This isn’t your dad’s cop show. BAD COP, GOOD COP doesn’t follow a police officer around, it follows activists and attorneys who intercede on behalf of victims!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — SHOW WILL AIR JANUARY 2022
Unleashed Entertainment is excited to announce a new reality TV show for its platform Unleashed TV (www.TVUnleashed.com) that follows BLM leaders and attorneys as they intervene to help victims of corrupt police. Bad Cop, Good Cop will highlight the highs and lows of law enforcement from the perspective of the people the police stop… all while helping save the victims of a broken system.

The show follows an existing activist organization called BLM757 as they seek justice related to police involved shootings and corruption. Japharrii Jones, the organizations' President, can be seen here intervening in a police action where he saved a man from arrest.

Jones, who will appear in the reality show, released the following statement about todays announcement:

“ Virginia is the birthplace of slavery. The first Africans were brought here in 1619. The original law enforcement agencies were formed to capture slaves. Law enforcement still uses this same blueprint to this day, which is why they have no issue taking us in dead or alive. Virginia is where it started, so Virginia is where we end it! BLM757 – Be Like Malcolm – Be Like Martin -/Change may take 7 days – 5 years – or 7 centuries, but change WILL come. We are our ancestor's WILDEST dreams. ✊🏾”

What makes this show different from any police show ever produced is that the cameras don’t follow an officer, they follow an attorney and activists who intervene on behalf of people who are being harassed by the police.

Mike Donovan, President of Unleashed Entertainment, predicted the activism of groups like BLM757 and the attorneys on this show may help inspire a new generation of activism. “Our nation watched in horror when George Floyd was brutally murdered. We had a national conversation about police brutality, and many believed after Floyd’s death that they would intervene should they witness such a police involved crime. Bad Cop Good Cop goes a step further, bringing people a fighting chance and exposing corrupt policing while recognizing those officers who affirm the inherent worth of all people”.

The show’s feature attorney, who will intervene on behalf of people who the police are stopping or targeting, will bring you into the real world of what happens in traffic stops. “Did you really ever think any of those other police shows would ever show you the truth? Bad Cop, Good Cop will give you a front row seat”, said Donovan.

Amina Matheny-Willard, ‘the Peoples Attorney’ who will appear on the show, is excited about the show because of what it means to give victims of corrupt policing a fighting chance. Attorney Matheny-Willard said “It's important for the victims of police misconduct to know that someone's got their back! We want the police to know that extending traffic stops for absolutely no reason will no longer be tolerated, detaining people with no articulable suspicion will no longer be tolerated, arresting people without probable cause will no longer be tolerated and violating our Constitutional rights will no longer be tolerated. We already know that extended police contact increases the likelihood of murder by cop for black and brown people. Enough is enough! I'm excited that this show is going to start in MY backyard, NORFOLK AND VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA!”

So you’ve rode along with police as they stop people and investigated crime across the country. You’ve seen the sanitized stories those departments wanted you to see. Now join TVUnleashed and experience the truth of policing in the United States of America… the good, the bad, and the outright criminal.

Bad Cop, Good Cop will join a lineup of other shows streaming on TVUnleahsed.com that focuses on criminal justice and social justice issues throughout the country, such as "The System", Truth Unleashed by Cecily Chapman, and "Being Zachary Cruz."

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