EM-P and the Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies Worldwide

The Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies

Creating National Unity is a National Imperative

SOLON, OH, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Washington & Associates, Inc. (W&A) is announcing the publication of white paper no. 007 entitled “EM-P and the Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies Worldwide.” White paper no. 007 is a 65-page summary of the “Equity Manage-Plato Strategic Plan,” which comprises 1,300 pages. We wrote white paper no. 007 to be an easily accessible introduction to all things EM-P. The white paper is a work in progress; it is 90 percent complete, and we were going to hold off publishing until it was 100 percent complete. But, given the dire state of liberal democracy in America and worldwide, we felt compelled to release it now. As Voltaire once said, “don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.” Even in its incomplete state, white paper no. 007 and EM-P are far better than anything else out there.

So, what is EM-P, and why should you care? For those unfamiliar with W&A or EM-P, EM-P is the acronym for “Equity Management-Plato.” Equity Management (“EM”) is a ground-breaking management system made up of an interrelated set of novel concepts, methods, and tools. The core of EM is made up of four concepts: (1) the social and economic justice, fairness, and inclusion of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; (2) John Rawls’ concept called “Justice as Fairness;” (3) the American public policy known as “affirmative action;” and (4) the judicial principle called “strict scrutiny.” These four concepts are woven together to form Equity Management (“EM”). The second part of the system is a web-based computer system called the Plato Management Information System (“Plato” or “P”). Plato is designed to manage sectoral transactions, conduct evaluations, and report on transactions in many different sectors. EM-P Additionally, W&A dipped into 17 other disciplines to fill in the gaps in the EM-P logic model and help explain EM-P to the layman.

White paper no. 007 explains how the Equity Management-Plato Strategic Plan can help unify liberal democracies worldwide by doing the following:

1. Resolving societal divisions
2. Creating new social contracts
3. Creating a new political center
4. Mitigating political polarization
5. Mitigating hyper-partisanship
6. Revitalizing representative democracy
7. Resisting authoritarianism
8. Dismantling systemic racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia
9. Empowering the people (positive populism)
10. Creating a positive national ethos
11. Creating a positive socio-economic orthodoxy

After the climate crisis, disunity in liberal democracies is the second greatest existential threat facing the world. Therefore, uniting liberal democracies is of paramount importance. The steps involved in uniting liberal democracies are listed below and outlined in the schematic attached to this news release:

1. You must design a system that can ensure justice, fairness, and inclusion in the country and appeal to and unify all citizens (EM-P).
2. You must build the Equity Management-Plato System capable of promoting justice, fairness, and inclusion worldwide.
3. You must conduct Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to lay the groundwork for a new social contract in each public sector entity in each country worldwide.
4. You must replace the Virulent Majoritarian Democracy ethos with Equity Management-Plato.
5. You must dismantle the machinery of inequality as represented in all affected sectors in public sector entities.
6. You must implement Equity Management-Plato in public sector entities in each country that adopts Equity Management-Plato.
7. Each country that Adopts Equity Management-Plato must make common cause with other liberal democracy-loving countries worldwide
All these steps are essential to unifying America and other liberal democracy worldwide. If you cannot perform these steps, you cannot unify America, and the lights could go out on American liberal democracy. If the lights go out on liberal democracy in America, they could go out on liberal democracy worldwide.
We at W&A developed the Equity Management-Plato Strategic Plan and wrote white paper no. 007 for the American people and liberal democracy-loving people worldwide. We think all Americans and people worldwide who care about the state of liberal democracy should read the items in the strategic plan. It has long been evident to us at W&A that solving the crisis of liberal democracy was never going to be strictly a top-down exercise. Too many of our leaders are too committed to maintaining the status quo. The status quo is incompatible with the health and wellbeing of liberal democracy. The reality is we can maintain the status quo or save liberal democracy, but we cannot do both. If liberal democracy is to be saved, it must be saved in America first, and it will take a bottom-up, people-driven process to save it.

W&A has been in the fight to save liberal democracy from the beginning, and we are in it for the long haul. W&A’s commitment to deal with solving the problems of liberal democracy can be seen in our company motto, “Creating One Vision (“E Pluribus Unum”) and Empowering One Future (“Equity Management-Plato”). It took 31 years and a small fortune to develop EM-P. W&A spent much of the previously mentioned 31 years trying to educate the public about the coming calamity that is now upon us and how EM-P was available to deal with these crises. But, for the longest time, EM-P seemed to be a solution in search of a problem. Few of the people we contacted could see what we could see. Well, time and circumstances have forced the realities we saw coming 31 years ago onto the public consciousness. Over the last several months, everyone has come to see what we can see. As the French writer and poet Victor Hugo once said, “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” The time for EM-P has come, and we ignore it at our collective peril. So, this is a call to action. Go to the W&A website. Download and read white paper no. 007 (and all the other white papers. They are free.). Buy, and read the book, Buy, and wear the gear. Let’s band together and save our way of life.

Charles A Washington
Washington & Associates, Inc.
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Covid-19: Hunger in U.S. Households Has Tripled, Has Increased Among Children 1400% Since 2019

Nationwide, 1,000's Lineup For Food

1,000’s Lineup For Food Nationwide

Donors Are Asking Questions

Taking Credit ’til The Bills Come Due?

Serving The Hungry For Decades

Where 100% Of Donations Are Spent ONLY For Food And Distribution

Public, private & non-profit organizations' joint efforts have mixed success

I've been PBH's (Hinn's) CE for ~ 20 years. I have gone up against every imaginable enemy, including the Senate Finance Committee, the
IRS, the FBI & 100's of disgruntled employees & family members.”

— Don Price, "Chief Excutive" for Benny Hinn

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Among a U.S. population of more than 330 million people, there is not a single life that remains unaffected by the Biblical impact of this current plague. The foremost publicized victims are the 100’s of 1,000’s who have unnecessarily died and inevitably will die prematurely. Beyond the economic damages which have exacerbated homelessness, unemployment rates and the associated psychological scars is the inexcusable, obscene, number of hungry people who live in the world’s richest nation.

Politicians (or at least those wannabe’s who happen to currently hold office) created a health crisis from which the U.S. can no longer recover in a few short months. Their “denial strategy”, as with an ostrich, has been to just bury their heads in the sand until the virus magically evaporates. Unfortunately, they have had a large enough number of constituent bird-brains who agree that masks are inconvenient … that the exercise of social responsibility and common sense is a violation of their Constitutional rights. The resultant chaos has no easy, immediate or foreseeable fix.

The good news is that there is, has always been, a more-than-ample food supply to meet the most fundamental of needs for everyone in this country. The better news is that there is an ever-growing number of dedicated public servants, private sector humanitarians and generous private citizens who are building an army in their war on hunger. The remedies are readily available and pretty simplistic.

A prime example of dedication is Dr. Norman Quintero, Senior Pastor of Iglesia Getsemani, in Tustin, CA. His Stop Hunger campaign represents his lifelong commitment to, passion for, the cause. For over two decades “Dr. Q” has devoted his life to not only feeding 100’s of 1,000’s of families, but providing social services, mental healthcare, clothing, household supplies and spiritual support across the U.S. and international borders. Acquiring and distributing sustenance isn’t anything new to this spiritual leader, nor does he see the recent crisis as another revenue stream. It’s just what he does – working hand-in-hand with fellow businessmen, medical professionals and clergy. For every dollar that comes in, at least one goes out, but to ONLY food and distribution costs.

As an icon of planetary community service and integrity, “Dr. Q” is always looking for a handout in order to give a hand up. That is to say, he always welcomes new relationships, new donors, new means by which he can be of more help to more of those in need and most importantly – new people whom he can serve in new ways and too a greater degree.

Earlier this year, in keeping with his vision, the good doctor eventually accepted a request from faith healer and (former?) proselytizer of “Prosperity Gospel”, Benny Hinn, to contribute to the long-established and ongoing crusade against food insecurity. In keeping with Hinn’s signature showmanship, full color brochures and multiple videos were produced and disseminated, photo-ops were exploited and promises were made. All appropriated the images, words and decades-long good works of “Dr. Q”.

Long story short, the added publicity generated an exponential increase in awareness. More and more hungry families were served – more and more food was purchased – by the Quintero ministry. According to “PBH” (‘pastor’ Benny Hinn) himself as well as his staff, more and more donations (well into six figures) were pouring in.

And then came the time to pay those who had grown, produced and delivered all of the meals. The entire Hinn operation had long ago left town.

Their lawyer was a ”no show” for a scheduled interview. Their “Chief Executive” had no response other than a text proclaiming his experience with “enemies” among Congress, federal agencies, law enforcement, employees and Hinn’s own family members. He failed to mention the many who had donated money to help “Dr. Q”.

To request a copy of the recorded interview with Benny Hinn, wherein he tells 3 different tales within the span of 10 minutes and 20 seconds, please contact the author via EIN email.

According to multiple sources inside the Hinn organization, verified donors who had intended to fund Quintero’s mission through Hinn … and even “PBH” himself … not a penny was forwarded to the intended recipients. Most of the PBH FB & You Tube videos were taken down or concealed from public view. A new ”Arm” of Benny’s brand new enterprise suddenly appeared in other parts of the country. The funding sources for the food, rental trucks and temporary signage are unknown, but certainly subject to conjecture.

Meanwhile, Dr. Norman Quintero continues to honor his commitments to those in need … as well as those whom he pays for the food … out of his own pocket. Long after the pandemic has stopped, “Dr. Q” will still be serving the need as he has done for so many years.

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Begin video @ 3:30 minutes

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Pakistani Middle-class Girl backed by an American Digital Company sets the stage to empower women against cultural norms

Hola Amor is a women designer brand incorporated in New York, USA using clothing art to raise voice for the under privileged girls in Sub-Continent region.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hola Amor is a women designer brand incorporated & registered in New York USA using clothing art to raise voice for the under privileged girls in Sub-Continent region. Dedicated bold designs approach inculcate around the idea of helping complexed women to reveal their true self considering equal communal women participation as a social enterprise across the subcontinent.

Hola Amor is committed to create widespread awareness and commitment for a just, democratic, and caring society in subcontinent where women have to undergo many challenges as a part of their daily lives & fear being a free spirit. With a concept of assisting, facilitating, and strengthening women through amazingly valiant designs for promoting trust and collaboration. It gives an adequate chance to become productive, self-reliant members of the society that has spurned them and caused cultural public pressure on women’s empowerment thoroughly.

Napollo Software Design is among the leading digital companies with offices in New York, Dubai & Pakistan. Napollo has partnered with Nida Junejo (Founder Hola Amor Inc.) to extend its powerful digital platform to build this ready to wear exclusive clothing brand in USA, UAE, Pakistan & around the globe in coming months. Hola Amor will be ready to take orders from Nov 3rd, 2020.

Hola Amor has publicly released its designs on Instagram & Facebook on Oct 26th, 2020 that has gained tremendous response from Pakistan, UAE & New York markets to buy the limited-edition clothing line.

Founder Hola Amor Inc. Nida Junejo says on its design revealing day “Let’s reinforce the long-lost faith of people in women commencing with appearance. A feeling that with every passing day we are making a difference, and a make-believe attitude! With execution of a belief that together we can work for free of complexed, secured & harmonious future in collaboration with unleashing the concealed aptitude and representing their narratives. At Hola Amor, we will make sure in our capacity that women empowerment is promoted and well preserved"

Hola Amor has allocated a large percentage of its profit use for the women development activities in sub-continent region.

For more information, contact at info@holaamor.org

Mo Ali
Napollo Software Design LLC
+1 347-413-0990
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Federal Prison Information | Information About Federal Prisons

Inmate Search | Inmate Locator

Inmate Search | Inmate Locator

Federal Bureau of Prisons | Federal Prisons

Federal Bureau of Prisons | Federal Prisons

Directory of Federal Prisons

Directory of Federal Prisons

Zoukis Consulting Group recently released a federal prison information portal where you can learn about each Federal Bureau of Prisons' facility.

Our objective is for our clients to serve the least amount of time in the best federal prisons with the earliest opportunity for release.”

— Christopher Zoukis, Managing Director

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Federal Bureau of Prisons incarcerates 154,859 federal prisoners across 37 states. These inmates are held in 127 stand-alone federal prisons, 68 satellite prison camps, and 12 private prisons.

In fiscal year 2019, 76,656 criminal defendants were sentenced in federal courts. This constitutes a 10.2 percent increase in federal criminal sentencing over fiscal year 2018. This is the single largest percentage increase in federal criminal sentencing in the past 15 years.

“Federal inmates are housed in a variety of facilities across the United States,” explains Christopher Zoukis, Managing Director of the Zoukis Consulting Group, “These range from relatively soft Federal Prison Camps to extremely violent and lawless U.S. Penitentiaries with nicknames such as ‘Bloody Beaumont’ and ‘Victimville.’”

The majority of federal prisoners are housed in low-security federal prisons (36.6%) and medium-security federal prisons (31.6%). Minimum-security prisons, or Federal Prison Camps, house 16 percent of federal inmates, while high-security federal prisons house 12.4 percent of federal inmates.

“The significant number of inmates housed across the United States creates a real problem for prisoners and their families,” said Zoukis. “Finding where an incarcerated loved one is incarcerated can be a real challenge.” He continued, “The fear of losing a loved one in prison is a real fear and occurs every day.”

The Zoukis Consulting Group created an online portal to help family members and friends of prisoners find their incarcerated loved ones. This Inmate Search Portal provides family members with links to each state prison system’s and the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator databases.

“The other hard-to-appreciate issue is the culture of each institution,” explains Zoukis. “While we think of prisons as a standardized experience, this just isn’t the case.”

Each federal prison has its own unique culture, and these cultures spur folklore-like names. For example, USP Victorville in California is known by the nickname “Victimville.” USP Beaumont in Texas is known by an equally nefarious name, “Bloody Beaumont.” In contrast, FCI Petersburg Medium in Petersburg, Virginia, is known amongst inmates as “Sweetersburg,” while Federal Prison Camp Alderson, where Martha Stewart was incarcerated, is known as “Camp Cupcake.”

“One of the acute problems our clients experience is understanding the culture of individual federal prisons before arrival,” said Zoukis. “This is critical because if the institution is particularly violent or experiences significant prison politics, new arrivals need to know so they can develop a plan for how to interact with other inmates, and how to react to the typical initiation rituals at the various security levels.”

To help shed light into each institution’s culture, Zoukis both interviewed and surveyed inmates at most federal prisons. He also conducted literature reviews, supported by numerous Freedom of Information Act requests. His objective was deceptively simple: to catalog each federal prisons’ inmate offerings and appreciate each institution’s culture.

“The end product of this several-years effort was the publication of my Directory of Federal Prisons,” said Zoukis. “The book profiles every federal prison in the United States, particularly focusing on the culture of each institution.”

Each prison profile also contains data on whether current inmates believe LGBT inmates, sex offenders, and informants are safe to reside at each facility, and the prevalence of prison politics, or the prison gang culture, of each institution.

An extension of this project is the publication of the Zoukis Consulting Group’s Federal Prison Resource Portal on the firm’s website. This resource portal includes profiles of every federal prison. While not as exhaustive as the profiles in his Directory of Federal Prisons, this web portal provides free information of use to anyone interested in federal prisons and their inmate offerings.

“Going to federal prison is never simple or easy,” explains Zoukis. “But armed with an informational framework from which to make good decisions, new arrivals can land on their feet, improve their quality of life, and make it through the experience as relatively unscathed as possible.”

About the Zoukis Consulting Group

The Zoukis Consulting Group is the premier federal prison consultancy, specializing in federal prison preparation, resolution of in-prison matters, and reentry success. Our objective is for our clients to serve the least amount of time in the best federal prisons with the earliest opportunity for release. They can be found online at https://www.prisonerresource.com.

About Christopher Zoukis

Christopher Zoukis, MBA, is the Managing Director of the Zoukis Consulting Group. He is the author of the Director of Federal Prisons, Federal Prison Handbook, and Prison Education Guide. Mr. Zoukis is also a law student at the University of California, Davis School of Law, where he is a member of the UC Davis Law Review and Trial Practice Honors Board. He is also the vice president of the Criminal Law Association and Students Against Mass Incarceration.

Christopher Zouki
Zoukis Consulting Group
+1 843-620-1100
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Ric Conn Amplifies Women Empowerment Through Expressionism

Tomorrow by Expressionist Ric Conn

I Am Not Alone

Expressionist Ric Conn painting Tomorrow

Award-winning expressionist artist Ric Conn bringing issues on women's oppression, inequality, and other social struggles into a global audience.

I believe in equality and I want my work to reflect that. The stories in my paintings are situations that can happen to anyone.”

— Ric Conn

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Award-winning expressionist artist Ric Conn is known in the international art scene for bringing issues on women's oppression, inequality, and other social struggles into a global audience. His innovative use of imagery challenges viewers and activists to think beyond what they can see on the canvas and what the painting means on a deeper level.

Ric Conn maximizes the power of art to break down language and cultural barriers, knowing that inequality issues are evident anywhere in the world. Today, he is among the leading voices in amplifying women's hurdles through his creative use of mixed media, including acrylics, inks, oil, gouaches, and charcoal. His portraits of the female persona show worthy narratives ranging from everyday issues to society's most well-buried battles.

Following legendary expressionist artists' footsteps, Ric Conn aims to portray "the invisible with the visible, the intangible with the tangible." His paintings explore the realms beyond reality and expose narratives through profound perception. The artist is heavily inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, Edvard Munch, Picasso, and Matisse, and aspires to leave as great of an impression as possible.

Ric Conn has been recognized for his thought-provoking paintings and received numerous awards such as Best in Show, Face of Queen Anne's County Medal, and Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. Consequently, the artist has been featured in publications and television platforms. This year 2020, he was recognized by ArtTour International Magazine and Toscana Cultura in Italy to magnify women empowerment.

On a mission to enlighten as many people as possible, Ric Conn has showcased his artworks in private and public collections, including the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. Seen as a contemporary master, he has continually encouraged viewers and activists to open constructive conversations and challenge the status quo to establish a new norm. As an artist, Ric has made it his mission to create a world where women are honored and respected, not only as crucial vessels for life but also as vital contributors to society's advancement.

On top of galleries and collections, Ric Conn has shown his work in exhibits in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Frederick, Stevensville, and Centreville, Maryland. His paintings have also reached audiences in Washington, DC, Manhattan, and Chelsea, New York City.

As a male artist, Ric Conn is representing the voices of women from his unique perspective. "I believe in equality and I want my work to reflect that," said the artist. "Since I am a man and the subjects of my paintings are women, I attempt to show equality because the stories can, and sometimes have, happened to me as well," he added. Ric makes it clear that inequality and mistreatment can happen to anyone. Through his paintings, the artist leads people to a new generation with mutual respect for all human beings from various walks of life.

Expressionism is a bold form of art that maximizes bold textures, colors, and imagery in conveying a message. By detaching the audience from the literal, expressionist artists have the freedom to go above and beyond reality. Ric Conn has always been fascinated at how metaphorical representations can urge a viewer to dig deeper than what meets the eye. Beyond the colors, shadows, light, and depth in his paintings, the artist highlight a message to shatter stereotypes and bring forth a "healthy society where women are empowered, loved, and respected."

Learn more about Ric Conn on his website at https://www.ricconn.com/
Like his Facebook Page @ricconnfineart
Follow him on Instagram @ricconn

Viviana Puello-Grimandi
ArtTour International Magazine
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Viviana Puello “Art 2 Heart” Interview to Expressionist Ric Conn

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Aloysius Ihezie Offers Expert Advice Surrounding Philanthropy In Africa

Aloysius Ihezie Foundation Opening

Ihezie Foundation Opening

Aloysius Ihezie Foundation

Aloysius Ihezie

Non-profit Organization Founder Aloysius Ihezie Offers First-hand Insights Into Philanthropic Giving in Africa.

MILTON KEYNES, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, ENGLAND, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A visionary entrepreneur and celebrated philanthropist, for the past five years, Aloysius Ihezie has been the name behind the revolutionary UK-based Ihezie Foundation. Focused on improving education for children in the UK, in and Africa, Nigeria-born Ihezie Foundation founder Aloysius provides an expert insight specifically into planning philanthropic endeavours in sub-Saharan Africa.

"Establishing a plan for philanthropic giving can often be an overwhelming task, particularly in places such as sub-Saharan Africa." Explains Aloysius Ihezie, speaking from his office located in Park Royal, North West London.

This, Ihezie says, first and foremost, is largely down to the sheer number of competing good causes already in need of support. "While a wealth of support already exists for many good causes, vital help is still required," adds the entrepreneur and philanthropist, "on a wide variety of fronts."

Accordingly, anyone looking to commit to philanthropic endeavours in Africa must, Aloysius Ihezie suggests, set a clear goal from the outset. "This will make the process infinitely more straightforward," explains Mr. Ihezie, "and help to determine what support can be given to who, as well as when, and where."

"First, ask yourself, 'What's my motivation for giving?'" advises Aloysius Ihezie. Establishing long-term, strategic giving can be a challenge, he reports, and, thus, determining one's primary motivation should always be a key starting point.

According to Aloysius Ihezie, motivations can range from righting wrongs which have been witnessed to solving specific social or other problems. Whatever an individual's philanthropic motivation, however, he or she must, the Ihezie Foundation creator says, understand from the outset what drives them. With a primary motivation—and, with that, most likely a key objective—established, the best possible decisions can be made about where a philanthropist's resources are best spent, Ihezie reports.

"The same will also help an individual to more easily outline their motivation to others, and provide a clear understanding of the basis of their philanthropic giving," adds the expert. This is crucial, he says, particularly in Africa, where regulation surrounding charitable efforts is often weak or otherwise lacking.

It's important, too, Aloysius Ihezie notes, to distinguish between traditional charity and modern philanthropy, whereby charity typically represents one-off donations and support, while philanthropy is a longer-term commitment to tackling the root cause of a particular issue.

Philanthropy also boasts another key differentiating factor, London-based Aloysius Ihezie points out, in the form of time. "For most philanthropic endeavours to be truly effective and to sustain lasting change and facilitate real impact, it's often about more than just financial investment," he explains, "and quite regularly also relies on a philanthropist's time, too."

At the end of the day, philanthropy is, Aloysius Ihezie says, for the most part, an inherently personal journey. There is, in fact, he suggests, no single 'right' or 'correct' path to follow. "Instead, it's about learning from others, and being poised at all times to make the most effective decisions about where your giving can have the most impact," adds the expert, wrapping up, "driven by your motivation and the problems you wish to help solve, committing appropriate resources and identifying grantees to work alongside in the process."

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Senior Justice Law Firm Welcomes New Partner Avery Adcock

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Avery Adcock Joins Senior Justice Law Firm

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Avery Adcock Joins Senior Justice Law Firm

Senior Justice Law Firm - Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Senior Justice Law Firm is pleased to announce that Attorney Avery Adcock has joined as a Partner in their Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia offices.

Avery has established herself as a passionate advocate for improving the quality of care in nursing homes around the country. She shares our commitment to ensuring that our clients receive justice.”

— Michael Brevda


Senior Justice Law Firm Welcomes New Partner Avery Adcock

[Washington, D.C., October 26, 2020] — Senior Justice Law Firm is pleased to announce that Avery Adcock has joined as a partner in their Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia offices.

Avery brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from years of representing victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. “Avery has established herself as a passionate advocate for improving the quality of care in nursing homes around the country. She shares our commitment to ensuring that our clients’ voices are heard and that they receive the justice they deserve,” said Michael Brevda, Senior Justice Law Firm Managing Partner.

Avery currently serves on the Board of Governors for the District of Columbia and Virginia Trial Lawyers Associations. Before joining Senior Justice Law Firm, she worked in the nursing home litigation department of a prominent plaintiff’s personal injury law firm, litigating cases against nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

A Northern Virginia native, Avery is licensed to practice in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Alabama. She has successfully recovered millions of dollars for her clients and their families.

Senior Justice Law Firm focuses on litigating nursing home abuse and neglect cases across the country. Their attorneys have helped thousands of families achieve justice for their loved ones who have suffered serious injuries or death inside long-term care facilities.

For more information on Senior Justice Law Firm:

Phone: 888-375-9998
PR Contact: Info@seniorjustice.com

Senior Justice Law Firm
+1 561-418-3712
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Senior Justice Law Firm – Washington DC Nursing Home Abuse Cases

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Under a Tarp Challenge – Seeking Shelter For All

Image of Under a Tarp Challenge Logo

Under a Tarp Challenge

Picture of John Watson Allison Founder of Under a Tarp Challenge

John Watson Allison

Army Veteran Launches Global Challenge To Help The Homeless


Under a Tarp Challenge – Press Release:

British Army veteran, John Watson Allison has launched a global challenge in support of the homeless. Those taking part in the “Under a Tarp” challenge will be required to raise funds for a homeless charity of their choice, build their own tarpaulin shelter outdoors, spend the night in the homemade structure and sleep on a cardboard bed.

Under a Tarp Challenge – Website – www.underatarp.co.uk www.underatarp.com

John said: “We often talk about helping the homeless but this is a truly immersive experience , moving beyond comfort zones and towards a deeper understanding of what it’s really like to be sleeping rough on the streets.”

Participants can nominate others to take part via social media channels and share their experience of the challenge via Under a Tarp too. It is hoped that the Under a Tarp challenge will help to raise global collective awareness of the homelessness problem and the invaluable work of countless homeless charities throughout the UK and beyond.

Furthermore, the Under a Tarp Challenge is designed to help people learn new life skills, such as shelter building and become more resilient in testing times. “For many people, their resilience has never been tested as much as it is now. There has never been a more important time to learn basic skills and the art of self-sufficiency. We also need to learn to accept and be grateful for what we have too, with so many people less fortunate than ourselves,” said John.

Figures released by homeless charity, Shelter, in December 2019 suggested that in the UK alone, around 280,000 people were recorded as homeless with 220,000 living under the threat of homelessness too. Such numbers don’t account for thousands of people sofa surfing or living in unsuitable accommodation.

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to dramatically increase the homeless population worldwide, with evictions increasing every day. Low paid workers who have rented from private landlords without tenancy agreements are likely to suffer considerably.

John Watson Allison served with the British Army for 24 years, joining the Army at 16. He found the transition into civilian life particularly challenging. He had to move home 12 times since leaving the Army, often because landlords were selling up, converting rooms into AirBnB rentals or no longer wanted to rent out their property. In 2017 he was made redundant and a month later was told that he would have to leave the house where he’d been renting a room for a year. He lived in his tiny van for six months, with no fixed abode and was technically homeless.

For the past ten years John has run urban adventure StreetGym® using nothing but the fabric of the city to keep people fit and he often encountered the homelessness problem during the course of his work. “You’d often come across signs that someone had been sleeping rough in the nooks and crannies of the city. It used to shock me where people ended up” he said. “Working in and around the streets of London you’d hear some stories too. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from, homelessness can happen to any one of us,” he added. ENDS


The Under a Tarp Challenge website can be found here:



John Watson Allison is the founder of StreetGym® urban adventure – www.streetgym.co.uk and holistic wellbeing service – Motion to Mind™ www.motiontomind.co.uk

John spent 24 years in the British Army, specialising in Bomb Disposal and Counter-Terrorist Search with the Royal Engineers and latterly Improvised Explosive Device (IED) intelligence with the Intelligence Corps.

John is available for interview, filming and photo opportunities. Hi-res photographs are also available upon request.


Name: John Watson Allison
Mobile: 07388 813976
Email: enquiries@underatarp.co.uk

John Watson Allison
Under a Tarp Challenge
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How to build a tarp shelter by John Watson Allison

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Toris Young Presiding Bishop Holding On To Hope Prayer Service

Toris Young Presiding Bishop Holding On To Hope Prayer Service "A International Prayer Service For Healing and Wholeness

Toris Young Holding On To Hope A International Prayer Service For Healing and Wholeness”

— Bishop Toris Young

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Toris Young Presiding Bishop Holding On To Hope International Prayer Service

A International Prayer Service For Healing And Wholeness
October 28, 2020

Toris Young, presiding bishop of Greater Bibleway Church International and it's world-wide partners will lead a live-streamed prayer service to include those at the National Cathedral in Washington, U.S.A. Holding on to hope: A International Prayer Service for Healing and Wholeness, on All Saints Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. EST. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, racial reckoning, economic un-certainty and a historic election, the live-streamed service will gather people across the Globe for prayer, song, lament, hope, and a call to love God and neighbor.

The service will feature an ecumenical and multi-faith array of voices, musical offerings, and prayers. Using a combination of live and visually stunning pre-recorded elements gathered from around the world, the service will be live streamed in English and Spanish. "The Washington National Cathedral has gathered Americans for prayer at the death of presidents, after terrible tragedies like 9/11, hurricane Katrina and in moments of joy and hope for our nation and our world," says Bishop Toris Young, "As the people of the United States cast their votes for the office of president and many other offices throughout the land, we gather to pray to God our Creator of everything. We pray that we might learn to stand and hold each other's hands as the children of The Most High God."

In addition to Bishop Toris Young's Sermon, the service will include. Bishop Michael Curry, Father James Martin, Valarie Kaur, Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith, Reverend Aubrey Wallace, Rev. T.R. Williams, Kurt Carr, Rickey Dillard, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Todd Dulaney, Tye Tribbett, Karen Clark Sheard, Yolanda AdamsTamela Mann and Dotties Peoples. A live prayer hotline in English and Spanish will be open and available during the service, staffed by Greater Bibleway Church International clergy and chaplains, in partnership with New Faith Church, Breaking Bread Ministry and General Theological Seminary. The hotline will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST from November 1, 2020 to November 6, 2020. A live stream embed code is provided on our international web-site and available to any and all congregations that would like to add the stream to their own website or Facebook page. Congregations are invited to host watch-parties as part of their All saints Day Observance and election day preparations.

All resources and conversations will be shared through Greater Bibleway Church International free digital platforms found here: Facebook /greaterwayint Twitter @greaterbcint Instagram @greaterbiblewaychurchint YouTube @greaterbiblewaychurchint and our web-site www.gbcint.org

For more information or interviews please contact the Public Affairs Office of Greater Bibleway Church International at (504)702-8330 email: greaterbiblewayint@gmail.com

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Thoughts on International Religious Freedom Day From the Church of Scientology Nashville

At last year’s International Religious Freedom Day service, Rev. Fesler described the impact of the passage of this bill in 1998 and presented those attending with a booklet published by the Church of Scientology International on the freedom of religion.

At last year’s International Religious Freedom Day service, Rev. Fesler described the impact of the passage of this bill in 1998 and presented those attending with a booklet published by the Church of Scientology International on the freedom of religion.

In previous years, the Nashville Church has invited students to tour on International Religious Freedom Day.

In previous years, the Nashville Church has invited students to tour on International Religious Freedom Day.

COVID-19 has also interrupted the interfaith meetings hosted by the Church. Rev. Fesler and the other staff at the Church of Scientology Nashville look forward to resuming these activities when it is once more safe to do so.

COVID-19 has also interrupted the interfaith meetings hosted by the Church. Rev. Fesler and the other staff at the Church of Scientology Nashville look forward to resuming these activities when it is once more safe to do so.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In any ordinary year, the Nashville Church of Scientology holds a special service to observe International Religious Freedom Day, open to members of all faiths or none. But this is no ordinary year. “This year, COVID-19 has changed so much for all of us,” says Rev. Brian Fesler, pastor of the Church.

“Without freedom of religion, or freedom of thought, freedom itself cannot exist,” says Rev. Fesler on the importance of International Religious Freedom Day and what it means not only to Americans but to people the world over.

International Religious Freedom Day October 27 marks the passage of the Religious Freedom Act of 1998, which established the office of the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom and highlighted America’s responsibility to the world in guaranteeing Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

In his prescient 1973 essay, “Religious Influence in Society,” L. Ron Hubbard wrote:

“Probably the most critical point of attack on a culture is its religious experience. Where one can destroy or undermine religious institutions then the entire fabric of the society can be quickly subverted or brought to ruin.

“Religion is the first sense of community. Your sense of community occurs by reason of mutual experience with others. Where the religious sense of community and with it real trust and integrity can be destroyed, then that society is like a sandcastle unable to defend itself against the inexorable sea.

“For the last hundred years or so religion has been beset with a relentless attack. You have been told it’s the ‘opiate of the masses,’ that it’s unscientific, that it is primitive; in short, that it is a delusion.

“But beneath all these attacks on organized religion there was a more fundamental target: the spirituality of Man, your own basic spiritual nature, self-respect and peace of mind.”

Mr. Hubbard also recognized the role of the artist in asserting the ideals of a society. “A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists,” he wrote. And nowhere is that more evident than in cultural centers like Nashville.

In keeping with these words, in April 2009 when Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, dedicated the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre of Nashville, he called on Nashville Scientologists to help the city fulfill her destiny and “write a song that will uplift every Man.”

“The new Ideal Org and Celebrity Centre signals great things for tomorrow,” he said. “And when you couple that with our ability to recover to individuals their inherent creativity, our ability to reawaken dreams and restore the power to achieve those dreams, yes, we can now make good on what L. Ron Hubbard tells us regarding the artist as creating the beauty and glory on which cultures depend.”

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Scientology Beliefs: Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others

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