A Just Cause Says Conviction of Four Black Parishioners in Colorado Springs is the Poster-Child for Racial Bias

A Just Cause is Confident Four Black Parishioners Convicted of Burglary Will Be Vindicated

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, US, November 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Monday, October 25, 2021, in what can be only characterized as a confusing and bizarre verdict, four black men were convicted of burglary and trespassing for simply going to a church corporate apartment to retrieve church property at the request of the tenant. “These men, like most African-Americans, were fully aware that fair treatment by the criminal justice system and the media is extraordinarily rare,” says Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause. “But given the simplicity of the facts and evidence publicized by A Just Cause (https://www.einpresswire.com/article/540696970/colorado-church- releases-open-letter-concerning-police-prosecutor-abuse-of-black-parishioners), I and they were cautiously optimistic that the Colorado Springs media would be suspicious about the legitimacy of the case and ask serious questions about the motivations of Detective Brian Corrado and the DA to pursue prosecution,” adds Banks.

Although attorneys are appealing the conviction and seeking outright dismissal based on outrageous inconsistencies and a shocking lack of evidence at trial, A Just Cause is launching a new campaign to methodically publicize the truth and highlight the fallacies promoted by the police and prosecutors with the hope that a media outlet somewhere will be motivated by conscience and human decency to simply report the facts to the public. A Just Cause takes issue with the Gazette Telegraph’s October 26th reporting of the conviction based on information not from trial records. “The Gazette will soon find out that their reporting related to the conviction and the incident in question is wholly inconsistent with evidence and testimony of Nick and Arnisha Gainer at trial,” says Banks. “Independent witnesses, including the police, contradicted the claims of Nick and Arnisha Gainer and they contradicted each other,” adds Banks. “And that’s why I said a guilty verdict is bizarre,” explains Banks. “I would expect news organizations to report the actual facts and evidence from the trial record, which is the authoritative source of information for the conviction” says Banks.

Prior to the conviction, a discrimination lawsuit was filed by the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church against police, prosecutors and the city for targeting these four men an other parishioners related to the criminal case (https://krdo.com/news/top-stories/2021/05/27/colorado-springs-church-claims-police- ignored-reported-crimes/).

“A Just Cause has spoken to the four men and they expressed confidence that they will be vindicated but they collectively have deep misgivings about receiving vindication from an American justice system that attempts to achieve a just result for black people only when national outrage and protests are being aired on TV,” says Banks. “If there is ever a case that is the poster-child for racial and religious bias, it is this one,” concludes Banks.

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Source: EIN Presswire