Joyous Montessori Announces Current Precautions Due to COVID-19 Crisis

Joyous Montessori says among the measures are increased sanitization processes, increased hand-washing, and new drop-off and pick-up procedures

KELLER, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2020 / — Joyous Montessori has introduced improved safety measures at its facilities in Keller, Lewisville, and Fort Worth, Texas, in response to the current COVID-19 crisis.

Joyous Montessori provides children with early education based on the globally renowned Montessori philosophy.

Joyous Montessori continues to serve its communities, as childcare for many is considered an essential service, especially for parents who may be first responders, other healthcare workers, or other essential workers. The organization has; however, taken extra precautions to protect students, teachers, and the wider community. Unfortunately, as of today the Fort Worth and Lewisville locations have temporarily closed as most parents have preferred to and were able to keep children at home; the Keller location continues to stay open at this time due to current parent demand.

All schools are being cleaned and sanitized frequently, including all surfaces and door handles. Teachers and students are also increasing the frequency of handwashing.

Parents are dropping off and picking up their children at the main door of the facilities to avoid exposure to too many people.

In addition to children and teachers being required to stay home if they are sick, children and staff members’ temperatures are checked upon arrival to the schools and during the day if anyone shows signs of being ill.

Health and Human Services of Texas have provided additional information regarding COVID-19.

For more information, please visit

About Joyous Montessori

Joyous Montessori is a unique school that provides children with early education based on the Montessori philosophy. The school currently has locations in Keller, Lewisville, and Fort Worth, Texas. Each location is independently owned and operated and has trained and certified staff members that are passionate about children and focus on quality care. Joyous Montessori strives to motivate each child to explore his or her full potential with quality materials and curriculum as well as an extensive enrichment program that addresses the children’s emotional, physical, and social needs. The organization envisions growing and expanding to partner with like-minded families and professionals who are passionate about children and love to make a difference in their lives through wholesome education.

Vandana Semwal
Joyous Montessori
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April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

WASHINGTON, D.C., DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2020 / — Men's Health Network
P. O. Box 75972
Washington, D.C. 20013
202-543-MHN-1 (6461)

CONTACT: Anne Di Gregory
April 1, 2020
(202) 543-6461 ext. 101

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Men’s Health Network (MHN) joins with other health organizations to raise awareness of testicular cancer during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (April). These organizations are calling on greater awareness among men, healthcare providers, and communities about this cancer that can attack boys and men of all ages.

Although testicular cancer accounts for about 1 percent of all male cancers, it is the most common form of cancer among men between 15 and 35 years old. It has one of the highest survival rates, if found early. Therefore, overall awareness is critically important. This year alone, in the U.S., more than 9,000 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Over 400 deaths will occur this year due to the disease.

Ana Tomsic, MPH, CHES, VP of Men’s Health Network, emphasizes the importance of early detection and education, saying, “The earlier, the better. If we are able to provide resources and education to that younger population, and reduce the stigma surrounding testicular cancer, we will be able to empower men to take charge of their health and know that when something seems wrong or off, they need to get it checked out.”

Olympic gold medalist and World Champion figure skater, Scott Hamilton, is a survivor of testicular cancer. He, too, said that early detection is key. “I knew something was different and didn’t do anything. For a long time. By the time I found out why, I was Stage 3 (out of 4). Know your body. You know your body. Self-examination is easy, and takes very little time. Getting to cancer early is still the best way to survive.”

"Testicular cancer is not considered to be preventable,” said Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni, Jr., PharmD, Senior Science Advisor for Men’s Health Network. “As with so many serious conditions, treatment of early-detected testicular cancer is associated with favorable outcomes. It is our belief, therefore, that men be encouraged by their primary care providers and health policy makers to learn about about testicular cancer, the benefits of early detection and treatment, and to adopt periodic detection techniques including frequent testicular self-examination."

By highlighting Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, we hope to stress the importance of health education and awareness. Men’s Health Network believes that creating a discussion around testicular cancer, self-examinations, and treatment is a great way to bring awareness to your community.

The website helps educate people about risk factors, warning signs, and treatment options for the disease. The site offers videos, a social media toolkit, downloadable posters, brochures, research articles, and examples of awareness activities to turn a difficult-to-discuss problem into an interactive and easier-to-approach learning experience.

Men's Health Network

The Testicular Cancer Awareness Month website is maintained by Men's Health Network (MHN), an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. Learn more about MHN at and follow them on Twitter @MensHlthNetwork and Facebook at . For more information on MHN's ongoing Dialogue on Men's Health series, visit

Anne Di Gregory
Men's Health Network
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Frame Health Launches Program to Keep Hospital Beds Available During COVID-19 Pandemic

By lowering readmissions of patients who aren’t seeking care for coronavirus symptoms, Frame Health will keep hospital beds open.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2020 / — Frame Health (, a healthtech company tackling healthcare’s $300B non-adherence problem, announced today it is rolling out a program to help hospitals and healthcare providers keep patient beds available for critical COVID-19 patients by lowering readmission of other patients.

Using over three decades of validated behavioral science and its proprietary artificial intelligence engine, Frame Health identifies patients at greater risk for non-adherence that can be positively influenced by the right outreach efforts. The technology then delivers tailored interventional messaging proven to measurably increase adherence, improving patient population outcomes at scale while lowering the cost of care.

“Hospitals across the country are bracing for the impending spike in coronavirus cases, and many critical care units are already overwhelmed. Our solution can be implemented immediately to reduce avoidable readmissions and open up more beds for acute COVID-19 patients,” said Bruce Ettinger, Founder and CEO of Frame Health.
“Readmission is a problem the healthcare industry needs to reduce in general, but it could not be more critical during this public health crisis. If we can save a bed, we can save a life.”

According to The New York Times, many parts of the United States will have far too few hospital beds if the new coronavirus continues to spread. Aaron Carroll, a professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and an analyst for The New York Times, wrote “It’s estimated that we have about 45,000 intensive care unit beds in the United States. In a moderate outbreak, about 200,000 Americans would need one.”1

Frame Health is also announcing the two newest additions to its Advisory Board, Michael L. Wall and Dr. Colette Nichols. Wall has a 40-year history serving as CEO of large, complex healthcare systems. He is well-known as an innovative leader in healthcare and was responsible for the creation of the John Muir Health System and bringing the first pediatric trauma center to the San Fernando Valley in California.

Dr. Colette Nichols worked in Finance and Operations leadership positions for almost 20 years. She is known for her work on the financial turnaround of a large hospital in Greater Los Angeles, which earned that hospital its first Moody’s credit rating upgrade and her nomination in 2018 as one of Los Angeles County’s top most influential businesswomen. Now, she is an active investor and advisor who drives growth, turnaround, and scale in the portfolio companies of her agency, The Cavendish Company (

Ettinger says: “Mike and Colette have remarkably deep experience and vast knowledge of the precise needs of health system providers. We are thrilled to have them join our efforts to reduce avoidable readmission and lower the cost of care. Mike and Colette are leading Frame Health’s new product launch, which is designed to help health system providers keep more critically-needed hospital beds available for the acute patients.”

“We are excited to be a part of something that has the potential to make such a meaningful improvement in patient adherence to treatment plans,” said Michael Wall. “It’s an honor to be at the heart of a technology that can provide a solution that helps people in their biggest moment of need. There’s nothing that motivates me more. It’s a higher calling,” said Colette Nichols.

Mike and Colette will start rolling out the Frame Health program to health system providers this week.

Frame Health has its headquarters at ScaleLA (, a healthcare innovation ecosystem. Based in Los Angeles, ScaleLA partners with many of the region’s most prominent healthcare providers and entrepreneurial executives including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Upfront Ventures, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “We are so pleased that Frame Health has been such an integral part of the ScaleLA family and we are looking forward to watching their success, as well as the success of our entire ecosystem of healthcare entrepreneurs,” said Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleLA.

For more information on Frame Health, visit

For more information about Dr. Colette Nichols, visit

For more information on ScaleLA, visit

About Frame Health: Frame Health is a leader in technology-driven patient adherence solutions. Using exclusive rights to the world’s largest psychographic database and a proprietary machine learning engine, Frame Health identifies patients at greater risk for non-adherence that can be positively influenced by the right outreach efforts, and then delivers tailored interventional messaging proven to increase adherence. Our approach gives healthcare companies—including health system providers, health plans and employers, clinical research organizations, and retail pharmacies—the visibility and strategic guidance necessary to support positive behavioral change in patients, and ultimately improve health outcomes at scale while lowering costs. Frame Health is powered by a team of experts from across healthcare, business, technology, and behavioural science.

Bruce Ettinger
Frame Health
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Hash Bash will go on Saturday 4/4/20 at High Noon

Tommy Chong speaks at Hash Bash 2016/photo by Rick Thompson

John Sinclair at Hash Bash 2016/photo by Rick Thompson

Hash Bash 2020 poster

Digital broadcast made possible by the Hash Bash committee, their great sponsors and Planet Green Trees TV

Our lives are profoundly affected by the virus. We have created a way for people to enjoy all the essential components of the Hash Bash- speakers, praise, protest and music- with zero personal risk.”

— Jamie Lowell, Hash Bash Committee

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2020 / — The official digital Hash Bash is coming Saturday, April 4th at High Noon!

The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented gathering on the Diag, but Michigan’s annual cannabis freedoms rally will take place virtually instead. All of the Hash Bash’s history, tradition, speakers and music will be available to enjoy from the comfort of one’s home!

The online event will kick off at 12:00 noon on Saturday April 4. Catch all the action at or

The virtual Hash Bash will feature many of the same great speakers known to attendees, along with some new voices, including:

celebrity guest speaker Tommy Chong

world renowned cannabis breeder DJ Short

Senior Cultivation Editor at High Times Danny Danko

Red Wing great Darren McCarty

State Senator Jeff Irwin

State House Representative Yousef Rabhi

attorney Matt Abel

The digital Hash Bash broadcast begins with an introduction by Nick Zettell and will be hosted by Jamie Lowell and the regular Planet Green Trees Radio Show crew, including attorney Michael Komorn, Rick Thompson and Debra Young. After the virtual rally the broadcast will transition into music and comedy featuring comedian Krissy Kinney and live interviews with well known national acts.

This broadcast will give special recognition to Mr. Hash Bash, Adam Brook, who emceed the event for 20 years, and is dedicated with gratitude to the legendary John Sinclair, who got it all started 49 years ago!

The digital Hash Bash event is totally free. Sponsorship funds will be used to launch the Hash Bash when it is rescheduled later this year. Sponsors are: Komorn Law, Michigan Cannabis Industries Association, Act Labs, The Botanical Company, Arborside, Om of Medicine, Real Leaf Solutions, Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group, Ancient Extractions, Grow Green MI, Elevation Station, Rudoi Law, BDT's Smoke Shop, Planet Green Trees and Jazz Cabbage Cafè Radio Show.

Nick Zettell
Hash Bash Committee
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email us here

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CCHR Encourages the Public to Report Psychiatric Abuse and Fraud

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida announced that they are “launching a task force with state and local officials to investigate fraud related to the coronavirus.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida announced that they are “launching a task force with state and local officials to investigate fraud related to the coronavirus.”

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a non-profit mental health watchdog dedicated to the eradication of abuses committed under the guise of mental health.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a non-profit mental health watchdog dedicated to the eradication of abuses committed under the guise of mental health.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

Question: Who commits more healthcare fraud and abuse?  A. Hospital administrators?  B. Medical doctors?  C. Psychiatrists?  Answer: Psychiatrists commit 40% of all Healthcare fraud.

Question: Who commits more healthcare fraud and abuse? A. Hospital administrators? B. Medical doctors? C. Psychiatrists? Answer: Psychiatrists commit 40% of all Healthcare fraud.

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse.

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental health industry watchdog, operates a free hotline to report abuse.

Florida is the number two state in the country for Medicaid fraud recoveries and a 'hotspot for health care fraud.'”

— South Florida Business Journal

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — With the recent passage of the federal stimulus package, which allocated $425 million for mental health services and an additional $1.32 billion for community mental health centers, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International announced that they will be increasing oversight of the mental health industry. [1]

Following the lead of CCHR International, the Florida chapter of CCHR is also increasing its oversight due to concerns that there will be an increase in telepsychiatry and a potential for greater abuse and fraud across the state.

“Within days of the passage of the stimulus package a Tampa psychiatric practice sent out a press release that they are now offering ‘drive-in’ telepsychiatry,” said the president of CCHR Florida Diane Stein. “CCHR is very concerned that in an effort to provide help during the COVID-19 crisis that instead of providing help the door to rampant fraud may have been opened.” [2]

In May of 2019, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of Inspector General ‘announced charges against 24 defendants associated with five telemedicine companies for their alleged participation in healthcare fraud schemes involving more than $1.2 billion in losses”. [3]

Then in September of 2019, the “Department of Justice announced the indictment of 35 people across the country on charges connected to allegedly fraudulently billing Medicare for more than $2.1 billion in what the department called the “’largest healthcare fraud schemes ever charged.’ According to Medical Economics, at its core, the scheme, involved “illegal bribes and kickbacks to medical professionals working with fraudulent telemedicine companies in exchange for referrals of Medicare beneficiaries.” [4]

As reported the South Florida Business Journal, Florida is the number two state in the country for Medicaid fraud recoveries and a “hotspot for health care fraud.” [5]

CCHR is not the only organization that is concerned with the potential for fraud in Florida as a result of the passage of the federal stimulus package. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida announced today that they are “launching a task force with state and local officials to investigate fraud related to the coronavirus.” [6]

“At this time, it is more important than ever to ensure that people receive real help and do not become the victims of fraud and abuse,” said Stein. “CCHR is working remotely but more diligently than ever to ensure that if people need to report abuse, we are there for them.”

CCHR operates a hotline free of charge where people who have been the victim of psychiatric abuse or fraud can make an official report by calling 800-782-2878 or online at Report Psychiatric Abuse or Fraud.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969. For more information please visit

[1] Mental Health Watchdog Keeps Service Open for Consumers to Report Abuse & Fraud
[3] Telehealth: Two Steps Forward For Payment, Three Steps Back For Fraud?
[4] Medicare fraud: Feds indict 35 in alleged $2.1 billion fraud scheme involving telemedicine
[5] Medicaid fraud recoveries top $165M in Florida
[6] U.S. Attorney in Tampa launches coronavirus fraud task force
Investigators will target fake cures, fake charities, cyber-extortion and scams targeting people’s stimulus payments.

Diane Stein
Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida
+1 (727) 422-8820
email us here
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Who Commits More Healthcare Fraud and Abuse? – ‘The Quiz’ – CCHR

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Domestic Violence Victims Have More To Fear Than COVID19–New Website Aims To Prevent Intimate Partner Homicide

Survivors of intimate partner homicide attempts whose stories were featured in the documentary film, Finding Jenn's Voice, gather as a group dressed in white looking to camera

Survivors of intimate partner homicide attempts featured in Finding Jenn’s Voice

Logo created for Voices4Change features concentric circles symbolizing community coming together -  in teal and purple, colors representing the "NoMore" campaign and Domestic Violence Awareness

Voices4Change Logo

Fining Jenn's Voice Film Poster featuring photos of survivors of intimate partner homicide and a silhouette of a pregnant woman.

Finding Jenn’s Voice Film Poster

Responding to the increased risk for intimate partner homicide during the COVID-19 pandemic, Voices4Change offers free film streaming, resources, and training.

READING, PA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Each year, 50,000 women are murdered by their partners or family members worldwide and in the United States more than 4 women each day are killed by intimate partners. With the spread of Covid-19 and the subsequent orders for social distancing, the risks to victims of intimate partner violence are on the rise. Law enforcement officials across the country and around the world are already reporting an uptick in domestic violence calls amid fears that the current crisis increases the likelihood of lethal or near-lethal abuse.

Domestic violence perpetrators frequently use isolation to control, intimidate and facilitate their abuse. With more and more communities facing a lock down, victims find themselves literally imprisoned with their abusers, with none of their usual support systems (i.e. work, school, community) available to escape the violence. It’s a situation that some have described as a “ticking time bomb” (

“As a survivor of domestic and gun violence, I’ve been describing the situation of women and children being isolated at home right now with an abuser as a powder keg,” said Kate Ranta, featured in FINDING JENN’S VOICE and author of Killing Kate: A Story of Turning Abuse and Tragedy into Transformation and Triumph.“ Abusers thrive in situations exactly like this, where they have complete power and control. Their victims are trapped, and it’s extremely volatile and dangerous.”

During this time of uncertainty and fear, many people are turning to online resources for information and support. is a digital resource for intimate partner violence survivors and professionals. The site offers online training for healthcare professionals and law enforcement, discussion forums for survivors and professionals, and a portal to FINDING JENN’S VOICE.

FINDING JENN’S VOICE is an award-winning documentary film which examines the risks of homicide during pregnancy and reveals the nature of abusive relationships. Featuring the stories of survivors of intimate partner homicide attempts and grounded in the research of leading domestic violence experts, the film paints a picture of intimate partner violence that looks beyond the black eye.

Filmmaker and social worker Tracy Schott observes, “Film is a powerful medium in creating social change. Through this website, we hope to change the horrific statistics and consequences of intimate partner violence by helping people recognize abusive relationships before they become deadly. Given the increased dangers associated with social distancing, I think it’s important to remove any financial obstacles to getting this information where it can save lives.”

Schott has partnered with a number of organizations who are helping to get the word out to their constituents about this offer: Conference on Crimes Against Women, Global Peace Film Festival, Global Rights for Women, JWI (Jewish Women International Alliance to End Domestic Abuse), Respond Against Violence, Women Count USA, and 1GEN have all pledged to support this effort. “We’re committed to offering this service for free for the month of April but hope to find the support to continue to do so indefinitely,” says Schott.

Individuals and organizations interested in joining Voices4Change are encouraged to reach out to

Voices4Change was created by Tracy Schott, MSW, MS owner of Schott Productions. Ms. Schott worked as a child and family therapist, specializing in child sexual abuse cases for 15 years. In 2000, she made the unusual career change to film and video production with a goal of creating social change through media. In addition to FINDING JENN’S VOICE, Schott Productions has created television content, commercials and short films, many dealing with mental health and social issues. Schott Productions is based in Pennsylvania.

Tracy Schott
Schott Productions
+1 610-698-2082
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Finding Jenn’s Voice Trailer

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Mental Health Watchdog Keeps Service Open for Consumers to Report Abuse & Fraud

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse. It offers tips for consumers on detecting online scams and avoiding psychotropic drug risks.

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse. It offers tips for consumers on detecting online scams and avoiding psychotropic drug risks.

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse.

CCHR urges people to use its service and report abuse and to access its psychiatric drugs side effects database to become better informed about these drugs risks.”

— CCHR International

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Staff at Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, while operating remotely from their homes during the Coronavirus pandemic, is still servicing patients that are experiencing, and need to report, abuse in the mental health system. CCHR is increasing its oversight of the industry in light of the recent federal stimulus package that has allocated $425 million for mental health services and an additional $1.32 billion for community mental health centers (CMHCs).[1]

CCHR is very mindful of the fears and uncertainties that many are facing with the COVID-19 crisis and the need to communicate those concerns with someone. However, it says that, in what it thinks is an altruistic, but misguided action, the Federal government has loosened the regulations surrounding “telepsychiatry” (also known as digital psychiatry) to access psychiatric treatment via the Internet. While psychiatrists and psychologists were limited to practicing telepsychiatry in rural areas in their own state, a special waiver will now allow them to treat across the entire nation.[2] A psychiatrist could hold a group therapy session with patients in five different states.[3]

“It is wide open to abuse,” Jan Eastgate, President of CCHR says. A recent American Psychiatric Association survey of 1,004 Americans deduced that over 40% of the nation is anxious about dying or becoming seriously ill from COVID-19, which CCHR says could send consumers thinking they need online “telepsychiatry” services, running the risk of being prescribed mind-altering drugs.

One incentive is that psychiatrists would get paid the same rate as they do for seeing a patient in person. Telepsychiatry averages $68 and $107, whereas an in-person consultation can be up to $500.

Another waiver allows them to prescribe controlled substances (highly addictive psychotropic drugs) via the Internet. The drugs come with serious risks and side effects.[4]

This makes oversight of telepsychiatry fraud and prescription abuse difficult. In a national survey of 48 state medical boards the most common physician violations online were inappropriate patient communication online, e.g., sexual misconduct, and prescribing without an established clinical relationship.[5]

The psychiatric invented disorder, “health-” or “illness anxiety” is already seeping into COVID-19 nomenclature, described as an irrational and obsessive worry with having a serious medical condition. It is allegedly marked by a person’s imagination of physical symptoms of illness. Like all mental disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5), experts do not know the exact causes, according to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.[6]

Psychiatrist Alan Frances, former head of the DSM-IV Task Force wrote, “Adding to the woes of the medically ill could be one of the biggest problems caused by DSM5. It will do this in two ways: 1) by encouraging a quick jump to the erroneous conclusion that someone’s physical symptoms are ‘all in the head’; and 2) by mislabeling as mental disorders what are really just the normal emotional reactions that people understandably have in response to a medical illness.”[7]

Eastgate says that while CCHR supports the need for more funded healthcare, in the mental health field, this could be a recipe for greed and fraud. The Justice Department has already needed to crack down on telehealth fraud.[8] Last year, five telemedicine companies were criminally charged over fraud schemes involving more than $1.2 billion in losses.[9]

Medical Guardian advises on how to spot a telemedicine scam.

1. They ONLY suggest talking to you virtually.

2. They reassure you that your health insurance will cover the payments.

3. A big red flag for Medicare fraud is any type of physician who will write you a prescription for pharmaceuticals without meeting with you in person first.[10] While meeting in person is waived under new regulations because of COVID-19, CCHR says to be alert to multiple “psychotropic drug prescriptions” as a potential sign of fraud.

Investment into mental health technology has already boomed, reaching $769 million in 2019. Research shows an almost five-fold increase in mental health tech investment in the last six years, rising from $200.9 million in 2014.[11]

The American Medical Association (AMA) reports that according to one study, younger children are good prospects for telepsychiatry as they appear to be less inhibited when using it and those with significant behavior and conduct problems may be more “expressive” in that venue.[12] CCHR says America has more than 6.7 million children and adolescents already taking psychotropic drugs,[13] which telepsychiatry will only add to. UK health advocate, Suzy Chapman, who closely monitored every step in the development of DSM-5, wrote about health anxiety: “These are inherently unreliable and untrustworthy judgments that will open the floodgates to the overdiagnosis of mental disorder and promote the missed diagnosis of medical disorder.”[14]

CCHR urges people to use its service and report abuse and to access its psychiatric drugs side effects database to become better informed about these drugs risks, especially when taken during a time we need to remain alert.

CCHR is the mental health watchdog responsible for more than 180 laws that now protect patients from damaging practices. DONATE to support its work here:


[1] “APA Praises Mental Health Provisions in COVID-19 Stimulus Aid Package,” APA release, 27 Mar. 2020,
[2] “COVID-19: Dramatic Changes to Telepsychiatry Rules and Regs,” Medscape, 26 Mar. 2020,
[3] Daphne C. Ferrer, MD and Peter M. Yellowlees, MBBS, MD, “Telepsychiatry: Licensing and Professional Boundary Concerns,” AMA Journal of Ethics, Jun 2012,
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[11] “Global investment in mental health technology surges above half a billion pounds,” Mobile Health News, 3 Feb. 2020,
[12] Op. cit., AMA Journal of Ethics,
[14] Op. cit., Psychology Today,

Amber Rauscher
Citizens Commission on Human Rights
+1 323-467-4242
email us here
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Peter Schieffelin Nyberg oversees expansion of programs at Camino Community Center amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Peter Nyberg says that the Camino Community Center will expand several services to better help its patients and community members.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — As the CFO of the Camino Community Center, Peter Schieffelin Nyberg recently helped direct and guide the center’s response plan for the COVID-19 pandemic. The response plan features increased measures of prevention and expanded services to continue to support the community.

Peter Schieffelin Nyberg has several years of experience over several different fields. He has worked as a school teacher, sports coach, healthcare management professional, and business consultant. Peter was appointed as CFO of the Camino Community Center following a 90-day assessment he conducted of the organization.

Camino Community Center’s COVID-19 response plan was created based on expectations of an increased demand of services from existing clients and an influx of new clients experiencing temporary hardship due to the economic strain of the virus and/or due to the closing of other services at this time, such as food pantries and healthcare services.

Among the measures that Camino is introducing are expanding clinic hours to accommodate the need for medical care, expanding pantry days from two to four days a week to serve more people, an increased cleaning regimen in the clinic, thrift store, and around the campus, and providing school-age childcare for staff members.

“Camino Community Center has been a source of hope, health, and opportunity for the past 16 years,” says Peter Schieffelin Nyberg.

“Now more than ever, it is important for us to continue serving our community and to help our members live healthy lives.”

The Camino Community Center has also prepared a crisis communication plan to handle the COVID-19 crisis and will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves.

For more information, visit

About Peter Schieffelin Nyberg

Peter Schieffelin Nyberg currently serves as the chief financial officer of the Camino Community Center, which positively impacts the lives of thousands of low-income individuals, primarily Latino Immigrants. He studied at Yale School of Management, concentrating on healthcare management and obtained his Master’s in Business Administration. He then completed a one-year fellowship program at Duke University Healthcare system. Peter moved on to work in hospital administration at Duke Medical Center. Peter Nyberg tried his hand at entrepreneurship, opening a digital marketing company, which he ran for 10 years. Following this, Peter became a business consultant. After completing a contract to perform a 90-day assessment of the Camino Community Center, he was offered the position of CFO. He has empowered Camino by implementing many new initiatives and restructuring staff members based on talent, interest, and skill level.

Peter Nyberg
Camino Community Center
+1 9199370527
email us here

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Noble Health Corporation - Rebuilding Healthcare in Rural Communities

Noble Health Corp - Healthcare Rural


KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, USA, March 31, 2020 / — Rural hospital operator Noble Health Corporation has appointed Robert W. Jackson, D.O., F.A.C.O.I. Chief Medical Officer effective immediately. Jackson will lead clinical operations oversight of facilities owned and operated by Noble Health and its affiliates.

“I am very pleased to accept this important role with Noble Health. As an innovator and entrepreneur I believe this role provides me an opportunity to elevate the scope and quality of services in rural hospitals across the U.S.,” said Jackson. “Noble has already demonstrated its commitment to preserving our rural quality of life by lifting Fulton Medical Center to its full potential. I look forward to having a positive and meaningful impact on their efforts with FMC and with other facilities as they grow,” he said.

“We are very excited to bring Dr. Jackson into our mission to revitalize rural care,” said Tom Carter, President of Noble Health Corp.

“Dr. Jackson’s 20-plus year commitment to rural care, the breadth of his experience, and his tremendously positive relationships with rural facilities across 9 states is unprecedented in today’s world. We are incredibly fortunate to have him aboard,” Carter said. Jackson will continue in his role as President of Premier Specialty Network (PSN) although Noble and PSN will be working to construct a formal collaborative relationship between the two companies. “We are discussing a number of options right now,” said Don Peterson, EVP Corporate Development at Noble. “We have formed a new subsidiary called Noble People Corp. where we will develop physician, mid-level and staff recruiting, along with staffing and HR services for our hospital facilities. We expect PSN to be the foundation of Noble People allowing us to expand and grow specialty and primary care medical services across a wide geography.”

Immediately, Dr. Jackson will oversee FMC’s response and preparedness to COVID-19. “We are acquiring serum test kits right now along with more supplies to protect our staff and patients,” Jackson said. “Our goal is to test our staff and patients early and often. If we can acquire enough test kits we will open testing up to the community in a near-site drive-through system. The test kits we have coming will render a positive or negative result in about 5 minutes with just a simple finger stick.”

Dr. Robert Jackson, D.O., F.A.C.O.I., has served as the Associate Dean of Campus Academic Affairs, and as Chairman and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is board-certified in the specialty of Internal Medicine as well as the sub-specialty of Rheumatology. Dr. Jackson has also completed a four-year tour of duty with the National Health Corps in rural Southern Missouri. Dr. Jackson is currently president of Premier Specialty Network (PSN) and is a full-time PSN Rheumatologist, practicing at nine different hospitals in the states of Missouri and Iowa. Founded by Dr. Jackson in 1999, PSN has proudly provided quality healthcare to rural communities throughout the United States by establishing satellite clinics staffed by top-level doctors. PSN originally evolved out of the Northeast Missouri Rural Health Network (NMRHN). While directing NMRHN, Dr. Jackson became acutely aware of the need to improve access to rural healthcare. With his guidance and leadership, NMRHN helped develop 5 Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) in northeast Missouri (Unionville, Milan, Macon, Memphis, and Brookfield). Subsequently, Dr. Jackson developed a unique model of outreach specialty medical service for Rheumatology to serve the same hospitals. PSN has since expanded this model over the course of the years and now provides a variety of medical and surgical services to communities across the United States.

Noble Health’s mission is to provide high-quality medical care that addresses the needs of the communities we serve. Our goal is to serve the community and its residents with comprehensive medical services delivered at reasonable prices and with the highest integrity. We will work diligently and forthrightly with local, state and federal governments towards a sustainable model that provides medical services for all. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., Noble Health Corp is dedicated to the mission of revitalizing rural community healthcare through service, quality, and integrity.

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Dr.Kozachuk Was The Featured Speaker At 200th Year Celebration Of The Women Of Excellence iChange Nations Conference

Dr.Kozachuk Presents Awards At Woman Of Excellence I Change Nations Conference

Dr.Christine Kozachuk Speaking At Woman Of Excellence I Change Nations Conference

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers Founder I Change Nations

Dr. Kozachuk, Global Voices of Change 2020 and founder of Every Girl Wins Institute and The International Every Girl Wins Day was the preferred guest speaker

Dr. Christine Kozachuk was the perfect speaker for this event, she is true voice for the empowerment of Woman around the world and what I Change Nations is about.”

— Dr. Clyde Rivers Founder of I Change Nations

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, March 31, 2020 / — Dr. Christine Kozachuk was the Featured Speaker at the 200th Year Celebration Of The Women Of Excellence I Change Nations Conference. This spectacular event was Hosted by Dr. Betty Speaks

The event honored more than 30 at the Women of Excellence conference with the following awards ICN Woman Add Value, Distinguish Leadership and Community Award on March 13th and 14th Greenville, SC.
Dr. Christine Kozachuk, Global Voices of Change 2020 and founder of Every Girl Wins Institute and The International Every Girl Wins Day was the preferred guest speaker.  She spoke to women on the importance of carrying the legacy on in honor of this year’s Women in History 200th Year Awareness Month. Dr. Christine’s spoken words touched the hearts of so many women. 

Dr. Christine Kozachuk, mentioned that The ICN Award has previously been awarded to a few of our global awardees that include Prime Ministers, First Ladies, Vice Presidents and even the Presidents as well as leaders from across the globe. She chanted out to the audience and stated: “Now it’s your turns, because you where born to lead! So, continue to carry on the legacy of Women In History, because today Every Girl Wins!”

Giovanna Burgess Geathers from Greenville, South Carolina quoted, “Sometimes you just need to be in the room, and I am grateful to have been in the room with so many incredible people from all over the country especially Dr. Christine Kozachuk!”
Dr. Ruben West, Special Envoy for I Change Nations, insisted that Dr. Christine Kozachuk be one of the empowerment speakers at the Carrying the Legacy Women’s Empowerment Conference in Greenville, South Carolina. According to Dr. West, “Dr. Kozachuk has the perfect mix of compassionate understanding and no excuses allowed. Having been pregnant at the age of 13 she knows all to well about ruff starts. She was married at the age of 14 and had two additional children by the age of 18, all while suffering mental, physical and emotional abuse but that didn’t stop her. Dr. Kozachuk left that abusive environment at 18 years old with her 3 children and no idea where they would go. She built a new life for her and her children and now, as the founder of the Every Girl Wins initiative, she advocates for women and girls globally. Dr. Kozachuk is a paradigm shifting speaker encouraging other women to lift others as they climb.”
Wendell Graham stated Wow!! What a powerful presentation! I love it when a speaker is creative, confident and owns the stage! Creativity? Check! Delivery? Check! Content Rich? Check! This was my first time seeing Dr. Kozachuk in person and she Rocked The House!

Dr. Clyde Rivers states “ Dr. Christine Kozachuk was the perfect speaker for this event, she is true voice for the empowerment of Woman around the world and what I Change Nations is about.”

Dr. Clyde Rivers,is the founder of I Change Nations, Dr. Rivers is the acting Representative to the United Nations – New York for the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI) and the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI Dr. Rivers is the acting Ambassador and the Director of the North American Division of the Golden Rule International
Dr. Rivers, was recently appointed as International Board Chairman for OPAD

Dr Rivers has honored some of the following presidents to help bring peace and honor around the world, They include but are not limited to: President Yoweri Museveni, of Uganda – Honored for his great leadership in establishing and maintaining peace in his country
First Lady, Janet Museveni, of Uganda – Honored for the AIDS awareness policy ABC (Abstinence, Birth Control, and Contraception) an ever-present battle for the health of their people
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, of Nigeria – Honored for the Anticorruption policies he implemented in Nigeria.
Former President Wolde Giorgis, of Ethiopia – Honored for his efforts to build a better environment in his country.
Dr. Vanda Pignato – Former 1st Lady of El Salvador, was honored for her tireless efforts in protecting for women’s rights in the Republic of El Salvador.

Dr. Kozachuk was named as International World Civility Ambassador for her leadership and the ability to direct important public issues regarding humanity and the work she does with women and girls globally.

Dr. Christine Kozachuk is a native of North Carolina, USA. Dr. Kozachuk is an International Speaker, International Award Recipient, Entrepreneur, Author and a Global Advocate for freedom and equal opportunity for all females of the world.

Dr. Kozachuk owns multiple successful businesses RC Mobile Truck Repair Services for more than twenty-four years, Every Girl Wins Institute that helps women rewrite the definition of their lives and Co-Host of The Real Business Women Of Charlotte. Dr. Kozachuk was the managing director of Charlotte’s International eWomenNetwork-ing group for over two years. She successfully opened and operated two fitness studios, Pink Ice Ladies Fitness Center and Fit N Free for Life in which she not only ran the studios but instructed and encouraged every client.

Dr. Kozachuk has been recognized with the following awards:
2010 Give First Share Always by eWomenNetwork
2017 Share my voice by Black Belt Speakers
2017 Leverage Leader by eWomenNetwork
2018 Women Add Value by iChange Nations
2018 Leadership by iChange Nations
2018 Voice of Change by iChange Nations
2019 World Civility award by iChange Nations
2019 Susan M Gibson Golden Microphone by Black Belt Speakers
2019 Vernet A. Joseph Productive Global Agent of Change by iChange Nations
2020 The Power of Collaboration Lifetime Achievement Award by Global Visionary Publishing
2020 Creator of Greatness Award Greatness University
2020 The Professor Patrick Businge Greatness Award by iChange Nations

Dr. Kozachuk has written and co-authored several books including:
How Can I Create the Life I Deserve? (K.N.O.C.K. Formula)
Live Your Best Life-Walk by Faith
Letters of Love, Dear Loved One
The Chronicles of The Chosen-Living Life by Design
Do It Yourself Podcast-Step by Step Guide for Beginners
Meditation Mp3
Freeing Yourself from The Chains of The Past

Terry Warren
Global Communications Now
+1 949-743-4065
email us here

Source: EIN Presswire