life. I have been placed in a situation and given a set of tools whereby I can build a bridge for these young people, enabling them to have a brighter future. Education is our best weapon to beat the worst odds.” Under her leadership, this fund has changed the lives of all those it has supported.

Currently a Visiting Professor at The University of Miami, Ms. Jebreal serves on the Advisory Board of The U.S./Middle East Project, and on the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council, a body relaunched in 2018 by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The Presidential Medial award ceremony will take place in Rome on Tuesday 26 October.

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