E Is For Earth Day, Environment, Ecology—Even Ethics

Neighborhood cleanups in Hollywood, California, based on The Way  to Happiness promote caring for the environment.

Neighborhood cleanups in Hollywood, California, based on The Way to Happiness promote caring for the environment.

French Scientologists promote environmental responsibility with frequent neighborhood cleanups.

French Scientologists promote environmental responsibility with frequent neighborhood cleanups.

Israeli Scientologists joined in the cleanup of February’s devastating environmental disaster where the entire Mediterranean coastline was flooded with tar.

Israeli Scientologists joined in the cleanup of February’s devastating environmental disaster where the entire Mediterranean coastline was flooded with tar.

Taiwan Scientologists have adopted a local beach.

Taiwan Scientologists have adopted a local beach.

Scientology Churches, Missions and affiliated groups support Earth Day with action in their communities.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ethics? Yes. The Way to Happiness, the common-sense guide to better living by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, points out that “today what happens on the other side of the world, even so far away, can effect what happens in your own home.”

The Way to Happiness was written in 1981 when, for many, “climate action” was still a foreign concept. But as Mr. Hubbard pointed out in this book, “Man has gotten up to the potential of destroying the planet. He must be pushed on up to the capability and actions of saving it.”

In cities around the world, Scientologists put their muscle behind the precept “Help Take Care of the Planet” by adopting parks and beaches, organizing neighborhood cleanups, and supporting activities that forward ecological responsibility.

In Seattle, Washington, the Scientology Environmental Task Force has been an active participant in the city’s Adopt-A-Street program for 30 years—longer than any other group or activity.

In Clearwater, Florida, not a week goes by without a neighborhood cleanup by the local chapter of The Way to Happiness Foundation.

Throughout Europe, Scientology Churches organize activities to care for their streets and parks—including needle parks where discarded syringes create a threat to the safety of local children.

In Taiwan, Scientologists have adopted the city’s famous Cinjin Beach. Scientologists from the Churches of Scientology of Miami and Tampa, Florida, and Ventura, California, are also proud of their shorelines and take part in cleanups to keep them looking beautiful. And teams of Scientologists joined in the national effort in Israel in February to clean up the country’s Mediterranian coastline after a devastating oil spill.

Many Scientology Churches and Missions sponsor local chapters of The Way to Happiness Foundation and share this guide to better living with community and civic organizations, churches, synagogues and mosques to promote its 21 precepts and the free online course, which is available in 17 languages on The Way to Happiness website.

For anyone wishing to gain more agreement and raise the level of responsibility and participation in Earth Day or any other worthwhile cause, The Way to Happiness is a tool to help people connect with their own basic purposes, to flourish and prosper in every aspect of life, and help others do so too.

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The Chauvin Trial Isn’t The Slam Drunk it Should Be, says Ex-WH Spokesman Bob Weiner and Analyst Adjanni Ramos

Robert Weiner

Adjanni Ramos

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a brand new op-ed published on The PuLSE Institute and featured in OpEdNews (links at bottom), former White House spokesman Robert Weiner and Policy Analyst Adjanni Ramos discuss how the current trial of former officer Derek Chaivin, for the murder of George Floyd, should “be a slam dunk…but is not, if just one juror maintains an unstated racial or police-can-do-no-wrong bias.”

They start by saying, “The trial of Chauvin for murdering Floyd is only half over after 35 witnesses including medical examiners, doctors, and even the Minneapolis Police Chief confirming it wasn’t the bystanders yelling ‘Don’t kill him, let him breathe.’ It wasn’t the observing firefighter asking to ‘test his pulse’ and ‘give him CPR’ who was ignored. It wasn’t any drugs or underlying heart issues. It wasn’t crowd noise. And it wasn’t any police training in force that was the ‘direct cause’ killing George Floyd—it was policeman Derek Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck for than nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds, including three after he stopped breathing.”

They continue to say, “Still, one racially-biased of the twelve voting jurors, or one not admitting it earlier but believing the police can do no wrong, could block a unanimous-required guilty verdict for Murder 2, Murder 3, or even Manslaughter. The blue wall of silence by fellow police officers has been broken. Chauvin’s supervisors, his police teachers, and colleagues say he exceeded any needed force and broke ‘protocols.’ Yet the case could go awry if the psychological tricks of the defense give one juror an excuse to claim doubt.

They then write, “Detroit’s Congressman, the late John Conyers, for decades made ‘police brutality an issue… He brought Democrats and Republicans together to investigate and call for reforms—no chokeholds, no immunity from prosecution as the current House-passed ‘George Floyd’ bill would do. Now is the time for that, but it is also time for the law as it already exists to be enforced. There would be even less debate if the Floyd bill became law, but murder is already illegal regardless.”

They then write “The Floyd case looks the most promising of any in recent history. It will send a message heard around the world, almost as loudly as the viral videotape of the more than nine minutes of unresisted torture and murder. Or it could send the message that our criminal justice system is so broken that even the jury requirement of unanimity must be fixed and amended.”

They say, “We’ve gone through the two weeks of the prosecution case and defense cross-examination. Now we will be having the defense case and their shenanigans to lull the jury into complacency and ignoring the prosecution’s case. We will see tapes, witnesses, and ad nauseam questions on everything other than who and what killed Floyd. Let’s hope the jury members don’t have short memories.”

They contend, “It is shocking that another killing of an African American happened this week in Brooklyn Center, MN, just ten miles from the Chauvin trial – with a 26-year police officer claiming that she mistook her gun for a laser.

They state, “In 2020, there were 1021 fatal police shootings in the United States, including 241 African Americans—meaning that for the Black 13.4% of the American population, they were 23.6% of the killings—almost double. Since African Americans have the greatest poverty, police are killing not only disproportionately a minority but the poorest in the country – matching the discrimination in all areas of the criminal justice system.”

Link: https://thepulseinstitute.org/2021/04/13/former-white-house-spokesman-weiner-chauvin-trial-should-be-slam-dunk-against-police-but-is-not/

Link to OpEdNews version: https://www.opednews.com/articles/Chavin-Trial-Should-be-Sla-by-Robert-Weiner-Derek-Chauvin_Murder_Police_Police-210415-563.html

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Darren Chaker Wins Ninth First Amendment Case Forcing Police to Release Officer Names

San Diego court where Darren Chaker appeared

Darren Chaker in front of court house in San Diego

Darren Chaker forces San Diego Police to forfeit names of all police officers. This recent win makes it the ninth First Amendment victory for Darren Chaker.

Mr. Chaker reminded the San Diego Police Department its officers “are not part of the former KGB” and is entitled to the names of the few officers he requested.”

— Darren Chaker

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Despite the growing pressure for police accountability, the City of San Diego has admitted it violated the California Public Records Act when it refused to disclose the names of police officers to Darren Chaker.

On June 11, 2020, police stopped a female relative of Mr. Chaker while she was out for an evening walk in a park in the upscale coastal community of La Jolla, California. Police demanded identification without any reason or justification. Since she was out for a walk, she wasn't carrying a wallet and could not produce identification. But taken aback by their threatening demeanor, she refused to identify herself and asked to speak to a supervising officer. In response, police then forcibly handcuffed her, wresting her shoulder and back. The arrest in total lasted close to half an hour. After police learned the woman is an attorney who previously worked for the federal judiciary and United States Congress, they immediately released her without explanation. Two of the officers quickly hastened to an unmarked vehicle, refusing to write down their names or badge numbers, and then sped away, causing the need to identify the officers.

Mr. Chaker is a litigation support specialist and administrator for a police residential address database. Mr. Chaker learned of the unlawful arrest and knew that the officers broke the law with their "stop and identify" harassment tactic. The United States Supreme Court ruled that it is not illegal to refuse to identify oneself in Lawson v. Kolender, 658 F.2d 1362 (9th Cir.1981), aff’d., 461 U.S. 352 (1983). Ironically in that case, San Diego police repeatedly arrested a homeless African-American male who committed no crime, but refused to identify himself. The Ninth Circuit and Supreme Court found it was unconstitutional to arrest a person because he did not want to identify himself.

In an effort to vindicate the relative, Mr. Chaker filed a request under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) requesting the names of the officers involved and all officers for the police subdivision which covers La Jolla. The San Diego police refused to produce any of the officer’s names. Mr. Chaker then retained attorneys who specialize in public record litigation. Mr. Chaker’s attorneys filed a lawsuit in the San Diego Superior Court captioned, Darren Chaker v. City of San Diego, San Diego Superior Court Case No. 27-2020-00031074.

The attorney for the City of San Diego immediately found Mr. Chaker was entitled to the records he requested. However, in lieu of providing roughly 100 names of the single police subdivision originally requested, the City of San Diego instead was made to produce over 1,000 names of every single police officer for its entire department. The names were then matched with property records to add to the police residential address database. Further, the City of San Diego was forced to pay several thousands of dollars for Mr. Chaker's attorney fees. This marks Mr. Chaker’s ninth First Amendment victory.

Mr. Chaker's relative is readying for her own legal battle with the embattled San Diego Police Department that has been repeatedly beleaguered with scandal. Most recently Sgt. Joseph Ruvido was charged with soliciting sex from a minor, but committed suicide. Two weeks ago, Officer William Carter-Torres was arrested for using his firearm to threaten a female during a road rage incident. Last February, Sergeant Mariusz Czas was arrested for stalking. Officer Daniel Dana was arrested for rape and kidnapping a prostitute. San Diego Police is known for not recruiting top tier talent due to its low pay. Brian Marvel, president of the San Diego Police Officers Association, said “pay and benefits are the No. 1 reason recruits choose other agencies.”

In an effort to avoid litigation, Mr. Chaker reminded the San Diego Police Department its officers “are not part of the former KGB” and is entitled to the names of the few officers he requested. In lieu of complying, the City of San Diego challenged Darren Chaker and was forced to disclosed over a thousand names and pay his attorney fees.

Darren Chaker
Darren Chaker, Civil Rights Activist
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U.S. Intervention Requested by Relatives of Missing Persons From Vavuniya, As No Assistance Is Available From SriLanka

Tamil Protestors in Vavuniya

American intervention requested by the relatives of the missing persons from Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

There are three obstacles for Tamils to achieve any progress with the Sinhalese. The first is Buddhist clergy, second Sinhala politicians, and finally the Sinhala public, elects racist politicians.”

— G. Rajkumar

VAVUNIYA, NORTHERN PROVINCE, SRI LANKA, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Relatives of those who have been protesting in Vavuniya for the past 1515 days have publicly called for U.S. intervention to help address the Tamils’ problems.

This was announced as part of the campaign launched by the group today, the beginning of the Tamil New Year.

They continued to comment that

“We have not been able to find a single child who has been missing since 2009.

Since independence from the British, it has been clear that no solution can be reached by negotiating with the Sri Lankan government.

There are three obstacles for Tamils to achieve any progress with the Sinhalese. The first is Buddhist clergy, the second Sinhala politicians, and finally the Sinhala public, which always elects racist politicians to office.

Since February 2017, we have been asking for U.S. involvement in our struggle in Sri Lanka. This was rejected by most Tamil politicians and Tamil intellectuals.

Now, all Tamil politicians and intellectuals agree that U.S. intervention in the UNHRC is crucial.

We therefore urge all Tamil politicians to publicly ask for American help in helping Tamils politically and in locating our missing loved ones.

On this day, we collectively call for U.S. assistance in rescuing Tamils from Sinhala genocide and oppression.”

“The Tamil leaders must realize that another big demonstration is needed from Pottuvil to Polikandi, with thousands of American flags, demanding U.S. intervention in Sri Lanka. Otherwise, these Tamil political leaders are not for the Tamils, but only for their own well-being and their power,” said spokesman G. Rajkumar.

Link to Web: www.Tamildiasporanews.com

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தமிழர்களின் பிரச்சினைகளை தீர்க்குமாறு அமெரிக்காவிற்கு உறவுகள் பகிரங்க அழைப்பு!

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Carrie to Kamala: Getting women the vote was the first of many steps to the election of the first female vice president

victory with valor book cover

Without women voters, there would be no women in office. Read “Victory with Valor” by Barbara Robison for the story of women’s suffrage.

On April 30, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will complete their first 100 days in office. The novel “Victory with Valor” celebrates a much earlier milestone.

Fact and fiction blend seamlessly to create an engrossing behind-the-scenes story about this international suffrage hero.”

— Ellen Snortland, woman’s rights activist and author of "Beauty Bites Beast"

THOUSAND OAKS, CA , USA, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Carrie Chapman Catt and Kamala were born more than a century apart but share a trailblazing spirit and ability to achieve goals.

Carrie, an Iowa farm girl, put herself through Iowa Agricultural College, the only woman in her graduating class. Kamala graduated from Howard University, a Black college in Washington D.C., and the University of California Law College.

Carrie’s career moved from law clerk, teaching, and giving speaking on woman suffrage, to leading the National American Woman Suffrage Association as president, succeeding Susan B. Anthony. Kamala’s career took the legal, political route as a California district attorney, state’s attorney, U.S. senator, and now the first female vice president.

Oddly, both women made history during pandemics. Carrie’s suffrage work was nearly derailed by the Spanish flu while Kamala campaigned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feminists and history scholars will study the vice president’s life and accomplishments for generations to come, and Americans have the 19th Amendment to thank. Without women voters, there would be no women candidates. "Victory with Valor" is inspired by the life, courage, commitment, and grassroots strategy of Carrie Chapman Catt, the remarkable leader of the women’s suffrage movement in America and a catalyst for getting the 19th Amendment passed.

"Victory with Valor" makes a thought-provoking book club choice and the perfect gift for fans of historical fiction. It is available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book.

– – – – –


The author’s grandfather was Carrie Chapman Catt’s cousin, so as a child she heard about Carrie’s work and her place in history. In 2020, she used her state’s stay-at-home order to concentrate on finishing "Victory with Valor" after years of research. Readers may ask her questions through her Goodreads page.

Barbara Robison
Victory with Valor
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Journalist Susanne Whatley interviews Barbara Robison about “Victory with Valor,” her novel based on the life of suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt.

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Joe Biden should appoint special envoy to Tibet

Pragmatic and acceptable solution for the problem of Tibet and role of USA

DHARAMSHALA, HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mr. Lopsang Sangvay (President in Exile for Tibet) in an interview with director of Centre for peace and justice (JKCPJ) Mr. Nadir Ali answered numerous questions on prevailing situation in Tibet and discussed about the pragmatic and acceptable solution for the problem of Tibet. The long-lasting peace and prosperity for Tibet in his opinion can only be achieved only by seeking the middle way policy as suggested by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

He (Mr. Lopsang Sangvay) opined about the need for building representation for Tibet from among the Tibetan; the oppressed need to stand up to the oppressor and be the front runner for their cause, which makes it necessary that the Tibetans be educated about the policy implementation in Tibet and its impact; whatever information available and circulated has to be based on the factual data. Tibetan language, ecology, religion and cultural is completely different from the mainland China and thus needs to be preserved. The role of democratic powers is quintessential in that regard, it is the responsibility of nations like USA, UK, Canada, France and others to protect and preserve the cultural assimilation as practiced in Tibet. Tibetans have raised their concerns about the growing injustice in Tibet and have been for 60 years now demanding justice vis a vis civil, political and economic. we want the Tibet issue be resolved according to the aspirations of the people of Tibet and thus are willing to adopt the middle way policy. We, the Tibetans are not talking about the past and we are not here to discuss about the history of Tibet and China, we want a peaceful and meaningful settlement of Tibet in accordance to the aspirations of Tibet, a settlement which will be acceptable and beneficial for both China and Tibet.

In response to a question posed on the role of USA towards resolving Tibet issue, Mr. Lopsang Sangvay said, “ Tibet has been for 60 years now struggling for securing the rights, in the past we have seen very little being done for Tibet, however recently we have seen that Tibet issue is gaining coverage across the world mainly because of the information and reports coming out of Tibet. The USA in response to the gross human rights violations and cultural assimilation have recently passed the policy Act in support of Tibet cause, and the same has been a source of Hope for Tibetans across the globe. However, the job is not done yet, in my humble opinion, USA being the world leader should appoint an envoy to Tibet. This would not only be helpful in accessing the ground situation but will in future play a pivotal role in arriving at a solution acceptable to all. There is always something that could be done in spite of the complex power dynamics and prejudices; looking beyond and seeking the pragmatic solution is the only way forward. USA under the president Biden administration should be the torch bearer for the cause of Tibet, and urge the world leaders for working towards the amicable solution for the Tibet. Instead of waiting for the inevitable catastrophe to happen, it is wise to work towards preventing it. USA can play an active role in taking confidence building measures for acceptance of middle way solution as suggested by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. If USA were to succeed in building the confidence it would mean a world of difference for Tibet. Tibetans will get to play the part in shaping their destiny. The freedom of following their religion, preserving the language and culture and preventing and conserving their ecology which is closely associated with religion.

Mr. Lopsang Sangvay also urged the international community to come forward for the Tibet cause and build towards arriving at an amicable solution. He also pointed that it is the responsibility of all the peace-loving nations across the globe to help the people of Tibet. The democratic powers across the globe can adopt the similar the resolutions in support of Tibet. He also said that China being the super power should act with responsibility and if it has to declare its position on the world stage it should in the least settle the long pending issues within its own borders first. The Policy Act bill in support of Tibet if passed by the parliaments of democratic nations will make it imperative for the Chinese Govt. to work towards the peaceful settlement and a respectable resolution of Tibet for Tibetans. The countries have to look beyond the interests and prejudices, and have to act with responsibility especially the USA since it is the only power in the world which can question China on its Tibet stand. Appointing and sending the envoy will not only boost the Tibetans and give them a new hope but it will also send a clear message to china that the peaceful solution is an implicit condition for the prosperity of all.

I am very optimistic about the future and I am sure that with the blessings of His Holiness, the Dalai lama, we will be successful in our pursuit towards building a peaceful and prosperous Tibet as envisioned by Him. I am hopeful that the world community will continue to support Tibet and Tibetans for their legitimate struggle for prosperous and safe future.

Nadir Ali Wani
Center for Peace and Justice
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First Female-Led Leaked Content Monitoring & Removal Service Leak Content Removal Leads the Way in Fighting Revenge Porn

Leak Content Removal - DMCA Takedown and Remove Revenge Porn

Leak Content Removal

The internet can be a dangerous and harmful place for a woman’s reputation. Leak Content Removal understands them and can help in powerfully effective ways.

Intimate videos are leaked whether by them being sent to others, phones begin hacked, photos stolen from social media accounts, or photos taken without their consent.”

— Marilyn, founder of Leak Content Removal

SINGAPORE, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There’s few places that can harm someone’s reputation as thoroughly as the internet. When something like angry exes are factored in, it can be absolutely frightening. Fortunately, help is out there. Also, something that is quite important for women suffering from something like revenge porn, there’s now a female owned and led service focused on solving these problems. Leak Content Removal is a leading content monitoring and removal service, that specializes in all areas of online reputation management, including a very effective DCMA takedown approach. Leak Content Removal finds and takedowns objectionable photos, videos, mentions, articles, blogs, forum and chat group attacks, links and negative reviews for clients, winning remarkable feedback for the firm’s services.

There has been a surge in reported incidents of revenge porn since the past year, which has worsened during the lockdown. “Intimate videos are leaked whether by them being sent to others, phones begin hacked, photos stolen from social media accounts, or photos taken without their consent,” commented Marrilyn, founder of Leak Content Removal.

Marrilyn continued, clearly passionate about helping clients, “We deeply empathize with our client's situation and want them to feel as comfortable as possible, hence offer the most extensive monitoring services in the market to track down as many of the leaks as possible. Currently, clients will be speaking with a female representative from our company as most of the victims are females and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible while working with us.”

The need for these services are very real. Non-Consensual Pornography victims can experience huge amounts of stress, shame, and often feel they can't talk to anyone (friends or family) about the experience. It can even impact their lives at work or school. Relationship between couples can be severely damaged, and many women consider changing their names or relocating to separate themselves from this content. Leak Content Removal’s services can solve these problems without having to make such impactful, life-altering changes.

According to the company, it searches far beyond Google in its search for revenge porn, Non-Consensual Pornography, and other objectional material. This is quite important in 2021, with the internet growing daily, more people being online for longer periods of time than ever, and the places where this kind of material is often posted shifting quite often. Leak Content Removal’s team are experts at finding this content and using DCMA takedown demands and other methods to have them removed.

Feedback for Leak Content Removal’s services has been completely positive.

H.C., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “I have an angry ex who flooded the internet with revenge porn when he heard I was with someone else in a serious relationship. At first I was extremely unsure of what to do and felt powerless. My best friend suggested I contact Leak Content Removal. It was awesome I was able to speak to a female agent from the company about what happened. The service was worth every penny, Leak Content Removal is awesome, and this painful content is no longer online.”

For more information be sure to visit https://leakcontentremoval.com.

Leak Content Removal is the World’s first female-led leaked content monitoring & removal company. We are committed to help our clients feel at ease, protect your reputation, get your life and peace of mind back. Specialized in the takedown of online negative content from photos, videos, mentions, articles, blogs, forum, chat group attacks, links to negative reviews. Choose between our done-for-you monitoring and takedown services or learn how to DIY by engaging us as a consultant.

Leak Content Removal
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PROTECTION4KIDS: la ONG que protege a los niños víctimas de la trata y el ciberdelito

Reporte de tráfico de menores y pornografía online, hackeo ético, análisis de servidores, investigación web: Protection4Kids combate los delitos contra menores

CASTELFRANCO VENETO, TREVISO, ITALY, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — ¿Es posible crear un mundo en el que la tecnología no se utilice con fines delictivos sino, por el contrario, como herramienta en defensa de los demás? Con este objetivo, ReputationUP, líder mundial en gestión de reputación online y eliminación de contenido, ha creado Protection4Kids.

PROTECTION4KIDS es una Organización No Gubernamental (ONG) que opera a nivel nacional e internacional. Su misión es combatir la violencia de género y ayudar a los niños que son víctimas de la trata y los delitos online, mediante un uso inteligente de la tecnología y la asistencia en el lugar.

La misión es clara: colaborar con las instituciones para crear un mundo en el que los niños, víctimas de la trata y la pornografía infantil, no sufran una mayor estigmatización, sino que se reintegren plenamente en la sociedad. En este mundo ideal, la tecnología no es un medio más para abusar de los menores sino que, por el contrario, les brinda una forma de protección.

Cómo nació Protection4Kids
La historia de Protection4Kids toma forma a partir de una experiencia de conciencia y altruismo. Queriendo dar nombre y rostro a esta historia, la experiencia de la Organización nació del encuentro de las ideas de Annachiara Sarto y la previsión de Andrea Baggio y Juan Ricardo Palacio.

Annachiara Sarto es fundadora de WE ACT, Women Empowerment Against Children & Human Trafficking, y directora de Protection4kids. Andrea Baggio y Juan Ricardo Palacio son respectivamente el CEO para Europa y América de ReputationUP y cofundadores de Protection4Kids.

“Con ReputationUP queremos ayudar a empresas y profesionales a resolver crisis de reputación. Con Protection4Kids queremos devolver esa experiencia al contexto ciertamente más delicado de los delitos contra menores" – cuenta Andrea Baggio.

“Tenemos una oportunidad real de hacer el bien. Al fundar Protection4Kids, teníamos claro que nuestro conocimiento en el campo de la ciberseguridad y el análisis forense digital podía ayudar a otros”- subraya Juan Ricardo Palacio.

El equipo de PROTECTION4KIDS se compromete todos los días, a nivel nacional e internacional, a combatir los delitos de trata de niños y pornografía infantil online. Los voluntarios y toda la organización trabajan para ayudar a las víctimas de estos delitos, ofreciéndoles una alternativa, y así, poder reintegrarse en la sociedad.

Los objetivos de la organización
El trabajo se extiende sobre un doble frente. Por un lado, mediante un hábil uso de la tecnología, que permite brindar servicios del más alto nivel; por otro lado, brindando ayuda y soporte en el lugar concreto de los hechos.

El objetivo final es único y compartido: ayudar a los niños víctimas de la trata y la pornografía infantil.

Protection4Kids opera a nivel nacional e internacional realizando una serie de proyectos y campañas. Los principales objetivos se refieren a:
La lucha contra el delito de trata de seres humanos y, en concreto, de menores.
La ayuda a adultos y menores en campos de refugiados. Actualmente se realizan periódicamente misiones humanitarias en los campamentos de Lavrio (Grecia) y en Bosnia.

La reintegración a la sociedad de víctimas de pornografía infantil y delitos online.
Protection4Kids utiliza las tecnologías más innovadoras y el conocimiento de expertos en TIC. El equipo de profesionales colabora con las instituciones para que los autores de estos delitos sean localizados y debidamente sancionados y, al mismo tiempo, trabaja para eliminar cualquier rastro comprometedor de la web para las víctimas en cuestión.

El objetivo último es impulsar la construcción de una gran realidad humanitaria internacional, formada por asociaciones, expertos y voluntarios, orientada al intercambio de información y la implementación de planes de intervención focalizados y efectivos. Es por esto que Protection4Kids también se compromete, a través de un recorrido por conferencias mundiales, a educar sobre el uso correcto de Internet.

Protection4Kids es una ONG fundada por Andrea Baggio y Juan Ricardo Palacio, respectivamente CEO Europa y América de ReputationUP. La organización se compromete a ayudar concretamente a los menores víctimas de trata y pornografía online. P4K opera con una amplia red de consultores en 50 países repartidos por Europa, América del Sur y Estados Unidos. Para obtener información https://protection4kids.com/es/
Email: info@protection4kids.com

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Legacy and ENCORE Awarded 3-Year DHHS NationalHealth Coach Training Pilot with IHS

The partnership will support the United States’ Indian Health Services for American Indians and Alaska Natives.

STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Legacy Holistic Health Institute and ENCORE Management and Consulting Services are pleased to announce the success of their partnership with the win of a three-year award to support the Indian Health Services’ National Health Coach Training Pilot initiative in the United States.

Indian Health Services is the Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives. The organization’s mission is to raise the physical, social, mental, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level. Similarly, the partnership between Legacy Holistic Health Institute & ENCORE combines decades of experience in healthcare, holistic health practices,virtual and in-person program development, online course development, implementation,and evaluation in the civilian and procurement space. The organizations demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the complexity involved in supporting cultural-centric Health Programs to support the social, mental, physical, and spiritual health of all Americans.

“Legacy Holistic Health Institute is currently aligned with the Whole Health Coaching Initiative set forth by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a subcontractor,” says founder of the organization, Dr. Angela Cudger. “We boast the only Health Coach Training Program of its kind that encompasses a mind-body-soul approach to whole health and healing”. Legacy’s Health Coach Training Program curriculum bridges the gap between healthcare and whole care, with a focus on health disparities affecting minority and indigenous populations.” Legacy serves as prime on the newly awarded contract.

Legacy’s new partner, ENCORE, is a woman-owned, innovative management and consulting firm with over fifteen years of expertise in the field of clinical care-based program development and leadership training. The company has an extensive background in planning, implementing, and evaluating programs targeting patients of various ages and nationalities with cognitive, physical,and chronic ailments. ENCORE is also familiar with various state regulations and have provided compliance training to front-line care staff and leadership teams.

Together, the Legacy/ENCORE partnership commits to the ability to align educational programs with the immediate needs of IHS in providing the best solutions for the current health challenges facing American Indian and Alaskan Native communities, along with a willingness to thoughtfully engage deep issues such as historical trauma and cultural renewal, and a readiness to include entire communities in healing work.

"According to a recent article in The Guardian about the devastating impact of COVID on American Indian and Alaskan Native communities, they need our support now, more than ever,” states Dr. Cudger. “Research has shown that one in every 475 Native Americans has died since the pandemic began, decimating numerous families in the process. With these statistics, it is clear Native Americans are dying at a rate faster than any other community within the United States and we must do everything we can to address inequities and support all Americans before the situation deteriorates any further.”

The Health Coach Training Pilot is set to begin April 2021 with 100 seats for health education professionals and community health representatives that serve the American Indian and Alaskan Native (AI/AN) populations directly.

For more information about Legacy Holistic Health Institute, please visit https://legacyhealthcoach.com.

About Legacy Holistic Health Institute Legacy Holistic Health equips, educates, and supports health and fitness professionals, wellness influencers, health care professionals, nutritionists, and allied health professionals with the tools they need to become successful holistic Health Coaches.

The organization was founded by Dr. Angela Cudger, a Master Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Lifestyle Expert who holds a Bachelor’s of Cardiopulmonary Care Services from Georgia State University and a Master’s of Medical Science in Anesthesiology from Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Cudger is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and received her Doctorate of Philosophy degree with a focus in Healthcare Leadership. She is currently enrolled and pursuing a Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences degree.

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Forerunner of Reparations Movement Declares “The Casket is Finally Open” on America's Sins

nkechi taifa vertical

Nkechi Taifa, author of “Black Power, Black Lawyer”

Book by Taifa

Book by Nkechi Taifa Available on Amazon

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Nkechi Taifa, author, speaker and media personality – www.BlackPowerBlackLawyer.com

Black Power, Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice by Nkechi Taifa

As a Black Power advocate and a Black Movement Lawyer. my mission is to awaken, inform, provoke, move and, at its best, fire you up to either join or continue The Struggle.”

— Nkechi Taifa

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA , UNITED STATES , April 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — On the heels of Evanston, Illinois’ ground-breaking legislation to enact housing reparations for Black people, coupled with today’s racial reckoning, some say the time is right for comprehensive reparations. Legendary attorney Nkechi Taifa tilled the ground while sitting at the feet of civil rights icons H. Rap Brown, Dr. Angela Davis, Dr. Imari Obadele, and Attorney Chokwe Lumumba. Her latest book — Black Power, Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice, recounts the stories of some of these unsung heroes. Taifa's rich memoir details the history behind the history of the real civil rights movement.

Honored as Essence Magazine’s 2019 WOKE 100 Black Women Advocating for Change, Taifa came to the Black Power movement under the watchful eyes of greats like Queen Mother Moore. As a convener of the JusticeRoundTable.org, a progressive voice for justice reform, this Howard grad cries out for a time which she believes has truly come. Through her work on HR40, she seeks to right an historical wrong on the federal level. In this bill, Congress will move to create a Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans.

Over the decades, Taifa, an avid student of justice, has honed the arguments in defense of the dreams of enslaved people who yearned to be free and equal. Now hundreds of years later, Black people are still fighting just to be afforded basic human rights, as in the case of George Floyd who simply wanted to breathe. The George Washington University alum is well known in communities of color for fighting the ongoing battle once thought forgotten but, today, thanks to the social shaking in America, she sees a reemergence of this age-old conflict. Despite the struggle, she sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Often consulted on matters of justice, Taifa was quoted in the now-famous Atlantic expose on being Black in America by Pulitzer Prize finalist Ta-Nehisi Coates. As the idea of reparations finds its footing in this generation, Taifa stands as more than a resource as she speaks as the deep guttural groan for freedom. And it seems her work and that of those unsung heroes she heralds has not gone in vain.

Recent polls say the winds of change are shifting in favor of reparations. According to Democracy in Color, nearly 40 percent of White Americans now agree it's time for real movement in the national debate over reparations for enslaved people. Taifa cites countless examples including monetary reparation paid to Japanese Americans wrongly interned during World War II – says Taifa “Japanese Americans received an apology and restitution, but 400 years later African American people have yet to have an official apology from Congress signed by the White House.”

Pointing to the example of the recent murders of George Floyd, Daunte Wright and the brutal lynching of Emmett Till – these incidents of hate were catalysts for change.

Both Wright and Floyd’s murders were caught on tape but Till’s mother famously held an open casket so the public could see the brutalization of her son for itself. In much the same way Taifa charges that no longer will the blood, sweat and tears of our forebears be swept under the rug – but the “casket is now open” and all of the country’s atrocities towards Black people are laid bare before the world to judge.

It is heart-wrenching moments like these that stir Taifa to keep hope alive. She says her one purpose “as a Black Power advocate and a Black Movement Lawyer is to awaken, inform, provoke, move and, at its best, fire you up to either join or continue, “The Struggle.”

About Nkechi Taifa: A leader before her time, Nkechi Taifa stands as a pillar of the Black Power movement and as a long-standing “People’s Lawyer." A sought-after spokesperson for reparations and justice reform, she gained her law degree from George Washington University and graduated magna cum laude from Howard University. Taifa has many awards, including Essence Magazine’s 2019 WOKE 100 Black Women Advocating for Change.

If you want to hear more from Nkechi Taifa and the fight for reparations and justice system reform, contact Pam Perry at 248-690-6810 or staff@pamperrypr.com

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Nkechi Taifa, author

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